Weekend Project + Little Girl Crushes


Zoey has been wanting to paint t-shirts for awhile now and I found some plain white t-shirts for super cheap this weekend so made it a priority project for us on Saturday. I made one for her and she made one as well.

Puffy Paint Shirts

Puffy Paint Shirts

I glanced over at her while she was working on hers and thought she was writing "I Love Mom" and was all happy and feeling special and then when she was done I saw the "Mom" wasn't in fact "Mom" but "Max"! Max just happens to be a boy in her class this year. She has gotten quite a bit of teasing about this already (and even blushed a bright pink) so we're taking a break and advising any friends that may see this to NOT bring it up to her in person. She's shared that she will be only wearing this shirt in the safety of her own home...she's even tried saying that it's a make-believe friend Max, not the one that's in her class. Hmmmm... Oh my! Are little girl crushes starting already? :)

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5 Responses to “Weekend Project + Little Girl Crushes”

Diana Waite said...

oh, my goodness! I'm cracking up --sorry I am! But it's funny....These shirts are ADORABLE! We made shirts a few years ago for the 4th and the kids still wear them to bed.

Tobey said...

oh that Zoey is adorable.....can it be little girl crushes already??? How can it be? She was just a baby yesterday it seems, they grow way too fast!!! Your shirts are absolutely adorable, I love that it looks like she has suspenders on hers? The hearts on your shirt Jen are so sweet! Thanks for sharing your special projects.....

Vicky said...

lol...I thought it was "I love Ma" with an x for kisses :) oops! How cute and adorable, great job girls!

DebW said...

great shirts! how cute that Zoey has her first little crush! ;)

Sarah said...

I absolutely love the shirt you made! Those necklaces are so cute! Zoey's shirt and "Max" is so cute too. My first grade boy has a crush on Molly. I love how sweet they are about it!

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