Fall Wreath Project for Kids


Fall Decorative Wreath Supplies

The other day while hiking I had the idea to collect some things for a project to do with a group of preschool age kids. That meant essentially that I called on Ethan and Zoey to be my helpers and they wonderfully agreed to collecting the above baskets of fall goods. :)

I then picked up some cheap paper plates and cut circles in the centers of all of them (I used my handy dandy Martha Stewart Circle Cutter which I love to pieces for this part).  

Fall Decorative Wreath

Next I took my paper plates outside and painted them (with some help from Zoey) with a neutral color (I chose buttercup) so that they would be ready for my group of preschoolers to start right in on.  If you were doing this with a smaller group of kids you could definitely let them do this part too.  I was just thinking of convenience.

Fall Decorative Wreath

Once the paint is dry, let the kids arrange and glue their fall treasures to their plates.  Punch a hole on the top of the plate's rim and string some ribbon or yarn through so that they can hang their beautiful fall wreath.  It's a pretty quick and easy project, something that's perfect for the attention span of a preschool age child and the bonus is that you get to tie it into a hike and get to collect leaves, pine cones and other treasures. It's a perfect opportunity to talk about the change in seasons and what that means to our plant life and our trees, etc.

Fall Decorative Wreath

They will feel proud too I am sure taking it home to mom and dad!

Fall Decorative Wreath

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Linda Barber said...

So clever and cute, Jen. And thanks for sharing this project. My 5 year old loves to pick up stuff when we take walks. And now we can put it to good use. (also, thanks for enabling on that circle cutter... LOL!)