So Proud...

This morning I had one of those real life mom moments when I just was so unbelievably proud of Zoey. I dropped her off at school like usual on the playground...she immediately went to a friend that was sitting alone at the top of a hill who was sad because she had fallen in the mud and had two extremely dirty knees. Zoey tried to help her friend get her pants clean and when that didn't work she ran to me and asked if she could fall in the mud to make her pants dirty too to make her friend feel better. I of course said yes. In that little moment my heart just swelled with pride for what an amazing and compassionate little person she is and it made me think that I just may be doing alright with her after all. :)

These photos were taken last weekend when we were exploring a new park that is close to our home.  There was this amazing tree that was just begging Zoey to attempt to climb it...just had to share them.





Have a great weekend!

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Easter 2011


It started with Zoey discovering her Easter basket first thing upon waking up on Sunday morning and then she and I were off to church.  When we returned home it was discovered that the Easter Bunny had chased Ethan on his early morning run...and he had left some eggs for her "where the bears are".  Zoey deducted that we should hike the Bearskin Trail to see if that was where the Easter Bunny had left her eggs and sure enough, scattered along the trail were bright and colorful eggs with her name on them written in silver.

It just so happened too that it was the most beautiful day that we've had in a great while weather wise so going on a family hike was greatly welcomed.



I was impressed too with the Easter Bunny's hiding spots this year...also was impressed with Zoey's keen eye in finding all of them without our help.









Such a fun egg hunt...there were a dozen eggs in all for her to find and she found them all.


Hope your Easter was a beautiful one!

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Our New Neighbors

We've been pretty excited to discover that we have been sharing our yard with these fellows as of late. While looking out our patio doors the other morning I saw a flash of white and realized that an eagle had landed in our yard. I called for Ethan and Zoey to come to the window and Ethan shared that he saw it as well. I looked over at him and saw that he wasn't looking where I was looking and we realized there were actually two! Shortly after that we saw that in addition to the two adults there were two eaglets in another tree adjacent to where we were looking, they were just harder to pick out due to their coloring. The following photos are from the past two days and were taken from our front and back yard(s). The video is not that exciting to watch but the commentary of Zoey talking to the birds is a wee bit humorous and towards the end the eagle actually gets in on the conversation. :)








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Layouts Using Cocoa Daisy's April Kit

Here are my layouts using this month's kit...I love this month's color scheme especially and all the fun embellishments. Those buttons surrounded by fibers by Jillibean are a favorite...I want about five more packs of them!  Wouldn't they make cute headbands too?

Life is Good!

Life is Good!

Also loving all the different alphabet options that you get with this month's all the different fonts and I LOVE the rub-ons by Studio Calico that are included in this months goodies!  I want about five more packs of those too.  :)

i am zoey.

i am zoey.

i am zoey.

I thought those little flags included in the kit were perfect for this layout on International Day...they also could be used for birthday layouts, other celebrations, name it!

International Day

International Day

And you can never go wrong with some Basic Grey the paper on this layout and the coordinating three dimensional stickers.

the start of us...

the start of us...

I shared my layouts this month a bit later than normal due to life just being incredibly crazy right now. Thankfully we've all rounded the corner health-wise and are feeling better and healthy again. It was getting pretty rough there for awhile. Now things are busy with the end of the school year approaching and with some new and exciting changes taking place for our family. All is good for the moment and I'm running with it!

Have a great week!

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