Rain Forest LIVE Show!

This week Zoey had a half day of school on Monday and we attended a science night, art show and a special rain forest presentation later that evening at her school and the rain forest portion was so cool! I thought I would share pictures here of the rain forest show. It truly was spectacular!


I didn't get pictures of Zoey's art work because there were so many people enjoying the evening at school and walking through the library and halls where the work was displayed but we are so proud and happy for the work that Zoey has done this year! She has truly blossomed and is thriving this year creatively speaking and it's due to her amazing art teacher that she has this year. She actually has a stretched canvas painting that is going to be auctioned off at the end of the school year! So proud of her!

And here is Zoey with her science project on Geo-tropism. All the students had their project boards on display so parents could look at them and then today the kids all went to the Sustainability Fair in Rhinelander with their projects to share them there as well! So exciting!

In the picture above she is in her classroom and the one below was shared with me by one of her teachers while at the Sustainability Fair.

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Outside Play (and Thank You Grandma and Grandpa!)

Zoey was finally able to put to use some of her Christmas gifts that she received from her grandparents (Ethan's folks) with the nicer weather we had last weekend (we are back to snow here now for the time being!)...first up were her roller skates. At school they are skating in gym class which means Zoey is obsessed with wanting to practice now. In the gym at school they hung a disco ball and Zoey thinks that is pretty cool too...definitely adds to the atmosphere I am told.

After she was done testing our her skates in the driveway we got out this fun toy that she got from her grandpa Ken. I don't even know what to call it but it sure is fun!

I might have tried my hand at this as well!

We discovered that it's fun to try and catch the arrows when they fall back down since they are pretty light and soft.

It's always fun to get outside once spring makes itself known to us! We sure are doing our best at trying to "think spring", wish the weather would cooperate with us!

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From the Weekend

Saturday the weather was incredible here...so warm. Perfect! Zoey and I took advantage of the entire day I am happy to say. We woke up early and headed out to explore some area lakes. This is Lake Kawaguesaga which is a spot where Zoey and I used to walk when she was little, I would push her here in her stroller from the apartment building that we lived in and then she would get out and play and explore and we'd have a snack. So fun bringing her back here again...she said it was smaller. :) 

There were a couple of fishermen on the other side of the dam but we were quiet and were careful not to bother them too much.

We then headed downtown to get some popcorn and some Jelly Bellies!  

After our treats we decided to go ahead and walk on the Bearskin Trail a bit starting at the trail head.

After our morning of adventuring we headed for home and had some lunch and then helped Ethan with some yard work. Our yard was FULL of pine needles and leaves as well as pine cones so this was a big project. 

Ethan primarily worked on the back yard and I worked in the front of the house and the side of the garage. Zoey picked up sticks and twigs as well as pine cones and helped Ethan move the leaves using a tarp.

I took pics of the front lawn and the side of the garage, it's starting to shape up a bit but we still have more to go! Both Ethan and I have blisters on our hands!

Sure did feel good to be out in the sun, so thankful that we did because Sunday brought wind and rain and then today SNOW! While we weren't thrilled to see the snow...if I'm being honest, it was pretty. And it's already melted so that's good, hoping it stays away for the rest of the week now!

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