Soaking up the Sun...


and every moment possible that I have left with this little girl here this summer.  School starts in just one week.  Crazy.

Today was the perfect day to head to the beach, it was so humid and hot...the water felt so good!

This summer she has perfected her under-water handstand.

I'm going to guess that there won't be very many more beach day opportunities left for us here...the weather tends to change so very fast once school starts up again!

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Beach Love...

I scrapped some of my favorite beach photos from this summer last night.  I'm having fun digging through my stash of goodies and playing again!

Today is my last day off of work before school registration night which means today is the day that we have to purchase all the last minute things on the school list of items that are needed for 5th grade! It's so hard to believe that Zoey is going to be a 5th grader this year!  I don't know that I am ready for this, Zoey is...I on the other hand am not! The time has FLOWN!

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Hoggie Doggie's!


This summer has been crazier than normal for us with moving and working, etc. It's the first summer where we haven't even gotten away for a weekend somewhere as a family so we're trying to make a point to enjoy being home as much as possible here as the summer is winding down.

Like tonight. It was the perfect evening to head out for ice cream treats after dinner at Hoggie Doggie's. Yum!

Since it was a Sunday evening it wasn't too busy which was nice.

It's always such a special treat to go to Hoggie Doggie's in the summertime...hard to believe summer is on it's way out this year already. Glad we made it before they closed!

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You are Happy...

I created a scrapbook layout with some fun photos from when Z and I went to the playground here a while back. It's fun printing photos and putting them to use right away, it's been awhile since I've printed photos and I'm discovering I have quite a selection to pick and choose from to play with creatively now. I will choose to look at that as being something positive rather than overwhelming.

Journaling reads: If there is one thing I know to be true for you, it's that you are most happy when busy playing.

It's been so long since I have bought supplies that I don't even know what's "new" or "cutting edge" anymore in the industry! There was a time when I knew what line a supply was upon sight alone...that was when I was designing for companies. So much has changed since then I am sure!

I've been blessed to have a nice chunk of time today to spend getting back into my creative groove...partly due to this one spending some time being creative as well. Before working here across from me at my desk she was taking pictures of her dolls in different set-ups and poses.

She may be a bit like her mama...all I know is that today, we were both happy.

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Watching Things Grow...

It's been awhile since I've blogged regularly. Since I've taken photos regularly. Scrapbooked regularly. I think I've been in this place where I needed to retreat and go within before I could actively live outwardly and share here in this space. There have been so many things in my life here lately that have been changing and so fast so that I haven't really been able to figure out how it is that I feel about them as I am charging through to get to the other side. My dad is not doing well health wise and I feel pain and sadness and great unease about it. Helpless. I've recently made a huge move that was stressful, exhausting and scary (moving in your 30's is much different than moving in your 20's). I've changed jobs which was sad and exciting and hopeful. Because of this change in jobs my schedule has changed which has been demanding in many respects including something for the entire family to get used to. Through it all I've kind of ended up retreating to a place where I found I could be in survival mode...I took my blog off of it's public status because I just didn't have things I wanted to share. I wasn't doing the things that I love (photography, scrapbooking, crafting, etc.) because I just either didn't have the time or didn't feel I could give to it what it deserved. But here I am. Finally, able to watch my garden grow. I'm in a place where my routine is becoming just that again. I'm feeling more secure within myself that things are as they are meant to be, for now. I am missing writing in this space. Sharing in the space. I am craving to make this my authentic platform again, a place to continue to share the journey that is mine through photos and scrapbooking and writing. I miss it. I was talking to someone last night and was sharing how this blog has almost a cyclical effect for me. I live. I write. I document. I share...and begin again. I'm telling my story. Thanks to Ali Edwards (whom several years ago I found online and who initially got me started on this path) I am ready to begin again.

Here I go.  

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With School Starting Soon...

above all else, I want her to remember that she is part of such a bigger picture.


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