Pictures from Zoey in the Nutcracker


She was so excited this year to be the mouse that Clara threw her slipper at and then got carried off stage.  :)  What a naughty, naughty, little mouse!






She also got to be in a second dance this year, as a candy cane.

Such a fun event to go to every year.

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Cocoa Daisy January Layouts


Here they are...a bit more on the simple side this time around since I was creating with just my one arm, but I still like how they turned out.



My title work for all the layouts were done using the Silhouette Cameo, I love, love, love, love, love this machine to pieces. It's nothing short of AMAZING...I can't wait to be able to create with it using two hands!  Santa spoiled me for sure this year.  I still can't quite believe it!



 I love this photo (pictured below) so much so I really kept the layout itself pretty low key to ensure that it would stay the focus of the layout.



I love all the pretty colors in this month's kit, to snag your own before they are all gone go here.
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hey mom and dad...

remember in fourth grade when I went to school and wore an ace bandage (without you knowing) and told the teacher I sprained my arm so she had a student do all my writing and take notes for me...for three whole days, before you found out?  Well, it would appear that I've gotten my payback. 

Yesterday I fell on the ice while skating with Zoey and fractured my radial head.  I went to the emergency room thinking I was being a baby, but am so glad that I went.  I have a splint right now until the swelling goes down (see my sausage fingers?) and will see an orthopedic surgeon early next week to see about getting a cast or if I will need surgery.  It's never a dull moment around here I swear.  And for the record, I really was a good kid...that was probably the worst thing I did growing up, I think my teacher and my parents actually got a good chuckle over my ingenuity over it all.
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January Cocoa Daisy Sneaks...


Here they are!  I feel like I need to explain a little something layouts for this month are really pretty simple and that's because they were created with one hand because...(drum roll), I have a fractured radial head (elbow) from falling on the ice while skating with Zoey.  Talk about a big bummer!  Why does it seem that we are either sick or hurt during holidays or school breaks?  I'm beginning to dread them now as I think we are hexed.  Anyways, I love this months kit, I just wish that I had the ability to create more with it.  I meet with the orthopedic surgeon early next week so hopefully I will learn more then and be back on the road to recovery.  Argh!  Until then I'll be surfing the web for crafty ideas, catching up on what's on television these days and reading!
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Christmas dress


Just sharing some cute pictures of Zoey posing in her special dress that she wore to her school Christmas concert.  She also had some sparkly gold shoes to match, but at the earlier afternoon performance (there are two concerts), one fell off on her way to the risers so to not worry about that happening again at the evening performance she opted to play it safe with some trusty black strapped ones.  :)

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Seeing Santa...


In addition to performing in the Nutcracker (for ballet) this weekend, Zoey got to see Santa!  What a wonderful surprise this was and added to the excitement of also having Grandma Sue Sue and Grandpa Ross here as well.


Santa and Zoey were having a pretty serious discussion and when I asked what it was about Zoey shared with me that she asked Santa for some pink ice skates (something he was expecting) and a real, live elf...apparently Santa said that "he had those for her too."  Hmmm...we shall have to see about that come Christmas morning.


Hoping to share some pictures of the Nutcracker soon, for now though I need to clean up all the sprinkles that are all over my kitchen, (just got done dipping pretzels in chocolate and coating them with sprinkles)!

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Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

I created these sweet and simple ornaments using some bits of the Cocoa Daisy limited edition Merry & Bright kit. The star and ball ornaments themselves are by Creative Imaginations. I simply adhered patterned paper to them and trimmed it using my craft knife. I then took some sand paper to the edges to smooth them up a bit. I chose some stickers from my sticker sheet by Echo Park (included in the kit), a button, and was done!

Christmas Ornaments

These would be cute on the tree or even on gifts as part of the packaging.

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he truly thinks he's a cat...


Snapped these photos of Leo and Zoey yesterday.  He is the strangest dog I have ever known.  He thinks he's a cat I swear.  Zoey was sitting in the chair and he just jumped up on her lap.  She thought it was hilarious and was struggling to keep him positioned on her because he's so big (totally not a lap dog!).  We love him despite his feline tendencies.  :)

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December Sunday Breakfast...


You can't really tell but the waffles are actually tinted pink (food coloring).  It's been fun surprising Zoey this month with some cute breakfasts.  

Today was a productive day around here.  This morning Zoey had a paydate and I used that time to get groceries and put a dent in some of her gift wrapping.  The afternoon consisted of her (same) friend coming over to our house and them sledding and playing while I made some chocolate covered peanut butter balls. 

The Peanut Butter Balls aren't the most beautiful of Christmas goodies but my are they tasty!  When I put them on a platter I will put each one on a cute little mini-muffin wrapper to jazz them up a bit.  I found the recipe here.  I suppose mine would have looked prettier had I made them into buckeyes but I wanted them completely covered in chocolate so that's what I got.

I wrapped them up pretty good and tucked away in the freezer so that they make it until Christmas...they wouldn't be safe otherwise!

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free printable Christmas gift tags

I usually try and share my favorites that I find online every year and these are it for this year.  I love the first ones pictured by My Girl Thursday so much just for their old time feel and the warm feeling they invoke.  I'll be using those along with the ones by Design Sponge.

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my crafty area...

work space

I've been slowly creating a little crafty space that I can call my own since our last move.  It's been tricky just due to the lack of space for it but I have utilized the length of one wall of our bedroom for this purpose and I dare say that it's working out nicely!  I still need something for that white space above the new desk, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.  I sewed the white curtains for the front of the desks to create some hidden storage and to also soften up the look of the desks themselves since they are in our bedroom.

work space

I had this desk and hutch since forever (since before Zoey was born!) and while looking at my little corner set-up that I had been using a couple of weeks ago I wondered if Target might have the same desk and sell it just as the desk without the hutch.  A couple of clicks with my mouse and I had my answer.  Why yes they do!  I used some coupon codes that I had and got use of a free shipping special and a few days later it was delivered to my door.  I bumped the two together and now have so much work space I could jump for joy!  No more putting my trimmer on the floor when I want to sew or having all my papers and things that I'm working with scattered about on the floor around me while I'm working on my laptop.  It's such a small thing really, but I am SO darn excited!!!!  I thought while I was at it I'd share some more of my little space.  Here is my inspiration board that hangs above my hutch.  So far it's little bits of product that I love, a hoop that I made and a cool plaster bird hanging that Zoey made for me.

top of hutch

This is a shelf that I have embellishments, art markers, stamps and inks stored on.  The tall tower of drawers is actually a cd tower but I use it for more embellishment storage.

this and that

And here is a little collage of all the goods.  Underneath my desks I have wicker baskets for my papers and alphabet stickers and my trusty Epson printer is under there too.  I have the entire space under the new desk to fill up!  Hooray!

collage of organization

I am not the only one pleased with this set-up it would seem...Zoey is enjoying having a space next to me again to create.  :)

Zoey sharing my space

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Doily Christmas Ornaments using Polymer Clay

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments were so much fun to make...I seriously did not want to stop once I started in on them. I received some polymer clay from the company Activa (Hearty air dry clay) awhile back to sample and have been wanting to create something using it for awhile now, once I got this idea in my head there was nothing stopping me from getting started! Since making those pictured above, I've made others using other stamp designs from my stash as well.  I'll post some of those later.  To read the tutorial check out the Cocoa Daisy blog.

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