Some Layouts...

using some of my favorite goodies from Creative Imaginations. The first one here I used some of the Miss Elle Collection by Renea's House as well as some of the Narratives Melon Berry epoxy stickers and other embellishments.

For the one below of my mother and father-in law I used a lot of the Narratives Honey Dew Collection. Aren't they so sweet sitting there together? =) I can't remember if I took this picture or if my sister-in-law Serena did, so just to be safe I'll give her all the credit! ;)

This one (also of my in-laws along with Zoey!) I used mostly the Narratives Sweet Pea Collection on.

And be sure to stop on over and check out the Creative Imaginations National Scrapbook Day Contest! Check it out and enter today by clicking here!

Kits & Pieces Projects for May

This month I got to create with the "Homespun" Kit from Kits & Pieces. The kit featured patterned papers from Cosmo Cricket, Prima florals, Maya Road felt buttons, Maya Road chipboard people family, some Ranger grungeboard (that I've yet to play with) and some chocolate SEI letter stickers. I also got (as an expansion) some of the Ranger Industries Crackle paint and let's just say that I have found something new that I will love to play with now on my projects! It's really cool!

girl time, Supplies from Kit: Cosmo Cricket pp, Maya Road felt buttons, SEI letter stickers, Prima floral

Bath Soap, Supplies Used from Kit: Cardstock, Cosmo Cricket pp, Prima floral, Maya Road chipboard girl. Items from kit Expansion: Making Memories brads, Maya Road "Hello My Name Is" stamp, Ranger Crackle paint

Spring Card, Supplies from Kit: Cardstock, Cosmo Cricket pp, Prima florals (buttons were from the other kit offered this month)

Playful You, Supplies from Kit: Cosmo Cricket pp, SEI letter stickers, Maya Road felt buttons

Stumbled Upon This Last Night...

and just had to share. Bloggers are great (as long as they are not Mommies).

Just for fun (and I may have been too hasty)!

Just a fun little layout on how Zoey never, ever, ever has slept in the car when traveling. Never. Ever. Nada. Zero. Zilch. And no, not even when she was a baby. Anyways, for this past little visit to my family's house we were offered a dvd player by one of Ethan's co-workers to borrow for the car. If you know me at all, then you know how opposed I am to anything that would offer some sort of technological convenience (you know, I just have to be against anything that society is telling me that I have to have). Anyways, we took the dvd player and I grudgingly went and checked out some dvd's for Zoey from the library and can I just tell you that I can totally see how people with kids travel now? Wow! Five hours of driving and I actually got to read a magazine and start a book even! There was none of that craning my neck backwards to the backseat either (think ostrich here). I'm not saying that I particularly agree with sticking my child in front of a TV for hours upon end but maybe...just maybe we can handle it in the car now and again!

Prom Pictures!

of my little sister Bailey! Isn't she just a doll? It was so fun to be a part of all the preparations for the big night. And I must say that the dresses and overall style has changed much from the time that I was going off to Prom! I think when I was her age I was wearing a black satin and velvet dress that had a poof skirt and puff sleeves, complete with a big bow on my hip! Yikes! And while Bailey has a bow on her hip too, somehow it's completely different than the one that I was sporting!

I got to take some pictures of my little sister before she went (I also went to her friends house to take some fun candids of her and her friends before they went as well). She also asked me to do her hair for the big event. She said she wanted something "messy" and I have to admit that I was terrified to be entrusted with the job, but it all turned out well in the end and she was happy, which meant that I was happy! I also now have the special memories of getting to spend this time with her "in her element" so to speak, which is the coolest. Isn't she just gorgeous? All of these photos were taken at my Mom and Ross's house.

At Grandma & Grandpa's (Ross and Mom's House)

Zoey had an awesome time this past weekend at my parents' house. We got lots of fresh air and Zoey got to run and play outdoors with her Grandpa Ross, Uncle Nick and the two dogs, Jackie and Leo. Muddy pants, wet socks and smelly feet were had by all and I can't say that I minded all that much! It's been a long time coming (getting to play outside) and we were sure to embrace it. Here are some pics of Zoey and the boys playing outside on my mom and Ross's land along with the dogs...

