Perfect Day for Painting Pumpkins!


The sun was shining and Zoey shared with me that this year she wanted to paint our pumpkins rather than carve them and that worked for me!!  Today was perfect for doing just that.

I am not surprised in the least that some pink hearts ended up on Zoey's pumpkin.

And I surprised Zoey by painting Larry the Cucumber on my pumpkin...her favorite Veggie Tale character from when she was little.  We all still think he's pretty cool around here.

We are saving Ethan's pumpkin for him to have fun with...

So many things to love about this time of year!

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The Last of Our Bayfield Weekend Photos...


Sunday morning we woke up and I finally got to spend some time with my mom...she took us out for breakfast at the EggToss Cafe (thanks Mom!).  She's been so busy working this summer and now fall, that having a meal together is really something special!

After enjoying a wonderful meal at the Egg Toss we headed over to visit my little sister Bailey at Big Water Coffee where she works as a Barista on the weekends and in the summer.  The Egg Toss has great breakfast but their coffee could use a getting some coffee while at Big Water Coffee was a must!

There's my little seester!!!  Isn't she so cute?

Zoey is all serious here drinking her Clementine Sparkling Izze juice.  :)

I enjoyed a plain black dark roast coffee while Ethan got a fancy drink and a double espresso shot.

And then here is Auntie Bailey and Zoey loving one another up after work!

After Bailey was done working we got to bring her back to school (she attends Northland College) and got to see the campus and her dorm room!  Zoey was tickled to discover that a picture that she had made for Bailey (a drawing of fairies) was hanging on Bailey's wall.  It was so cool for Zoey to get to see a college campus too...she was impressed and thought the buildings were like castles.  :)

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