I ♥ Bruce

His whole album, Wrecking Ball is amazing.  Check out Shackled and DrawnDeath to My Home Town, Land of Hope and Dreams, Rocky Ground, and another favorite after Jack of All Trades is You've Got It.
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A Day on the Lake Minocqua Chain


Yesterday marked the first day that I went out on the Minocqua chain of lakes...we went out with our old neighbor friend and his kids and had a blast!


There were several stops here and there so the kids could jump off the boat and swim.


We packed our lunch so we had a picnic on the boat and enjoyed some snacks.

DSC07361 DSC07364


The girls got to sit on the back of the boat when we just tooled around in the no wake zones.





It was such a beautiful and PERFECT day!  Not too hot and not too cool...just right.


We stopped out at the Otter Slide, which is where you can park your boats and get out and swim and explore.  The girls got out and climbed up one side of the hill...




and then ran/slid down the other side and jumped back into the water.






We stopped out at Lakeside Grill and the kids got some kiddie cocktails and got to sit in the oversized chairs.





Then we finished our day up by going out to see Beer Can Island...another local hot spot.



Once home, I took the girls out to eat for some Chinese food (their choice) and then we made a stop for some Chocolate Shoppe ice cream before coming home for a sleepover.  Moving the mattresses off of Zoey's bunk beds and putting them together on the floor and bringing in our small t.v. so they could watch a special fairy movie made the day complete.


We had so much fun today and are exhausted!  A little bit sunburned but a lot a bit happy.

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A Bit of Pampering at Zoey's Day Spa


What does that include you may ask? It includes a very thorough moisturizing leg, foot and hand treatment. A hairstyle, (something completely NEW!), and some fingernail painting. While you are waiting you may want to read an American Girl Magazine or two.


Just another reason why I love having a little girl! And just so you know, I did pamper her right back!  :)

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DSC06955-1 DSC06948-1
Nothing quite beats the smell and taste of warm, red raspberries picked from one's own backyard. Oh summertime, how I love you so.
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FOR SALE: My Twinn/BFF doll and doll clothing and shoes

Last December I won a My Twinn/BFF doll in an online contest and the idea was that it would go to Zoey to play with.  Well, it went to Zoey but she doesn't really play with it all that much since going American Girl crazy.  :)  She is wanting some new things from the AG catalog and I shared with her that if we sold her My Twinn doll we might be able to get some things from the catalog.  She thought that was a great idea so I'm sharing the listing here.
"Rosie" is in great played with condition.  She really is a beautiful doll, and if we hadn't won it and gotten it for free I would feel bad about selling it but Zoey really doesn't have an attachment to it.
DSC06963 Recently Updated18
We are selling it with two complete outfits and her under garments as well.
Recently Updated17
If you are interested, check out the listing here.
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Every Morning...

this is what happens. I get out of bed to shower and Zoey jumps ship and comes in our bed, shortly following is Leo. The other morning when I came back in to get ready for my day I had to laugh because Leo was actually under the blankets and ON the pillow! Too funny, and absolutely adorable. They are snoozers, that's for sure!

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Our Visit to Bayfield, Wisconsin Part II

One day I took Zoey down to one of the public beaches in Bayfield and we was so hot that the Lake Superior water didn't feel quite as cold as it probably otherwise would.
DSC06851-1 DSC06839-1 DSC06844 DSC06848-1 DSC06837 DSC06830-1
That evening, after our swim we headed to eat out at Maggie's and it was awesome!  Zoey's highlight was getting to eat out at a PINK restaurant, our highlight was getting to eat some wonderful food!  Definitely recommend this place for some special cuisine and decor!
DSC06863 DSC06865-1 DSC06859 DSC06860
On our last day of vacation we decided to head up North a ways to check out the sea caves along the Lake Superior shoreline.
DSC06882 DSC06881
It proved to be quite a challenge with it having rained recently (the trails were muddy and mucky) but we kept on going.
DSC06885 DSC06887 DSC06888
It was worth it!  It was beautiful!  Once we got to the overlook though it started thundering and raining!  We quick turned around and started heading back to the car.
DSC06890 DSC06891 DSC06892 DSC06893
We made it and were SOAKED!!  But we still had smiles on our faces because even though we all ruined our shoes swimming in the mud, we had fun!  It is a memory that I think we will not soon forget.
And then it was going back to Grandma's house to get dry and warm and then we headed out for home again.  Stopping at a Dairy Queen on the way home made things a little sweeter since we really didn't want to come home just yet.  We had a wonderful time, and want to go back soon!  Feeling lucky that I am going to have family living there (my mom and step-dad are fixing up a house there) so we can soon have an excuse to visit whenever we want.
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