December Sunday Breakfast...


You can't really tell but the waffles are actually tinted pink (food coloring).  It's been fun surprising Zoey this month with some cute breakfasts.  

Today was a productive day around here.  This morning Zoey had a paydate and I used that time to get groceries and put a dent in some of her gift wrapping.  The afternoon consisted of her (same) friend coming over to our house and them sledding and playing while I made some chocolate covered peanut butter balls. 

The Peanut Butter Balls aren't the most beautiful of Christmas goodies but my are they tasty!  When I put them on a platter I will put each one on a cute little mini-muffin wrapper to jazz them up a bit.  I found the recipe here.  I suppose mine would have looked prettier had I made them into buckeyes but I wanted them completely covered in chocolate so that's what I got.

I wrapped them up pretty good and tucked away in the freezer so that they make it until Christmas...they wouldn't be safe otherwise!

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Vicky said...

what a wonderful winter day! and anything covered in chocolate is beautiful!!!