The Nutcracker - 2012

The above photo was taken at home before the show right before leaving...she LOVES ballet and dance and couldn't wait to get to dress rehearsal!  I'm so happy that she gets to be involved in something like this that she can totally immerse herself in.  It's so fun too that she has the older girls to look up to as role models.  

Here is a slide show of the whole performance that I put together...I know that the grandparents and my family always enjoy seeing these.

And then here are some of my favorites of Zoey that I wanted to share...

Zoey was the doll that was "forgotten" on stage this year...she was so thrilled to have this part.

She was also one of the mice again this year...

Here she is at intermission...she got to watch the rest of the performance with us since both of her parts were in the first half of the show this year which was nice.

Here is the dance crew at finale time...

And some of her dance buddies back stage after the show...

It's always so fun to see this every year at Christmas time, it's a great way to ease into the holidays and it's so fun to see all the little changes made to the program as well as to have the familiarity of the show for the girls.  We love dance!

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