American Girl Doll Birthday Party


American Girl Party Decorative Banner

We celebrated Zoey's birthday party with friends from school a little early this year...about a week early just due to something special we have planned for her later this month.  I started preparing for it last month here and there when I had some free moments and it turned out fabulously!!  It was so much fun seeing the girls and their dolls and their BIG smiles on their faces.  I've never braved having more than 5 girls and  it seems to be a good number so I'm not going to mess with that yet.  :)  Zoey has a couple of other special friends that don't go to her school so we're planning on some special gatherings with them on a separate occasion, which totally works for her of course!


When I started looking online for American Girl doll themed items for birthday parties, if I'm going to be completely honest, I was disappointed.  Pink, teal and green just didn't say American Girl to me so I started collecting pink and red paper and any star items that I could find.  It ended up being pretty easy!

American Girl Doll Party Items

I used a star image in my Silhouette Cameo gallery that was close to the American Girl doll logo (if you look closely you can see the star isn't exactly but it was close enough!) and went to town...I used it for my invitations, the gift bags, for decorating mini-journals and for creating decorations for the party.

American Girl Doll Party Invitations

I used the Silhouette again for the "Let's Party" cut out on the inside of the invite.

American Girl Doll Party Invitations

American Girl Doll Party Invitation (Inside)

I had the red bags from when I was designing from Creative Imaginations, they are from the Creative Cafe line.

American Girl Doll Party Invitations

I made some American Girl Survival Kits which included life savors, gummy food items and band aides.

American Girl Doll Party Favors - Girls Survival Kit

American Girl Doll Party Favors - Girls Survival Kit

I covered the little journals with red star patterned paper found at my local scrapbook store and another cut image from my Silhouette gallery.  The little albums were found at my $ store for 3/$1.

American Girl Doll Party Favors - Journals and a Pencil

I got a pack of pencils at the $ store too.

My mom picked up bandannas that were pink and had cupcakes on them and made bandannas for the dolls and then we gave one to each girl as well.

American Girl Doll Party Favors - Bandannas for the Dolls

American Girl Doll Party Favors - Bandannas for the Girls

I found pink magnifying glasses at the $ store as well...we had a scavenger hunt so they came in handy.

American Girl Doll Party Favors - Magnifying Glasses for the Scavenger Hunt

Pink shot glasses work well for doll juice tumblers...

American Girl Doll Party Doll Glasses

Pink frames found at the $ store too...

American Girl Party Favors - Picture Frames

As well as the glow in the dark star wands which I added some ribbon to.

American Girl Doll Party Favors - Glow in the Dark Star Wands

These were a last minute pick-up item, I found them in the wedding aisle in Wal-Mart and they had a star on the top and were pink so I had to get them.  :)


I found a free printable for American Girl bingo here and I printed 6 sheets and then matted them to make them sturdier with pink cardstock.


For our scavenger hunt I printed a list and then attached it to a bag for each girl to put their items in once they were found.  Each girl got to pick out a wrapped prize after finding their items.


One of our crafts was to decorate doll t-shirts which I found here...


Here is the loot all pictured together...everything is pictured except my binoculars that I made using toilet paper rolls which you can see in the photo below.

American Girl Doll Party Items

See my binoculars?  They are in front of the goodie gift bags...


I don't know why, but I love this photo of's just so unassuming and sweet.  Love her little tuft of hair that's gone free from her braids.


Here is her birthday banner.  For the red and pink banner I unrolled some packing tape and just stuck strips of crepe paper to it and I had a colorful banner.  Super easy and added a lot to the party.




Here are the girls after first arriving...


Decorating their doll t-shirts...



For lunch we had star shaped sandwiches or hot dogs fruit salad, star shaped jello jigglers, chips, celery and PB and pink lemon aide or fruit punch with star ice cubes in it.



After lunch they had some down time in the tent with their dolls looking at AG Magazines.



Next was our scavenger hunt...


The dolls had a chance to chat during this time...








After the scavenger hunt we had smore's...doll sized and regular sized of course!





The dolls just opted for a cracker...


Then it was time for gifts...






The one American Girl brand item that I did purchase and that the girls enjoyed making were the AG Cootie Catchers (also known as fortune tellers).



More playtime in the tent was in order next and some listening to some teeny bopper music.  Fun, fun, fun and LOUD!!



Before parents came to pick-up we settled down a bit and played some American Girl bingo using starburst candies as our play pieces.


