We Are Family Shadowbox

We are Family Shadow Box

Here is a project that I created for my in-laws this past Christmas. I found the shadowbox awhile back for about $7 and had it in my crafting closet for that right project when it came along. As soon as I saw the house in my image gallery in the Silhouette shop I knew I wanted to create a shadowbox with it surrounding the family theme. Other images from the Silhouette shop include the fence, hearts, and the title. This was such a fun project to make and using my Silhouette Cameo made it easy!

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Loving Leo


I snapped some cute photos of Zoey and Leo yesterday while they were playing around outside in the snow.  It was a beautiful day and the two of them were having so much fun.  There are so many reasons that having Leo is good for Zoey.


He greets her every day after school with jumps and tail wags and then rolls over on the floor for a tummy rub.  He makes her laugh every single day...either by his silly groaning/talking, or his missing the bed when he tries and jumps up to be with her or him just being his goomber old self.


Grant it, she does get angry with him at times.  He has been known to knock over one or two of her doll's tea cups at tea parties, accidentally pick up a favorite toy belonging to Zoey in his mouth, or trip her up when she's dancing.



But she loves him so, so,  much.  We all do.


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Wall Quote

Wall Quote

Today I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out a favorite quote for Zoey's wall above her art table. Eventually I want to come up with a cable running along the wall to hang multiple pieces of art but since I don't have the cable yet (I read that using picture hanging wire works well) I just created the quote for her wall. For being such a quick and easy project it really adds a lot to her bedroom.  And of course she had to hang some of her artwork up right away.

Wall Quote

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Luscious Lemon Cookies


I just realized that I haven't shared this amazing recipe for lemon cookies here on my blog yet.  I made them this Christmas and it was really nice to have something a bit lighter in the treat department, something that didn't have chocolate or peanut butter in the ingredients...they are so light and refreshing!  They really are fun to make too.  Eating just one was like getting to eat a fancy and delicious dessert! Check out the recipe here.

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I cut hearts and hearts and hearts and more hearts...and made a little banner for Zoey's room.  It seems that I just can't stop all the cuteness that is girly and pink! 

I organized Zoey's bedroom AND her closet.  Went through clothing that was too small and packed it away.  I arranged all her art supplies so they are visible and accessible.  Everything is in it's place and ready to be played with.  I love that feeling!  She was pretty happy too when she came home from school and walked in to a clean bedroom.

I scored this fun little wooden house shaped shadow box at the local dollar store...yep, for $1.  I'm thinking I may have to go back and get some more.

I made stuffed red peppers using this recipe for dinner (sans the meat).  They were amazing.

I played a game with my best girl tonight after dinner and had so much fun giggling and being silly.  I'm so happy that it's the weekend and that I'm finally starting to feel more like myself again (fighting the flu bug here this week).

Hoping you have a wonderful weekend!
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Doll Valentine's Day Banner

Doll Valentine Pennant Banner

To create mine I used my Silhouette Cameo but you could use a pennant punch or cut your pennants by hand and just string them together with some bakers twine or embroidery floss.  I added some glittery gems to the points for a little something extra.  I think I'm going to make a bigger banner now for Zoey.  The doll quilts were made for Zoey by my mom...aren't they precious?  I do still want some puffy comforter style blankets which I think I'm going to try and brave making once I find the right fabric.

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more on the doll subject...

Photos for the Dolls

My brain is just brimming with ideas to make little things for Zoey and her dolls to make her play even more super easy and little thing that I did today was put up some wall photos in her doll play area to make it seem more "room" like. I found some 3 1/2 x 5 inch photo matting boards at Wal-Mart for $1 and inserted some photos of her dolls in them and then mounted them on the wall near her doll beds with ticky tack. It makes her little play area so much homier! And then also while at Wal-Mart I found this little swivel salon chair for $20 (certainly beats $58 at AG) and I picked it up, because, why not? She LOVES it and I have to admit, so do I! It came with a cape, rollers, a hairdryer, brush and scissors. And the best part, tonight while tucking Zoey into bed she whispered to me, "Mom, I love my salon playset so much, I just want to play with it right now! My dollies love it too!" Yay!

Playing Hair Salon

Another idea I came across on the internet while googling handmade American Girl Doll accessories was this tutorial on how to make a doll quilt from an old pillowcase. How brilliant is that? I checked out my stash of old pillowcases and didn't find any cute ones but I did find some old off-white shams that Ethan hasn't ever like my using for the bed and with the scalloped edges it actually makes for some cute and classy bedding for the bunk-beds. I inserted some other mis-matched doll blankets inside to make it more like a comforter and now it's like a duvet cover! I'm going to keep an eye out at the thrift shop now for sure for cute pillowcases. I do think she needs a pop of color now though on her beds and was thinking of making some cute little pillows, but need to get my hands on some cute and colorful fabric to make them first.

