Making Cards...

Thank You Card

Just thought I'd quick share one of the make-n-takes that I created for the upcoming Sayner Stampede show that's coming up quickly...I'm looking forward to spending the day at this annual event in Sayner, Wisconsin helping people with making cards and other small projects representing my local scrapbook store the Paper Studio. I've been told it's some crazy fun! I'm really glad that my mother-in-law will actually be in town visiting over the weekend so that she'll get to spend some time with Zoey and Ethan while I am away, it sounds as though it will be a long day for me so I'll rest easy knowing that Grannie Annie is keeping them both busy having fun, (or rather, that Zoey and Ethan will be keeping Grannie Annie busy!). Hoping to remember to bring my camera so that I can share a bit of the day's events here.

Wisconsin Public Radio

Just had to share that I called in this morning to Joy Cardin's show on Wisconsin Public Radio and got on! The guest speaker was Barbara Graham, one of the author's (and editor) of the book titled Eye of My Heart. The program was exploring the myths, stereotypes, and the emotions of being a Grandmother in today's world and they wanted callers to call in that were either grandparents themselves or grandchildren and share stories on being either. I called in and talked about my grandmother (my mom's mom) and how she has been such a strong role model to me now that I am an adult and how I thought that I was almost able to "hear" her life lessons better or they come across as stronger through shared stories or memories that have been passed down from her or others rather than if they had from my mom. I think the dynamic between a mother and daughter is sometimes different than that between a grandparent and grandchild once the grandchild is older...some of the pre-tense may be gone, not sure what it is exactly...perhaps it's the wisdom of having lived through so much and having gained a sense of what it is that is really imporant or perhaps it's just that parents are hard on their kids and kids are hard on their parents! