Afternoon Exploring with Zoey




I spent the day with Zoey today, we packed a picnic lunch and went to the beach to explore, hike and build a fairy house. The weather was perfect for it, low 70's and sunny with just a bit of a breeze. I love days like this.  I 
love sitting along the waters edge and listening to the sounds and smelling the air...taking in the breeze.  It
clears my head and fills my soul.







We discovered a frog in the water while hiking along the waters edge.  When I pointed it out to Zoey, she couldn't find it for the life of her!  It was pretty funny, I had to get close and point and finally she saw it.  :)


Building a fairy house was the whole idea behind our adventure today so we got started in on it right away.  It's really fun to watch her creativity take shape.  This fairy house was built partly in the water so it's for the water fairies.  It had a downstairs and an upstairs.





While eating our lunch we had a chipmunk watching (staring rather) at us so I told Zoey to throw a piece of her sandwich crust towards him to see if he was waiting for food.  He totally was.  He ran down the tree and snatched up the crust and then ran back up to his little perch in the tree again to nibble away.  It was pretty funny to watch...Zoey thought it was hilarious.


It was an absolutely perfect afternoon spent with Zoey.  I'm so glad that I get to do these things with her and that she still wants to do these things with me.  Every day I see more and more that she's getting older and more mature...hoping she always will find a way to need me just a little.  Even if it's just for a little fun.

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