Merry Christmas!


We've been busy baking and crafting in these days leading up to Christmas...seems like right up to the very last minute we were planning and organizing. Feeling so very thankful that we were all healthy today since we know a lot of friends and family right now that were otherwise.

Here is a picture of Zoey in front of the tree on Christmas Eve before the candlelight church service that we go to each year. My favorite is singing Silent Night by candlelight. So special.

Then, fast forward to Christmas morning, Zoey was awake at 5am! Ready to get the show on the road. She had to wait for her super sleepy parents to get with the program though. She couldn't even get the dog to come out to the living room with her until she bribed him with some peanut butter!

Santa came...funny thing, he brought Zoey a remote control car that's being touted as a STEM toy since it utilizes batteries, wires connecting a + and - charge and water (for steam fuel) and Zoey LOVES it! She's been burning it throughout the house both upstairs and down. So hilarious! Our poor dog though.

Leo of course had some special treats...he got a squeaky toy pterodactyl and some holistic peanut butter snacks.

It was a very special and quiet day for us which was greatly welcomed after being so busy for far too long. We relaxed in pj's and enjoyed playing together. It was even kind of nice that it was freezing rain outside since it made us stay in and be cozy.

Feeling thankful this evening for so many things...the health of loved ones, the love that we share, time spent together and good friends that step in to help us along the way!

Merry Christmas!

The Nutcracker | 2016


This weekend was the Nutcracker performance for Zoey's ballet. She was in three dances this year, two en pointe and one lyrical in her ballet flats. She was pretty nervous this year but she had a smile on her face and she danced beautifully. I am so proud of her.

It's kind of crazy to think back to when she first started dance and to see where she is now.

This year things were a bit of a struggle, she couldn't feel good about her pointe shoes, she got them quite late in the season due to being back-ordered and they didn't fit comfortably or stay up on her heel when dancing initially. Thankfully, with a bit of re-arranging (but sadly with having to remove her toe covers) they stayed as long as she tensed her toes while dancing. Not ideal, but got her through this weekend.

I'm proud of her for getting through the two shows and dancing with such grace, despite her feet hurting and her worrying if her shoes would fall off. Sometimes it's just about showing up. She was happy that her shoes didn't fall off once on stage, only off stage while in the middle of a she was able to get them back on quickly and go back on.

Show up she did. So proud of her and all of the hard work that she does when it comes to working on her ballet skills.

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