Because We Try


A layout and a song. It's been a crazy good week here. Lot's of exciting things going on (scrappy related and otherwise). I've been asked to write a feature article for Magazine which will be out in June. I was sent an email by Tammy letting me know that I was on the CatWalk this week over at Scrap In Style TV! I was nominated by Wilna too which made the surprise all that much more the sweeter because I love her work.

Ethan and I are quickly approaching a new season in this life together and we are embracing it with both arms and running. It's so cool when we both are reaching out and getting something in return. It's been a joy to see all the work that we've done together as well as individually come to fruitation. I dare say that I am proud of us, if only for the reason of seeing to the tending of our lives.

A quote that I saw today (on Tammy's blog) that has left me thinking as well is this one by Margaret Young.

"Often people attempt to live their life backwards: they try to have more things, or more money, in order to do more of what they want so that they will be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are, then, do what you need to do,in order to have what you want."

Kind of fits right in with what I 'm thinking here and where I'm at right now.

I've added some more music to my playlist (see below at the bottom of my blog if you want). Finding new music is always a good thing in my book too. New to me I should say, I always have been a day late and a dollar short when it came to being "hip" when things were actually considered to be "hip." The song in this post is We Crawl by Polyphonic Spree. Really like this one and how the message evolves along with the song. Anyways, hope all is well your way and that you can see the blessings before you even when it may seem a bit dark.


Do you want a chance to WIN huge from Creative Imaginations (a prize package worth $100) and to have your work featured on the Creative Imaginations blog? Then be sure to stop on over and check out the details of our "Be Green Contest" for National Scrapbook Day! Deadline to enter is May 4th and their will be two winners selected. To learn more about this exciting opportunity check out the CI blog here!

Once a Week...

I get to spend an afternoon working at a bakery. I say that I "get to" because it has been a gift to me since moving here and after being a SAHM for so long. I sweep floors, wash pans that are covered in doughy goo, I bag bread, carry tray after tray of goods up and down stairs to and from the large chest freezer in the basement, I mop the clay tiles that only seconds later will be covered in the settling dust of flour and grains, mixed with the elements from the outdoors that are brought in by the many welcomed of travelers. I started out just working retail, standing behind the old 8 foot, heavy plated glass bakery case and greeting customers, providing them with their goods, smiling and sending them away, perhaps with a bit brighter perspective that would spill out into their day. During the winters (our slow season) I've been getting more into the inner-workings of the kitchen work. I stand side by side with the owner, a woman in her mid forties whom I feel has somewhat adopted me (this being unknown to her). We have formed a relationship that consists of ingredients. Working with our hands, one of lugging huge books the size of bibles that contains the lifeblood of this very place that we stand in. I stand in the kitchen that is filled with large, antique, free standing mixers and I work. I roll dough, I cut out cookies, I measure dry goods, I cut bread for bread pudding, the whole while I feel the warmth of the sun coming in from the large window that faces the quiet street that in the summer is lined by SUV's and other vehicles belonging to people that have come to visit and gain an "experience" only now offered in a select few places in North America. The family bakery on the corner is far and few between these days. We listen to NPR, and at times I will find that I lose myself and will find that instead of cutting the three trays of cookies that I had intended, I've now prepared nine. Something like this too, takes great thought. Is there room to freeze these extra cookies? Will we sell the extra six trays in a weeks time? Precision and fluidity as well as great care goes into this little house that is a bakery. I have been entrusted with it's secrets, its charm. I have been let into the struggle of it. It's very existence and what exactly it has meant for the people that saw to it's birth. We speak of relationships, of family, of dreams and opportunities. We share worries over health, of our own and that of our fathers'. We laugh about the current state and styles of those youthful women who seem all of a sudden so mysterious to us. We talk about the world, on a grander scale and on one of such meager of terms. Science, money, the state (or lack thereof) of the economy. Religion. The price of a 20 pound bag of flour and that of a pair of jeans that will actually fit and attempt to flatter our womanly figures. The inner-workings of our very souls may seep out, trickle here and there ever so delicately. I go home every evening with a heart that is more full, due to a friendship that has never been officially established but is still so, if not more so than if it had. She shares about refinishing her steps, about breaking drill bits, and making something new again. I share about the trials of being a mom, the decisions that I agonize over and how I love my small and simple life but how at times it is hard, so very hard. I share all of this with Ethan when I come home and he nods and smiles and laughs. But I know that he doesn't know exactly what this afternoon means to me. The being able to actually listen to an entire program aired on NPR, the first time round. The connection with working with my hands that somehow tugs at my heart. The pride that I feel seeing that tile floor clean, even if it's only for an hour. The forming of a friendship with someone so unlikely. The understanding that life is made up of these tiny, almost minuscule moments and opportunities that I have been so blessed to have had the time to just stop and take note of here, during my afternoons working at the bakery.

