Happy Halloween!

Me as Raggedy Ann a loooooooong time ago!

Found this photo of me the other day dressed as Raggedy Ann for Halloween what seeems like a loooooong time ago! I think I was in third grade or something. My mom made the wig and the dress and my grandma made the actual doll that I'm holding (which I still have).

The plan today is some Trunk-or-Treating at the church for the MOPS group that I belong to and then Trick-or-Treating downtown with my in-laws that are coming to visit. Afterwards a little pizza at home...and some treats to be had I am sure!

Wishing you all a happy and safe Halloween!

The Paper Princess & Believing in Fairies...


I just wanted to share a special book that we discovered at the library the other day. The Paper Princess by Elisa Kleven is such a sweet story and the illustrations are just as special (if not even more so). It starts with a little girl drawing so carefully and then cutting out a paper doll in the meadow near her home. After playing with the little doll and caring for it in only that way that you care for those things that are of utmost importance to you, a gust of wind takes the doll up and away from the girl...what proceeds is a series of adventures, some good and some not so good for the paper doll and somehow in the end, she makes it back to "her girl." Such a fun discovery and an instant favorite of both Zoey's and mine. I was delighted to discover that she also authored the book titled The Apple Doll. This was another one that we have enjoyed in the past and I couldn't remember by whom it was by. I'm definitely going to be looking into her other titles as well as these two have been such a hit in this house!

Another interesting find and something that has me thinking is this post by Patti Digh (who authored the book titled Life is a Verb [which is what I've asked Ethan for as a birthday gift this coming November]) on Llilleloo of the North Fern Pond. I so want to be a fairy for some little (or big) person and would love for someone to be one for Zoey. This takes me to that place deep inside that is still that child and that still has a place for magic and play, in it's purest of forms.

Some Fun with the November Scrapbook Circle Kit!


I am so loving the colors of the patterned papers in November's kit! Perfect for the season and even for sneaking some fun Halloween layouts in my scrapping agenda! For this one I used photos from last year's Halloween fun...I hadn't gotten around to scrapping these pics of Zoey and now with this kit it just seemed to be the perfect opportunity to do so!

A fun trick I've discovered using the Bazzill paper trims: try cutting them in half down the middle using your standard paper trimmer! You'll get more use out of them and they look pretty darn cute as a border mat for blocks of photos and/or patterned papers! That's what I did with the diamond one here.

Also, I had gotten the Travel Journal Kit add-on awhile back (which is still available here by the way!) and hadn't used the Bazzill Circle Scalloped Chipboard that came with it yet (couldn't quite figure out what to use it for I guess) and for this layout it ended up working out quite well as a fun shaped photo mat for a close-up of my daughter's face! I just used my circle punch and adhered it to the chipboard and I was done! Perfect solution for adding a bit more interest and dimension to the page!

She Loves Them


So far, every winter my mom has knit a fun little hat as well as a set of mittens for Zoey. This is this year's set that we just so happened to get in the mail yesterday. I think it's safe to say that they are a definite favorite!

Getting Colder

And, a card that I made using patterned papers by Basic Grey and KI Memories. Paper trim is by Doodlebug, fibers are Basic Grey and epoxy sticker is by KI Memories. Leaves I punched and used Stickles on...

Thanks spoil us!

Early Morning Gratitudes...

First Snow 2008

A list:

  • waking up to discover a blanket of snow and fluffy, fat snowflakes falling from the sky

  • getting to share the news with Zoey and watching her fly from her bed and then promptly park herself at the glass double doors so she could watch up-close the beauty that was taking place right around her on this late October morning

  • discovering my own giddy excitement that always comes with the first snow

  • thinking about upcoming holidays and how I want to celebrate them with intention and purpose

  • looking forward to Ethan's family coming to visit this coming weekend...I am really, really excited!

