snapshots from today...

It started with us meeting Zoey's friend at the library and taking her home with us for a playdate.  The girls made some little creamy mints in pink and yellow (recipe here) using some mini cookie cutters that Zoey got for Christmas from one of her Aunts.

Then it was time to have a tea party with their dolls.  The dolls had their own tea set of course, courtesy of Ruby bringing her set along to play with.  Zoey and her friend Ruby had real tea (teddy bear tea) with cream and sugar which they served themselves.

Lunch consisted of Unicorn Horns (crescent rolls with ham and cheese inside), a Cutie (clementine) and Vanilla Pudding.  

After the girlie festivities they went outside and played in the snow.  What a wonderful day for Zoey!  She is so lucky to have such good buddies.

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Denise said...

so wonderful to see!

Aliza said...

So cute! What a wonderful day!

Sherry C said...

Adorable photos - looks like a fun-filled day!

Vicky said...

darling tea party! they are both so cute :)

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