I'm baaaack...


and I have so many photos that I don't know what to do...hopefully I'll get them all sorted and posted online by the weekend. Until then, I was here:




We got to see our old classmate and friend (my old college roomate) who now calls Colorado home while there which was kind of surreal as well.  I haven't seen her in about 5 or 6 years.


Yep, pretty amazing.  Of course there was a moment when I cried.  My travel mate didn't know (well, she does now), but I did.  Just tears silently streaming down my cheeks and it had to do more with the moment itself, the reality of it was at the concert at Red Rocks that did me in, the song that was being sung by Christina Perri, the breeze that was gently blowing, seeing all the women's dresses and skirts billowing in the wind, the reality of where it was that I had my feet planted, and just the whole of it. The experience itself.  Taking it all in as the true gift that it was. This was a trip that I will not soon forget.
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How Things Go...


This summer when I was at a country music festival with my good friend and room-mate Joleen (something that we try to make a point to do annually), she shared with me that she had entered into a contest to win a round trip to Denver, Colorado which included a package for two to visit the Red Rocks Amphitheater to see Christina Perri and Jason Mraz while they were on tour there, two round trip airline tickets and a hotel stay.  Over the three days that we were together this summer she kept saying that she thought she was going to win...and that if she did that I would be going with her.  I laughed and agreed, because there was no way she was going to win...and the timing wasn't that great with my job (with school just having started, etc.), and I haven't flown anywhere in like forever and it's not like I have money to burn (excuses, excuses, excuses).  We would go out to eat and would hear a Jason Mraz song and she would say again...I'm going to win Jen!  We would be out shopping and would hear a Jason Mraz song and she would tell me to start thinking about packing my bags and I would just laugh.  Well, we got home from our country concert (and I promptly forgot all about her entry to the contest)... and low and behold, a couple days later the phone rings and it was Joleen and she told me to pack my bags because we were going to Colorado! She had won!  Kind of unbelievable!  So here's to an unexpected but much welcomed adventure!  Hoping to have some fun pictures to share upon my return.

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Hiking the Raven Trail













It was a beautiful day to get out and stretch our muscles, get some fresh air and do a little hiking. Getting out and enjoying where it is we live always reminds me how very special of a place it is that we get to call home. What a way to end the weekend and start the week that lies ahead. Thankful for so many reasons today...

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The Evening's BIG Event...



So this evening was pretty nice, Ethan actually got home at a decent hour for dinner...I made a nice meal for all of us and we were all for the most part in good spirits, etc., etc., etc. Fast forward to later in the evening and we discover that our bedroom closet door has not only come off it's track but the screws and hinges are coming off at the part where the door actually folds as well. FUN! And the whole time that Ethan and I are working at getting it back together and on the track, our darling daughter was 3 feet away drawing and writing her observations of the event. Just lovely! :) But incredibly adorable when it was all said and done.


Love you Zoey girl! And thank you dear daughter for always making light of the truly little things!

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Happiness is...



Getting to enjoy the weekend as a family...having a beautiful day that was ours to do with how we pleased...taking that day, and going to the park to play.


It was such a great weekend here...


here we come Monday!

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Zoey + Leo




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Movie in the Park



Free movie in the park, (Crooked Arrows), free popcorn, free butterfly glow-sticks, thermoses of hot cocoa from home, friends, community, family...something out of the norm = a wonderful evening in downtown Minocqua.




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First Day of 3rd Grade


It feels like it was just yesterday that it was the first day of Pre-K and here we are now in a whole different building then Pre-K and now a whole different wing and are officially a "big kid" now. This morning you were the bravest that I've ever seen you, there were no visible last minute jitters as we walked down the hall for you to find your locker. There were definitely no tears this year and I had to ask for a hug and kiss before you left, (a first). You were so excited to see what 3rd grade was going to be all about and who would be sitting by you in your classroom this year (your friend Summer and a new girl named Suzanne). :) Important stuff first after all!



We had to paint our fingernails last night so that they looked nice for your first day...


and this morning you requested "fancy" braids.



I am happy to report too that your first day of school this year went off without a hitch. That is, besides having to drop to the ground out on the playground with your friend Ruby to avoid getting face planted by a flying volleyball. :) I think you're going to do just fine my little Zoey girl! I love you so much!

And just for fun...

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Dinner with Friends



Yesterday evening was a good one. We had some friends over for dinner that are going to be moving to Colorado soon. Ethan works with both of them and I have their kiddos in school at Montessori. It was fun getting ready to have them over and Zoey was excited to help of course because there were kids coming over too!



A pretty easy going get-together which consisted of good friends, good food, good beer and good fun with some smores to boot! Ahhh, perfection! It's hard to believe that the summer is indeed almost over. It went by way too fast.


We will miss you (the "H" family) and wish you the best of luck!

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