  • speaking with my mom this morning on the phone after dropping Zoey off to school, and having a very nice conversation

  • thinking about how lucky it is and how grateful I am that I get to drop Zoey off at school...that I'm not off working somewhere and leaving it to someone else

  • appreciating a warm cup of coffee that was made for me earlier this a.m. by a man that I love very much

  • thankful for a morning smile and kiss from aforementioned "man" before he left for a day of work

  • discovering last night that this fabric exists and is for sale:

(this is the reason that I called my mom early this morning, specifically asking if she would make something for Zoey for Christmas using this fabric...and of course she said yes! Zoey is going to be tickled pink, she just adores her "Veggies!")

  • also discovering that there are actual Veggie Tale toys that exist that are for sale...not sure how it is that we could have missed this but we did. super thrilled though because I'm thinking that it will make for a very fun Christmas and one very surprised and happy little girl

  • looking forward to an invitation to a playdate tomorrow with a new friend (for both Zoey and I)

  • afternoon dance class with Zoey this afternoon...knowing that this is something that she loves and looks forward to and that is an opportunity (one of many) that is being given to her by her grandparents (Ethan's family), and for some reason I am even looking forward to going out there even more today now that it's snowing, will make for an all the more magical place I think

  • taking note of this feeling that I have right now of just an overall and general thankfulness for all the little things that are happening daily for us right now and tucking this feeling away somewhere safe so that I can return and remember and take care

Excited Here...


just had a two page layout and a card requested from Creating Keepsakes Magazine for publishing in one of their upcoming issues. This is the one magazine that I've been banging my head trying to get into for (what seems like) the longest time. Super excited here...and to sweeten the deal, it's a layout that is special to me because it's one that includes Ethan, Zoey and me. Our entire little family of three. So often my pages are of just Ethan, just Zoey, or the two of them together and I am always the one stuck behind the camera. Not this one...we're all there, together. This is making me smile big!

Scrapbook Circle Crop is in Full Swing!

Stop on over to join in on the fun at the first ever Scrapbook Circle On-line Crop and for a chance to win some seriously awesome prizes! Our Grand Prize winner will get a November Scrapbook Circle kit (valued at $27). Our First Prize Winner will receive your choice of one of two Pink Paislee kits (prize package valued at $21.00) - this prize will be awarded to the person with the 2nd highest tally of points. There will also be several RAKS available for those who participate in the challenges, (these are to be determined by the design team members). Deadline for posting your challenges to the board is Sunday, October 26th at 4pm Mountain Standard time. To check out the official rules click here.

My challenge for the crop is to create a layout using paint. It can be a little or a lot, just use it! This is what I came up with for my take on the challenge (painted the chipboard letters and star):


I also created something for Marcee's Color Palette challenge and this is what I ended up with using two of the color palette's from this site.

right now

There are so many more challenges, I can't wait to get in on some of the others now! Come on over and join in on the fun and have a chance to win some fun scrappy things while you're at it!

Fun Stuff...


just thought that I'd share what our MOP's project was this past Tuesday. I got a little pinched on time and thought of this quick little craft thinking that the moms' could then use this idea to later make future little gifts for others at home. The pack itself is just made from a 12 x 12 sheet of double-sided paper which I folded. The library card that I created for the front I thought would be perfect to house a little gift card or simply a note. Inside we just wrapped a candy bar and some popcorn and then at our meeting we threw in some cinnamon and butterscotch hard candies as well (they just matched the paper so well!). You could easily transfer this idea to other little things for the inside of of your pack to personalize it a bit to the person receiving the gift (teas, cocoas, cd's, etc.) you would just need to change the size of your paper to fit the wrapping.

All patterned paper used for this project is by Cosmo Cricket (Mr. Campy), scalloped punch and circle punch are Fiskars, stamp is by Heidi Grace, library pocket die was cut using the Ellison machine, and ribbon is by May Arts.

