Weekend Exploring


Saturday was absolutely beautiful here so we took a little road trip to Presque Isle, Wisconsin for an afternoon of exploring.

We were tickled to discover a small apple orchard that was open to the public so we did a little impromptu apple picking.

There is just something about picking apples with my loves that makes my heart so very happy.

Ethan was mostly in the trees the entire time since the good apples were up higher. Zoey and I mostly caught them...but she did hike up into some of the trees too.

After our apple-picking excursion we investigated a bit more around the town of Presque Isle. It's a very cute little place with a handful of fun little unique places to investigate. Totally worth the drive for an afternoon of fun.

Before heading out of town we happened upon this sweet little church. Ethan pulled over so we could take a closer look. It looks like they have summer services there so hopefully this summer I will be able to make it to one or two. I love little churches.

And then on our way out of town we found another fun little green space/park and stopped to get out and take a closer look. There were lots of photo opportunities!


Such a gorgeous fall day! So glad we took off and headed out of town. Totally worth it!

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First Middle School Dance

A couple of weeks ago now Zoey had her first middle school dance. She was so excited.

Before the dance we went to a friends house to have dinner (pizza!) and get ready. I am so thankful for a co-worker who worked late for me so that I got to be a part of this. A first dance is a pretty big deal.

It turns out that the "getting ready" part was the best part of the whole evening. So I'm especially glad that I got to be a part of it!

I got glow necklaces and bracelets for the girls to wear...

and another mother had glow in the dark body crayons.

The verdict of the dance once at home:

"It wasn't like dances on Full House mom. There wasn't a table with a punch bowl, no decorations, and no disco music...or 80's music. Hardly any of the other girls were wearing dresses AND you had to pay for food!"

She had lots of fun dancing with her friends but definitely has higher expectations when it comes to school dances.

Best part was getting ready FOR the dance. I am so proud of her and those that are closest to her. She has a pretty amazing girl tribe

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