Smith Rapids Covered Bridge


About a week ago a friend shared with me that there was a covered bridge somewhat near where we live...I had no idea and was so excited to try and find it! Last weekend was too busy and I thought that I would need help finding it so I waited until this weekend so that Ethan could help navigate and so that I wouldn't get lost. :) Turns out it was super easy to find and get to! Still am glad that he went with though because we got a couple of nice family shots with him being there too.

It was my Saturday to work this weekend so after work I grabbed a quick bite to eat, got my camera and we took off.

It looks sunny and warm but it was pretty brisk out...still beautiful though!

I can't believe we've lived here almost 9 years now and had never heard of this bridge. I love it!! I am already thinking about going back after it snows. It will be so beautiful!

We tried to get a family shot using the self-timer on my camera...this was the best one we could manage. I like it but Ethan's not really's tricky getting good ones using the timer!

We had so much fun playing around and enjoying the beautiful afternoon and finding someplace new to explore.

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Carving Pumpkins!


It's pumpkin carving time! Zoey and I went out this past weekend and picked up some pumpkins at a local farmers market. She found some good ones. Zoey found a "bumpy" one (she always has to have a bumpy!) and also a little ghost gourd.

Sunday was absolutely beautiful so we decided to go ahead and carve them right away and as we were carving we declared that we didn't think that we had ever carved pumpkins without our hands being cold before. This year we were actually hot!

Here is my owl jack-o-lantern...

And here is Zoey's "Love Monster" jack-o-lantern. :)

I think we're almost ready for Halloween!

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Zoo Boo 2015


Nothing gets us ready for Halloween quite like getting to go to Zoo Boo! Our local zoo does such a great job along with the community putting this event together for the kids...we always have so much fun.

This year Zoey and I met up with some good friends and then ran into more while at the Zoo Boo.

Zoey got to pose with Darth Vader which was pretty cool.

It was fun to get to see the animals too since we didn't end up getting to visit the zoo this summer!

I could tell this year though that Zoey is getting older. When in the car afterwards she asked, "Why wasn't it as fun this year mom?" and "Why didn't (insert friend name here) dress up?" Growing up is so bittersweet.

I am so glad that for now at least, she is still choosing fun over the idea of growing up too fast.

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50's Girl!


This year for Halloween Zoey decided on being a 50's girl. She came to this idea since there will be an opportunity (if all goes as planned) to wear the costume again at a Sock Hop. She got her costume in time to wear it to Zoo Boo too which is a bit earlier than Halloween (I'll share photos in a separate post) so was very excited to get to wear it right away!

I have to say, she wears it well and looks like she could very well have stepped right out of the movie Grease as one of the Pink Ladies!

Might be one of her favorite costumes ever...she likes the glasses best. Her all time favorite costume though remains to be Hermione Granger last year from Harry Potter
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