Thankful on a Thursday


Today I am thankful. Thankful for a co-worker who offered out of the blue to work my night shift for me. Did they sense that our family has been a little over-worked, over-scheduled, over-stressed? I'm not sure...but they worked my shift this evening. And that meant I had the entire day to myself and the entire evening to spend with my family.

Ethan had to get some footage at Winter Park for a school project so Zoey and I tagged was a beautiful day, perfect to do some exploring. The kind of day where when you are hiking you are warm but yet the tips of your ears are chilled and cold.

It was really neat to be in this space without the snow...the only time I've really ever been out to Winter Park is to play in the snow. It was interesting to see it this time of year sans the snow.

We ended up spending two hours out there. When we were done hiking Zoey and I waited by the car for Ethan to finish up what he needed to get done. A perfect time to take some shots of Zoey being...Zoey.

What an amazing, wonderful, unexpected gift of a day.

And we stayed to see the sun go down.

And afterwards, we drove back into town and went out to dinner. 

Told you it was a perfect day. 

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A BIGGER leaf pile!

This past weekend Zoey and I raked even more leaves! This leaf pile is bigger than the previous piles that we had raked...and we had thought that those were the biggest ever!

Not the case...not the case at all.

Here is the pile of leaves after Zoey and I were done with our "initial" raking. I say initial because after proper jumping in said pile of leaves there needs to be some more raking to preserve the pile so to speak.

Very important.

 I had some fun trying to get some action shots of her when she was leaping...

These were the perfect leaves for jumping in too, dry and not too crunchy...and of course having lots and lots was a bonus!


Happiness is spending time outside with my girl on a beautiful fall day in the northwoods. I am so blessed to be her mom.

A Layout for Monday...


In between Zoo Boo and raking yet more leaves this past weekend I snuck in a little crafty time as well. It helps that Zoey enjoys crafting a bit with me too, otherwise I don't know how else I would get it in because she is with me pretty much non-stop these days.  

She has her own paper stash but I am quickly realizing that I am going to need to sort out some stickers and other embellishment type of supplies from my stash out for her to use, otherwise she's going to take all the good stuff!

For my layout I kept it pretty simple and actually took some inspiration from a fellow blogger Lisa Dickinson and cut patterned papers into strips and then added them to my page somewhat haphazardly I added some stitching to some of my strips for added variation.

Here's to a great start to the week! 

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Pictures from Zoo Boo 2014


She dressed up as Hermione Granger from the books and movies Harry Potter. I spent a better half of the morning crimping her hair for her so it was "perfectly imperfect" just like Hermione's.

It was worth it.

Zoey and I went solo this year to the Zoo Boo but met up with friends and met some other friends at the Zoo.

Here are some friends from Zoey's new school...

And here she is with her longtime friends Gracie and Lily.

We found Ruby while there too so we had to get a picture of the group of girls of course!

And some special little friends from Montessori were there too...

It seemed like we went through it a bit faster this year...and according to Zoey there weren't as many treats passed out this year as in years' past and I think she's right. Lots of coupons were handed out.

Still was a great time however. Love that Zoey still loves to dress up and wants to go to things like this. Every time we do something like this I thank my lucky stars that she isn't wanting to grow up just yet. She's lucky to have special friends (new and old) that like and know how to have fun!

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