Random Photos from the Weekend...

This was the weekend where Zoey mastered the art of cartwheeling...she is doing them all the time and every where.  I had to tell her the story of when I was her age and had just learned, I did them ALL THE TIME and once, I did one in school.  In the classroom.  I took a paper up to my teacher's desk and on the way back to my desk I did a cartwheel and didn't even know it...until I got lectured about it. Oops!  :)

Zoey had a friend over Saturday to play.  They dressed up and danced in the woods...

and looked for fairies...

We loved on Leo this weekend...

He needs a bath again soon.

He must love us a little...after we have our fun with him he promptly falls asleep.

Here I am today...this would be the "I haven't showered and don't plan to all day Jenny"...and that's alright!  It's the weekend after all!

After taking these photos I realized that the hat that Zoey is wearing is actually one that my mom had made her when she was teeny tiny.  Had to do a then and now picture.

It was another nice weekend here at home.  Really enjoying the fact that we can spend more time outdoors now that the weather is better.  
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