Craft Room Clean-Up


I posted this photo collage on Instagram this afternoon, sharing how excited I am to have had some time this afternoon to do some much need cleaning and re-organizing in my craft room. Perfect timing with the new year upon us to get some things in shape and my space ready for some new creations to be made.

Now I can't wait to get it all messed up again!!


Christmas 2017

Our Christmas was a little bit different this year...we had some sad news from friends and family health-wise, and it just made things difficult. If I'm being honest, my heart really struggled this year when it came to feeling the joy of the season. That coupled with not being able to see my parents or able to enjoy time at home with my family over their break from school made for extra feelings of disappointment.

My favorite memories of this year weren't from Christmas day, but rather from some of the moments leading up to it. One afternoon over break Ethan took Zoey to a neighboring town and surprised her by getting an old guitar re-stringed (the guitar was given to Zoey by a family friend) and also purchased an amp to go with. She was SHOCKED to say the least. The guitar has been sitting at our house with no strings for a long time. It was awesome watching Ethan teaching Zoey how to string the instrument, clean the instrument and then getting to watch them both playing it.

 I love that Zoey still set out a plate of cookies for Santa along with a note.

And another favorite...perhaps the best part for me, was having time to make homemade cut-out sugar cookies with Zoey. It took the better half of a day, we didn't ever get out of our pajamas on this day (or shower) and it was worth it.

If anything, this Christmas made all of us realize that we need to cherish the mundane, the regular, the everyday. It is so very good.

We are blessed.


Winter Fun | Scrapbook Layout


I cleaned up my scrap space this afternoon and then had to mess it right back up again creating this little layout! :) It's my routine, mess it up...clean it up, mess it right back up again.

Zoey was hit hard with a stomach bug here this week which meant extra craziness for me. I missed some hours of my shift on Thursday at the library as I wasn't comfortable leaving her home alone when not feeling well, and that meant I went in early on Friday to try and re-coup those hours since it's Christmastime and well, every penny counts this time of year. Not a fun week! Hoping that I don't end up coming down with it now here this week. However I know that if anyone does, it will be me. I was right in the line of fire for all of it after all. Blah..blah. Not fun to be sick!!'s to hoping for good health and good cheer, (I think I may need well wishes for both!).


Story + Design with Get It Scrapped


I am very excited to share that I have been invited to work with members of the Get It Scrapped community later this month! Amy Kingsford reached out to me awhile back asking if I would be interested and I immediately replied with a YES! 

This month we're telling stories of INTENTION and exploring the design aspect of CONTRAST. There will be design tips, page templates/sketches, inspiration, videos and more! Saying yes to this project meant that I had to stretch my bravery when it comes to being creative in my life. I had to learn some new things, like how to record myself speaking and then sharing that in audio format so it could be added to a video. 

The class will be in the membership December 14th. And if you're not a member, you can always join us at:

Thanks for joining me in my excitement! This is turning into a pretty great end of the year!


Simple Holiday Table Decor/Table Settings

You guys! I had to share this SUPER SIMPLE little craft for easily jazzing up your holiday table or for creating quick table settings (just add names to your trees). Simply cut scraps of holiday patterned papers into triangles, and adhere them together with a toothpick in between (for the tree trunk). Stick the other end of the toothpick into a Hershey's kiss and you have a little tree!! So adorable and EASY! Add a star on the top if you wish.

Enjoy your day!!


Super Simple Holiday Button Tag Ideas

I had to come up with some simple ideas for gift tags for a holiday program we're having this week at the library. I thought that using buttons would be simple enough, even for those that may not think of themselves as necessarily being crafty. You can pick up various colors of buttons at the dollar store or even Walmart and the sentiments need not be stamped, they could be printed off of the computer and adhered to the tags as well.

I created three little samples for this, as you can see here...

I thought the snowman would be fun for little ones to help put together too!

Wishing you much peace in the days ahead as we are quickly approaching the countdown to Christmas!


Visiting Mount Rushmore | Scrapbook Layout


Sharing another layout using photos from our summer adventure to South Dakota. We did so much on this trip, so very thankful we figured out a way to make it happen. Memories for this little family to last a lifetime for sure!

I just can't get over how the papers and embellishments, everything really, in the December 12x12 Memory Keeping and Pocket kits go perfectly with all of our vacation photos! So fun to play with everything included in both kits this month. For my banner I hand-cut the triangles from a sheet of patterned paper that had a pattern of them and then I strung them together with bakers twine.

So much fun!

Hope you're having a great week and are gearing up for the holiday season! I can't believe that Christmas is almost here already, crazy how time flies!


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