Christmas in Minocqua...

On the first day of our holiday break Zoey and I met up with some friends and participated in some of the Christmas festivities downtown which included a horse drawn wagon ride!  It was the perfect day for it too, not too cold and lots of pretty snow to see...

Here is my friend Amanda and one of her girls...

After a bit of apprehension, Zoey decided that she loved being carted around town by the horses Mama and Baby.

Here is the big tree that's decorated every year downtown.

After our wagon ride we stopped at Dan's Minocqua Fudge to meet with Santa.

And then after enjoying some cocoa and cookies and of course meeting Santa we headed to the Train Village to check out the set-up this year.

It is always so fun to see how they have things set up each year.  I was talking with the "conductor" and he shared with me that it took 5 men about 40 hours each to assemble the display this year, totaling around 200 hours!  The collection belonged to a man that died of cancer and he donated all of his collection to the town of Minocqua to enjoy.  Pretty amazing.  He shared that there is even more to the collection but they just don't have the room to display everything!

This year we discovered that Zoey's friend Gracie had her own Dry Goods store...

Zoey's favorite was the castle...


My favorite set-up was the barn...just love this!

And here is my Sweet Shoppe!

It was a great way to spend the first day of our break from school!

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