The Perfect SNOW DAY!!!



To say that we've been taking advantage of our day off of school would be a HUGE understatement!


First thing this morning after breakfast we got bundled up in our snow gear and headed outside.  Snow angels were a bit tricky with the snow being so very deep.


Climbing snow hills was next in order, which proves to be a bit tricky for someone who weighs over 40 pounds I discovered...I kept on sinking, imagine that?





Zoey had so much fun, and I did too...I was sweating from running around and playing with her so much and it felt so good!  Leo of course had to get in on all the action.  His whining at the window finally wore us down and we brought him out to play too.


He obviously was the "king of the mountain."


What a fantastic day!


After our morning spent in the snow we came in for some lunch and some hot Ovaltine.  Now Zoey's putting together the stage for a puppet show that she'll be putting on later this evening.  I've got a ticket and everything!  Snow days are the best days!

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Vicky said...

don't ya just love snow! but I think you need a pink snowsuit too ;)

Sarah said...

Oh, I am so jealous! We haven't gotten any snow here this year and we are so sad! Looks like a perfect day for y'all. The pics are great - can't wait to see the pages that come from them!