It's been a great weekend so far, full of play, being cozy at home and cuddling. Perfection!

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simple + sweet

today you...

I've had this photo set out for about 2 weeks now and just haven't had time to throw it all together on a layout. I cut the background decorative piece using my Silhouette Cameo, as well as the butterfly and title. The whole layout took about 20 minutes to put together, love it when that happens! Everything else used was bits and pieces of my January kit from Cocoa Daisy. I feel like I haven't really done anything too crafty in awhile since my arm was injured and now that it's feeling better I am itching to do some projects. Hoping this weekend will allow for it!

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dolls, dolls, dolls...


Around here lately we've been playing with dolls.  We've been dressing them, styling their hair, teaching them at "school" and baking with them in the kitchen.  We've been having tea parties with them and reading to them.  Snuggling with them and giving them stroller rides around the house.  Zoey LOVES her dolls and I have to admit that I am loving them too.  It is so much fun to have an excuse to play with them!  One thing that I've noticed now too is that since she's slowly getting more "playsets" and outfits (little things like cookie cutters and school things) the actual play is getting more involved.  I've been searching out some clothing and accessory options for her dolls other than the American Girl website (which we love but everything can't be the AG brand due to the price, and heck, it's fun to have handmade besides).  I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite finds.

For some adorable handmade sweaters and hats be sure to check out the Etsy shop LoveMyYarn.  She will even make your daughter and doll matching hats...and they are beautiful, check out the one pictured above to see what I mean! 

Another clothing store on Etsy that I found and liked was 123MulberryStreet.  I found a Valentine outfit that is quite similar to one that Zoey has for herself here so I snatched it up so she can have a "matching" outfit.  I'm thinking that might make for a cute little gift item for Valentine's day? Check out her shop for more cute things, she has a very nice selection.

For some special treats for your tea parties (when you aren't actually feeling up to baking mini delicacies of your own) I found some adorable and real life-like looking cookies at the Etsy shop Pippaloo.  These are the treats that I purchased for Zoey and they come with the silver tray as well.

I just visited her site just now and see that she has some yummy Valentine treats in her shop as well.  Check these out!

For tea parties a small doll sized tea set is a must and since Zoey loves fairies as much as she loves dolls I did a search for a fairy tea set for dolls and came across this one by Schilling.
And lastly, I'm sharing something that's on our AG wish list as it's a bit pricey but nice all the same. Maybe a future birthday gift?  The Party Set for Kit.
Isn't it sweet?  I love that it comes with linens and flatware as well as the dishes.  The pink glass is just precious and yes, I am completely aware that I'm calling silverware for dolls, flatware.  I realize that I'm insane!  But it's a good thing right?  I'm sure that Zoey thinks so!

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I can't help but watch this video over and over...

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Valentine's Day Treat - Chex Mix

[image from Betty Crocker]

The last time I went grocery shopping I picked up the ingredients to make up this chex mix for an evening where I happened to have a bit of extra time and tonight was the night.  It is so yummy!  Zoey had fun shaking up the powdered sugar in the bag...and loved being my "tester" and even got to stay up a bit later than usual to be my helper. Find the recipe here.
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snapshots from today...


It started with us meeting Zoey's friend at the library and taking her home with us for a playdate.  The girls made some little creamy mints in pink and yellow (recipe here) using some mini cookie cutters that Zoey got for Christmas from one of her Aunts.

Then it was time to have a tea party with their dolls.  The dolls had their own tea set of course, courtesy of Ruby bringing her set along to play with.  Zoey and her friend Ruby had real tea (teddy bear tea) with cream and sugar which they served themselves.

Lunch consisted of Unicorn Horns (crescent rolls with ham and cheese inside), a Cutie (clementine) and Vanilla Pudding.  

After the girlie festivities they went outside and played in the snow.  What a wonderful day for Zoey!  She is so lucky to have such good buddies.

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happiness is...


having my mom and sister come up to visit.  It's enjoying a relaxing weekend together, celebrating a late Christmas, opening and sharing thoughtful gifts from and with one another, enjoying special chocolates, baked goods and salty treats...with perhaps a glass of wine or two.  Enjoying the beautiful, and unseasonably warm weather that we've been having lately by taking a hike on the Bearskin Trail.  Doing some browsing downtown...and getting some help grocery shopping before they took off for the Bayfield house.  :)

It was so awesome to have it just be the girls for the majority of the visit.  Saturday night we all four were snuggled up on the couch watching Anne of Green Gables...and it made my heart happy.




Zoey just loves her Auntie so much and of course anytime spent with grandma is time well spent.


I am not ready for it to be Monday already but it's well on it's way whether I like it or not!  Here's to slowing down and enjoying what's right outside my front door.  I am blessed!
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