It's Official!

and I am so very excited! Check out the Creative Imaginations blog here to see my little introduction to the team of other designers...I can't even tell you how thrilled I am to be a part of this team. So far, all of my interactions with the other team members has been positive, supportive and FUN! These ladies are so kind-hearted and really work as a team, I love it!

I am also so excited that my first "assignment" was being asked to work with Christine Adolph's new Felicity Collection of patterened papers and embellishments. Wow! I love all the potential that this line has. For my first layout "Us" I cut apart the Felicity Grid Foil Paper and did some messy stitching on all of the squares, but the foiled ones. I then painted some dots in a somewhat uniform square behind where I knew I wanted my photo to go. I adhered my squares, some of the icon and phrase epoxy embellishments (for added definition) and created some journaling strips that I then added to my squares as well. I also painted around my foil letters (for the title) and around the entire 12 x 12 page as well. I wanted a sort of "messy love" feeling going on.

For the layout pictured below I simply combined two of the patterened papers (Music Foil and Scroll) from her line as a mat on the cardstock in which I then added some of the chipboard elements, decorative brads (these are just gorgeous!) and I also used some of the Felicity stickers and backed them with cardstock, cut them out and adhered them to my page with 3-dimensional adhesive for more definition. I again, printed my journaling on cardstock and cut it out in strips.

For my card I just adhered one of the beautiful cardstock stickers to my cut to size cardstock, added an epoxy sticker and a rub-on and I was done!

Such fun stuff! And thank you, CI for having me on board!

Fun Class - Star Album!

It was a success! Our "Mom's Night Out" was lots of fun and now I feel good about officially "teaching" a class. I only had a minor little mix-up of measurements on my instruction sheets that I had made up that was quickly figured out (good thing all these gals are my friends and thus were totally understanding)! Really a good time, and it was so nice to just be out for a bit without the kiddos. We made a Star Album, which could make for a cute little display of photos on a coffee table once opened. Some of the papers used in mine were from the April kit "A Walk in the Park" at Kits & Pieces this month.

Kits & Pieces Layouts for April

Absolutely loved working with the "A Walk in the Park" kit this month from Kits & Pieces. So romantic feeling (and perfect for layouts of little girls!) with the Prima papers and ribbon (I'll be using the ribbon on the mid month newsletter project!), the rub-ons and pearls by Imaginisce, the fun florals, stickers and buttons by Making Memories and the soft white felt letter stickers by American Crafts were a perfect match for this kit and complimented the patterned papers so well.

Here are the layouts that I came up with for this month's kit. To check out some layouts that were created by another K & P designer (Julie Balzer) using the other monthly kit offered "Awakening" click here. View all the creations in the Design Team Gallery at Kits & Pieces by clicking here. I'm certain that you will find loads of inspiration!

Grandma Sue

the eating of the cake...

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