I also wanted to share a sneak peek of what's coming up for November from Scrapbook Circle! Lots of papers from the Ambrosia line by Basic Grey and the Jackson Lodge Collection by Collage Press....yum! Can't wait to start playing with this one myself!

Also, Scrapbook Circle is hosting it's first ever online crop, the Boo Bash, will start this weekend (tomorrow) and there will be lots of fun prizes to be won along the way, some RAK's and a grand prize will be one of Scrapbook Circle's awesome kits! They are just packed full of embellishments and beautiful papers, it is so totally worth playing along for a chance to get one in your hands! Anyone can I hope to see you there! Challenges will start bright and early in the morning and go through Sunday, it will be fun for sure and at the very least an opportunity to chat with friends, get some pages done and perhaps even to think outside the box a bit when it comes to your creative process!

Just a Layout Today...


One using lots of the Narratives Collection by Karen Russell (Creative Imaginations).

And a tip to stretch supplies too...a lot of the time I'll cut the decorative paper lace in half so that I have more of it to use on a page or a project (did this on this page to create a border above and below my photos). I also cut my orange journaling tag in half so that it would peek out a bit from both above and beneath my photos as well.

Wall-E Costume + Zoo Boo 2008

Zoo Boo

This past weekend was the second annual Zoo Boo celebration...last year it was pretty crowded so they sold tickets in advance this year thinking that it would eliminate the lines and the crowds. I think that this year it was even more packed! But it was just as fun and the weather cooperated so it made for a nice time for all.

Zoo Boo

We met up with some friends there this year and walked through the Zoo together. Zoey wanted to be WALL-E for Halloween as she saw the movie in the theatre not too long ago (her first big screen movie!) and was completely in awe...a couple of weeks ago we spent an entire day creating her WALL-E costume. First stopping at a grocery store to pick out a box (had some help from an older gentleman from the produce department with this - upon hearing what we had in store for the box he took it upon himself to find the sturdiest of boxes so that we could complete our mission with the greatest of success, it was really neat how he just lit up when he knew what we were "working on."). After the box, we went in search of some yellow paint and found some at the Lakeland Variety store. After painting a coat of yellow poster paint we quickly realized that poster paint was just not going to cut it and we went to the scrapbook store and got some acrylic paint instead and it worked like a charm. After a couple of coats of that I cut the hole for the head and the arms. The pieces that I cut out for the arms actually became the eyes...I added cardstock for the front of WALL-E and to create his eyes. Last, I added some chipboard letters (that I had painted) for his front. Adding the "Remember to Vote" pin was Zoey's idea and both Ethan and I loved it!

Zoo Boo

Here we are waiting in line to get into the Zoo...the wait really wasn't that bad at all and it was neat that we just happened to be close in line to some of Zoey's other buddies as well.

Zoo Boo

These pictures just make me smile!

Zoo Boo

I didn't get too many pictures of the animals this year...I think the crowds kind of made us move through a bit faster than we would have otherwise. Also, Zoey's one track mind of where the next candy stop was kind of helped with moving right along!

Zoo Boo

One thing that she really did stop and check out for quite some time though was the Tae-Kwon-Do participants. She really thought that was something cool and talked about it with me that night at bedtime even. There were also some girls that showed their moves and she picked right up on that fact.

Zoo Boo

Love this one so much of her and Ethan...we're so incredibly blessed, sometimes I can hardly stand it.

Zoo Boo

At the end Zoey was all about trying out the candy and Ethan got the honors of holding WALL-E for a bit. What a great guy (or perhaps I should say "guys")...

Zoo Boo

Her choice: a tootsie roll...just what I would have chosen!

Zoo Boo

After the Zoo Boo we went to a local pizza parlor with friends where Zoey danced to music playing on the jukebox and discovered how it is that the cue ball travels within a pool table. It made for a very nice evening and Zoey pretty much crashed by the time we got home. I have to say that it was pretty neat for me to see Zoey so tickled with her WALL-E costume (the only WALL-E we saw by the way) and to hear little boys and girls say "Hey,'s WALL-E!" Even the big girls and boys were making comments. Pretty cool.