What an awesome day!  Thank you mom for coming to help me with everything...


I am so happy that Zoey has such special little friends as this that she can share her birthday with.  I am beyond blessed to be her mother, it is truly a gift that I cherish daily.

And who says little girls are always proper, dainty and dignified...sometimes they just want to have FUN!


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Shemaine Smith said...

That is a darling party idea and well executed! Every detail was perfect. I am sure the Birthday girl will not forget such a special party. Excellent job and best Mom ever Kudos!

happydays525 said...

Thanks so much Shemaine! It was so much fun to plan. I'm so glad that the weather cooperated!!

Katie Rose said...

What a fantastic party!!

Connie Mercer said...

wow~awesome party. My granddaughters love American Girl too!!!

Kimberly Kett said...

So adorable and so cute!! Looks like it was a GREAT party!

hilde janbroers said...

such great photos!!! looks like an amazing party! Happy birthday for her as well..

Madeline said...

Wow...fabulous pics of your fabulous party! Great use of your die-cutting machine too!

Tammy said...

What a special party! Looks like they had the time of their lives! :)

April Derrick said...

uh wow - looks like an amazing little girl party - so fun!!

laura whosthischick said...

That was a great party. You did a tremenous amount of work. I bet your daughter is the envy of all the other little girls.

Sarah said...

What an amazing party! I love everything! And Zoey will remember this for the rest of her life. What a great mom you are!

lisa said...

Please can I come to Zoey's next party?? They look the best : )

Michelle Lanning said...

How fun! It came out beautiful!!!! good job mama!

Becky Lindenmayer said...

So far this is the best AG doll party I have found! You really put a lot of time into it and it looks amazing! I will be borrowing some of your wonderful ideas for sure!!

michele said...

I love that party! You must have spent a whole lot of time and love putting it together. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Very very creative!

Kristy said...

I love you! My daughter is turning 8. She has requested an AG party and you have just laid the whole thing out for me! What fantastic and simple ideas! I just love everything about it! Right up my alley! With your permission, I am totally stealing all your ideas! Thanks for being so creative!

MaryEllen Kowalewski said...

I love this party! Where did you find the small flower patches for the doll's t-shirts?

MaryEllen Kowalewski said...

I love this party! Where did you find the small flower patches for the dolls' t-shirts?

happydays525 said...

The flower patches were actually little scrapbook embellishment stickers that I found at my local scrapbook store! :)

Asmita said...

This is one of the cutest parties I have seen. You are so talented.
My daughter who is turning 7 wants an American Girl party and I am so inspired with these easy and fantastic ideas. Thanks so much for sharing.
Do you have a shop on Etsy?

gypsyrps said...

Thanks for all the great ideas! Zoey is soooo lucky to have so much love and joy in her life. Kudos to you!!
Thank you for sharing! We are having an American Girl Doll Party at school so your ideas will be incorporated!

Cynthia Lancaster said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas! I love your red/white/pink theme for the American Girl Party and plan to "borrow" some of your ideas for my daughter's AG party. Your photos are so very helpful!

Fran said...

Hi, I love your ideas! I am also planning an AG party for my daughter and might borrow some of your ideas. Was there a particular name for the stars that you used on Silhouette Cameo? I would like to purchase the template from them, so I would need a name. I can't wait to get started on the planning. Thanks!!!

happydays525 said...

Fran, thanks for your kind comments and good luck with your planning! It's Design ID #17339 in the Silhouette store and it's titled "star" by Silhouette. I hope you find it! :)

Elaine Schoch said...

Thanks so much for this - perfect timing! I'm in the midst of planning my daughters birthday and she wanted to do an American Girl Doll theme. You did all the planning for me - thanks!

Liz said...

I love your party! I did an AG party for my daughter a couple of years ago and she wants another this year. I love your ideas! Did you make the doll sized picnic table?

Anonymous said...

Can I ask how did you stick the beautiful flower stickers on dolls shirts? Did you use a particular kind of glue?

Doris-Anne Carrero said...

This was amazing! So detailed. Thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love the AG party ideas! Where did you get the little bandana's the AG wore in their cute!

camie vandyke said...

Hands down this is the best AG party I have seen while researching for my nieces birthday! So creative and cute!

Unknown said...

So cute! Do you remember the name of the star download from Silhouette? There are a ton of stars.

Barbarita V said...

Could you share or sell the link you use for the star pattern? Thanks