Week in the Life Update (Sunday + the Start of Monday)


Sharing the start of my WITL album. As I had mentioned earlier in my previous post I decided to go ahead and use an album that I already had in my stash for this year's WITL project. It was just a basic chipboard album which I painted black using acrylic paint. For the cover I added the day of the week rubber embellishments along with two cork stars.

#Week in the Life


I'm pretty excited to be participating in the Week in the Life project this year along with many others in the Ali Edwards Design community. I've always been a wee bit intimidated in the past to participate in this week long creative venture as I was worried that it was something that I would quit halfway through when I got to the days of the week that were busier than others. I'm always saying to my family however that I wish I could get into the habit of bringing my camera with me everywhere I go so that I take more pictures. So I'm hoping the discipline I will have to have to bring my camera with me all week long wherever I go will help me along with keeping that aforementioned goal in mind.

Favorite Places to Find Inspiration for Your Scrapbook Pages


I saw this posted on's Instagram account the other day and I love it so much because it is so very true! One of the things that I love about scrapbooking is how just the simple act of sitting down, and taking time to engage and think about the people and events that make up my life remind me of how truly special this life is. It's something that is therapeutic to my soul.

Life is Made up of Moments


Still crazy cool and gray days here in Northern Wisconsin which means I've been scrapping photos of past summer days to make myself feel better!

Remember This Two Page Layout


I finally got these photos from one of the mushroom forays we went on with friends last summer. I am getting so excited to start doing this again. It's the most fun! These pictures were taken mostly after this particular foray and when we were off exploring on our own a bit.

Layout Using the Breathe Story Kit from Ali Edwards


I haven't really had that much time to create lately, or if I did, I chose to use that time for baking something or spending time outside, reading, etc. Today we're getting a rain/snow mix so it's the perfect day for holing up in the basement and working on some fun for me projects.

Art Exhibit at Leigh Yawkey Woodson


Sharing some images that I took of some of the installations that are currently on display at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, Wisconsin. As soon as I saw this being advertised I knew I wanted to go check it out because it's of my all time favorite mediums. 
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