Making Caramel Apples



It was the perfect day for making caramel apples! It was a "girls day" since Ethan was away working so we got busy in the kitchen for a bit this afternoon.



I love that Zoey had the thought to make a little face on one of her apples. It was totally her idea and she did a great job, now she doesn't want to eat it though!



We are trying to enjoy these last few days here that we have before school starts up again. Kind of a bummer because so far I've been under the weather with a head cold that I just can't seem to shake. Hoping I feel better for the weekend!

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Leo's Shaggy No More!


Yesterday we took Leo in to Pampered Paws to get a cut and to get him smelling all pretty again. He was looking pretty shaggy this time's his new look:


He looks like he lost about 15 pounds! And he's pretty cute's funny how he seems more lively and like a puppy after a cut. Zoey just loves his new look and that he has a cute little bandanna to boot. This little guy sure has changed our home and family for the better.

We love you Leo!

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American Girl Doll Slumber Party!

I've been working so much lately and have been sick with a head cold and have been feeling as though I haven't been doing as much as I want to with is starting up fast here and I was really counting on spending some quality time together before it's in full swing again.  Finally today I felt good enough to put forth some energy into a project that she's been asking me about for awhile now.  She wanted an American Girl television so her dolls could watch movies and football games and other shows.  :)  Today was the day that we made that happen.  I covered up a small American Girl doll box (one that a clothing set came in) with grey paper and added some black buttons, adhered some wooden small coffee stirrer sticks which I colored grey and added some small silver brads to the top to the back of the box for the antennae, printed off a screen shot of some scenes from the McKenna movie, a Packer football game and some other of Zoey's favorite TV shows and we were set!

We got the girls all together and comfy for watching their favorite American Girl movie about one of their best friends, McKenna Brooks (who just happened to be over for the slumber party).

It's safe to say that the dolls love their new TV, (we may have to enforce some rules about television viewing around here) and after the movie (and after Zoey and I really did watch the movie McKenna) everyone got in their pj's and got cozy in their was a fun evening and here's to hoping that tomorrow I'll be feeling even better than I was today!

A Little Message for Today...


Happy day to you!

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Pardon the Dust...


I'm working on cleaning some things up here...please put up with the mess in the meantime!

Kid Craft: How to Make a Planetarium


There is a little boy that we know that is really into stars, constellations and meteor showers at the moment so I was doing a little research on projects that would be age appropriate and fun for him that would celebrate his current interests.  I found a neat little project online on how to create your own planetarium, so this morning I got busy.


It was a pretty quick project to put together.  The supply list and instructions can be found here. I covered a shoe box with colored papers after I had cut my rectangle and circle and then decorated using shapes cut from my Silhouette machine.  The papers with the constellations on them I found online as well and I printed them off and then backed them with longer strips of paper and taped a large needle inside the box so that Tyler can poke his own holes in the constellation cards to create the finished project.  Something good for fine motor skills as well.


I printed off some info that I found regarding the meteor showers this year and stapled it all together for him and will give it to him along with his planetarium.


Kind of a fun little project!

Afternoon Exploring with Zoey



I spent the day with Zoey today, we packed a picnic lunch and went to the beach to explore, hike and build a fairy house. The weather was perfect for it, low 70's and sunny with just a bit of a breeze. I love days like this.  I 
love sitting along the waters edge and listening to the sounds and smelling the air...taking in the breeze.  It
clears my head and fills my soul.







We discovered a frog in the water while hiking along the waters edge.  When I pointed it out to Zoey, she couldn't find it for the life of her!  It was pretty funny, I had to get close and point and finally she saw it.  :)


Building a fairy house was the whole idea behind our adventure today so we got started in on it right away.  It's really fun to watch her creativity take shape.  This fairy house was built partly in the water so it's for the water fairies.  It had a downstairs and an upstairs.





While eating our lunch we had a chipmunk watching (staring rather) at us so I told Zoey to throw a piece of her sandwich crust towards him to see if he was waiting for food.  He totally was.  He ran down the tree and snatched up the crust and then ran back up to his little perch in the tree again to nibble away.  It was pretty funny to watch...Zoey thought it was hilarious.


It was an absolutely perfect afternoon spent with Zoey.  I'm so glad that I get to do these things with her and that she still wants to do these things with me.  Every day I see more and more that she's getting older and more mature...hoping she always will find a way to need me just a little.  Even if it's just for a little fun.

Brave Girls Club - Soul Restoration Class

I am so excited to be participating in Melody Ross's course Soul Restoration right now.  The online class began this Tuesday and I already know that it's going to be a beautiful thing for me and where I am in my life right now.  I have been needing something like this, craving for it actually for quite some time now.  Something to get me back to the me that I love...something that will get me digging out my paints again and get me reflecting in a quiet place.  I always seem to bloom when I take some time out of the busy days that make up my life and carve a bit out for myself to create.  To create in a free way, something that's not for an assignment or a design team or for the Craft and Hobby Association. Something just for me to shape and imagine.  I already finished my book cover (for one of the projects) and now I can't wait to fill it!


It's nice to taking some time for me again doing something creative where I can enjoy the creative process and make it my own.
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