Little Box 'O Love | Exploding Box Album


I happened upon Paige Taylor Evans' Exploding Box Album the other day while catching up on her blog and knew instantly that I wanted to make one of my own.

I looked online for a tutorial and found several, but in the end I decided to cut out Lori Whitlock's die (available in the Silhouette store) using my Cameo which made creating the base of the album an absolute breeze! I did watch her online video tutorial for assembling the pieces. You can view it HERE.

It was so fun to put this together! I LOVE putting little bits and pieces of things together...mixing things up and making things work. I can tend to be a bit obsessive about this part of creating actually. I also enjoyed using up little random bits from my stash of scrapbooking supplies.

You should see what a disaster my craft space is right now! And to think, I just created one little itty-bitty album.

I'm going to give this little box 'o love to Zoey. We have so much fun together, she and I. I'm so very thankful that for the most part...we get along wonderfully and most importantly, we can talk about things heart-to-heart and still have fun together. So want to foster our relationship through these tender teen years.

One of the things I love most about this style of album is not only the little size (it's fun to print out small photos!) but that there are so many little tabs and envelopes for secret notes and additional little things to stash away.

Each of these blue pages is actually an envelope.

I had so much fun putting this together this afternoon. I'm already thinking about what other theme I could put together using this format for an album. So many ideas!

Enjoy your weekend!


First Day | Scrapbook Layout


I had a little "alone" time this evening after I was done with work. Ethan was away working at the homecoming game and Zoey was at a friend's house for a sleepover. This meant once I was done with work at six I rushed and got groceries, got home and put them all away, walked and fed the dog and then made myself a quick dinner. Washed dishes, folded the load of laundry that I had put in the dryer before work this morning and then I SCRAPBOOKED! I turned on my little radio down in my craft room, enjoyed a cup of tea, printed some photos and got to it! Felt so very good.

I actually started out looking at this layout by Jung Ahsang for my inspiration and then obviously, you can see I started veering off on my own. Love looking at scrapbook layouts of those I admire for inspirational jumping off points! 

Hoping to get a little more crafty time in here before the weekend is through! It feels so good to spend time in my craft room again.

Life is a Journey | Scrapbook Layout


The other day while I was looking through photos from our hike I stumbled upon this photo that Zoey happened to snap of me. I love that she got this photo. It's not super flattering or anything, but I love the setting, the light and that in real life, it feels that right now, at this point in my life, I'm walking away from my past and walking towards something bigger and better. I feel like I can almost see that in this photo. Turning 40 in a couple months time probably has a bit to do with how I'm feeling and what I'm thinking lately too! 

Starting last May I've been trying to take charge a bit when it comes to my health. I had been putting off a dr.'s appointment for too long mostly because I was scared and feeling unsure, I didn't want to spend the money, didn't want to get scary news...not ready I guess. I finally made that appt. and had some tests done, awaited the results and am moving forward with a plan of good health on my horizon. It feels good that I am making choices to better myself. That I'm telling myself that I matter and taking charge. Finally making me a priority! Sometimes it's scary being an adult!! It might sound silly, but sometimes it's easier to just stick your head in the sand and keep on keeping on as things are. I finally got to the point that I couldn't waste any more time living like that, because it wasn't living anymore. It was pretty much just surviving until the next day. No more! I am hopeful that with the plan my dr. and I have put together, that I'll be feeling back to my normal self sometime here in the near future.

No matter what though, I'm embracing getting older, wiser and healthier...because I deserve it!

Funny how age can spur you on to make big changes...little changes too!

Afternoon Hike


Yesterday Zoey and I took the afternoon off (after she completed her school work for the day!) and went for a hike near South Trout Lake. We discovered all sorts of special "new to us" spots. Like this little area where this stream met up with the lake. So quiet and beautiful...we'll have to go back with a picnic lunch.

It was so nice to get out of the house and spend time outdoors. We've all been sick for well over a week...we're actually still not feeling the best (congested, stuffed up, etc.) but yesterday I just couldn't stand to be in the house for one more minute!

I had some fun taking some special photos of Zoey too, we happened upon a cute little bridge and it was deemed the perfect spot for some impromptu portrait-taking.

I think they turned out pretty well considering they weren't planned.

Right before leaving we made a quick stop in the car at a place where I saw a little spot to park alongside the small, one-way road we were on and found the perfect spot for putting in kayaks...which just means we'll have to be sure to make it out this way again in the very near future.

My Fall Wardrobe Wish List


LOFT//Click on any image above for more details.//40%OFF

Today is the last day of Loft's special 40% off sale and I've had these items in my cart as items that I would potentially splurge on given the chance. I'm still really loving that mustard color for tops and have been consciously trying to make more of an effort to bring more color into my wardrobe (which previously has consisted of pretty much a combo of black, gray, and brown)! As you can see, I'm taking small, baby steps! I'm still very much smitten with earth tones and that will probably always be the case.

What have you been keeping your eye on lately?

details | Scrapbook Layout


These photos from Zoey participating in this past summer's Campanile Theatre Camp have been sitting out on my desk for months! I knew that I wanted to use these colorful vellum circles from Elle's Studio on this page and had them set out as well. I took some time this afternoon and whipped this little page out documenting some highlights from the production. We have a little joke about "those weird drama kids" so the printed journaling strips are for remembering that. I ended up cutting out some cardstock paper circles to place behind those vellum circles so that the text cut-outs were sure to stand out.

We all have been hit here with sickness as of late. Last week it was Ethan and Zoey and this week it's me. It's cool and rainy here today, I have a big pot of beef stew on the stove and am going to take it easy the rest of the afternoon here. Really hoping to feel better by the weekend since we're supposed to have super warm weather. I really want to get out and enjoy it because living where we do, before we know it, we will have SNOW!

If the Creek Don't Rise by Leah Weiss - Book Recommendation


I work at a library, and while I know you are never to judge a book by it's cover...I usually do. While putting books away in new fiction the other day, this book stood out. I picked it up, opened it up to the first page and read the first few sentences. Took it home thinking it would be an easy read, one that would keep my interest, something entertaining. 


Wow, wow, wow! Beautifully written book, so very tender and such a small, yet profoundly huge story. The characters are so well thought out and captured (I LOVE Birdie...heck, I love them all except for Roy!) as well as the landscape that is woven's just so special. 

Might make my top 5 books for those favorites that pull on the heartstrings and are most memorable to me. Highly recommend!

Happy reading!

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