Dance With Your Heart Minocqua Dance Spring Recital - 2014

Sharing some of my favorite photos from this years recital...first some from the ballet performance that Zoey was in.

And some from her jazz...

Backstage friends...

And Miss. Dana...

This was one of Zoey's favorite teachers last year teaching as she will be leaving for college in the fall...bittersweet to say good-bye to her after the show.

We will miss you Miss. Kate and all that you brought to Minocqua Dance!  You truly were a gift to the studio and are responsible for some of Zoey's passion for dance for sure.

There were some tears...

Thankful there are many other talented and kind dance teachers at Minocqua Dance like Miss. Gabby...

It was another beautiful show!  Makes my heart happy that Zoey has something that she is so passionate about to be involved in and that there are older girls that she can look up to as role models and show support to the younger dancers.  Truly beautiful!

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Posing for Mama...

For some reason I always take photos of Zoey outside in the yard before the recital...this year I did the same.  Here are my favorite shots...

And some silly ones...

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Spring Rehearsal Night with Minocqua Dance

It's been a super busy weekend here!  This weekend was Zoey's spring recital for her dance studio which meant a late night Friday after school at rehearsal and then the two performances on Saturday. We are always exhausted but happy when the weekend is through...this year was no exception!

Here is Zoey and one of her best friends who happens to be in her ballet/jazz class this year.  The girls were in two dances together this year and in the finale.

Some dance friends posing before rehearsal...

The girls being silly...gasp!

Here is a picture of some of the girls in this years class with Zoey.  A great bunch of girls!

And then before the night was through after practicing the finale here are some of the girls getting a little pep-talk from their dance teacher.

It was a late night!  We got home and I think Zoey wasn't in bed until around 10:30!  Dance photos from the recital will be up soon...

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Mother's Day 2014


This year Mother's Day was pretty low key...which I appreciate.  It was a bit of an overcast day but it was pleasant enough to spend time outside which is what we did.  After a late morning breakfast and some time spent swinging in the hammock and reading, Zoey and I went to eat lunch at Hoggie Doggie's (the first time this season) which meant we had to get ice cream (with eyes) for dessert afterwards. Nothing says summer is approaching more than a stop to Hoggie Doggie's.

Once home from our lunch and a little bit of shopping we headed over to spend the remainder of the afternoon at a playground near our home.  Zoey let me take some pictures of her too which was nice.

Love that she still loves to it's purest of forms.


I love this photo that Ethan took of Zoey and I too...great capture.

These are my beautiful flowers from Ethan and Zoey (and Leo too).  I absolutely love the card that Zoey created for me this year.  She glued some crepe paper to the bottom below the mermaids for water.  So creative.  Her message inside was as special as ever too.  So blessed that she is my daughter...that I was chosen to get to be her mama.

A perfectly, sweet Mother's Day was had here.  The fresh air and good company was just what I needed.  Feeling blessed and very much loved.

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