Enjoying (Little) Things


Zoey wanted "happy" pumpkins this year so this is what she and I came up with for our jack-o-lanterns...the verdict is still out though for Ethan's. He usually wants one that seems to be in great distress or one that will be sure to add a little "fright" in with the "happy."


The cooler weather also always puts me in the mood to do more baking. Chocolate cupcakes seemed just the thing for an afternoon project this past week, Zoey of course was my helper and Ethan the "tester."

I've also started participating in Leah Piken Kolidas' Creative Every Day project and am super excited about it. I somehow stumbled upon her blog this past week and learned about her project and have decided that it will help me (in a pretty stress-free way) to continue to try to be creative in my daily endeavors. To learn more about the project just click on one of the buttons on the right column of my blog. Her idea to create daily includes pretty much anything and everything (baking, drawing, sketches, photography, etc.) and there isn't a "rule" to post every day...just to create every day. That's something that I want to be aware of and try to implement in my daily life and I like the aspect of no pressure within this seems to be more of an awareness thing, which I can appreciate.

It's a beautiful day here today. The sun is shining and we're all set to go enjoy an afternoon at the Zoo with friends. Hoping to get lots of pictures to share (and of course, lots of treats!).

Week in the Life : AE Challenge

Week in the Life

A couple weeks ago now, Ali Edwards posted a challenge to take photos throughout one week's time and save little bits of everyday life (receipts, ticket stubs, scribbled notes, etc. Well, I had every intention of participating and I did the first couple of days and then things got busy and I missed some opportunities to capture some everyday normal things for every day throughout the week but I still wanted to play along and will...but this is my abbreviated version of one day last week anyways. A day, in the week of a life you could say! ;) Really simple format, random pictures and some highlights from the day are handwritten along the border of pictures. Can't wait to really sit down and work on the entire week...I think it would be fun to look back on this project a couple of years from now and see what's changed and what's pretty much (if anything) the same.

Crazy busy here lately...this morning I chaperoned Zoey's class for a field trip to the Fire Department and then to an area park for some play and snack time. It was so cool to see her interact with her peers and with her teacher, I'm really glad that I volunteered to do this and am looking forward to more opportunities to do so. This afternoon now I'm hoping to finalize my craft project for Mop's (this is for next Tuesday's meeting), right now I'm thinking something simple as my original plan isn't going to pan out just due to time constraints. I'm also hoping to register to vote this afternoon, this is something so important to me, this year more than ever. Then the plan is to head home to prepare some enchiladas for dinner. Tomorrow is the second annual Zoo Boo and we're meeting friends and are all going to walk through it together with the kiddos (this will be so much fun, last year Zoey had a blast!). Speaking of which, I've got to finish up some last minute costume details for Zoey's Wall-E costume (the eyes have proven themselves to be difficult). I also wanted to organize Zoey's closet, but we'll see how much time I end up having...some things just have to wait and I'm just fine with that!

Thursday Things...

His Gift

Last night I attended a parenting workshop that is being offered at a friend's church. It was a really nice experience and I'm glad that I went and I'm looking forward to attending the rest of the sessions that are being offered. I am so guilty of getting in a routine and sticking with it just because it's safe or because it seems to be working. Upon moving here one of the main things that I've discovered about myself is that I do really well when pushed outside of my self proclaimed "Jenny" comfort zone, or when I'm challenged to look out beyond myself or do things that have the potential to better myself and my family in a more obvious way. Of course I always am striving to better myself and my's just that I've never approached the process involving others, does that make sense? The point is, I'm discovering a safe place where I feel connected and understood and where I see others on the same path as I, and it helps. It helps my perspective, it helps my confidence as a mother and a wife and it helps to not feel alone in a world that in my eyes is so disconnected with what is real and important. I am so happy that doors continue to open here for us...and that I'm making the decisions to walk through them.

Going Through My Head Today...

"I reckon it's again my turn to win some or learn some."

Out Beyond

wish flower

Out beyond ideas
of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field
I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down
in that grass,
the world is too full to
talk about.

Ideas, language
- even the phrase "each other" -
do not make any


Who Knew...

My Boy

that my life would forever be changed by a guy that once wore one piece terry-cloth jumpers, sported a bowl cut and was known to cruise the neighborhood on a bad boy bike (I mean trike)...

Happy Birthday Ethan boy...glad to have you by my side on this crazy, crazy ride that is life.

My Favorite Season...

  • getting to witness the leaves changing colors
  • leaf piles
  • cold cheeks after playing outside with Zoey
  • the smell of woodstoves burning
  • evening walks
  • weekend hikes
  • drinking hot tea on the porch
  • discovering my love of reading again
  • carving jack-o-lanterns
  • cranberry scented candles
  • pulling out all my old favorite sweaters again
  • wearing hand knit scarves by my mum
  • baking (anything with apples, pumpkin and/or cranberry)
  • pumpkin pie ice cream (though nothing beats handmade pumpkin ice cream)
  • a family outing to attend the Zoo Boo
  • sharing the excitement that is Halloween with Zoey
  • taking part in little kid crafts (leaf window decorations are especially fun)
  • helping to put together Zoey's Halloween costume
  • going to the Farmer's Market and getting to purchase Honey Crisp apples again

These are just a few reasons that make this season my absolute favorite...

Art Journal Pages...


Just two and they are again, pretty simple. Paint and stamping...

Making Sure... (after school on a Wednesday)

she knows that there is a place she can go where all she will hear are her own thoughts and the songs that she sings. It's a good reminder for me as well...



I love it that we can do this. That I can swoop her up and take her somewhere that is so pure and untouched.




today 016

today 019

today 024

It reminds me so much of growing up along the Mississippi River and how often it was that I would walk out along the rocky piers to the point where I knew that I wasn't visible to anyone in town, most of all to my parents. There is something about the water that pulls me into a place of calm, understanding and acceptance. I remember times when I was angry, confused or sad as a teenager and it was always there by the water that I would find myself.

today 031

October - Self Portrait

I'm glad that I can share this new place with Zoey here and now and hope that she is able to find the same comfort that was afforded to me when I was young and even now still.


And our little prize for the day was discovering this little family of mushrooms...aren't they adorable?


Scrapbook Circle

Some more projects that I had fun with using the October "Share the News" kit from Scrapbook Circle this month. Really love the contrast of the blue, black and yellow...a really fun mix. For both the card and the layout below I used the Kaiser rub-ons (included in the monthly kit) and discovered that I really like them. They transfer really easy (just like butter) and I haven't had any problems with parts of them breaking off or cracking (that is the case with some other brands that I've used before). Diana has the October Challenge posted for us over on the message board and this month's challenge is pretty straight forward and definitely do-able! All you have to do is create a layout (any size) that has 5 pictures on it. I know that I'll be participating and would love to see more people join in on the fun! To check it out and to get involved, check out the challenge thread here.

Scrapbook Circle for October

O.K. Everyday
The October kit "Share the News" is up over at Scrapbook Circle. Be sure to check it out soon as I'm sure that this one is going to go fast! It's packed with goodies from October Afternoon, Fancy Pants, Prima, Tim Holtz, Kaiser and more...there are even some awesome labels from Two Girlz Stuff (an Etsy store) that I now love! Above is a layout in which I did most of my journaling on those awesome little tags. Stop on over to the gallery and check out what the other designers did with this month's kit and get one of your own while you're at it! Diana is also hosting a card making challenge this weekend in honor of National Card Making Day, we'd love to have you participate!
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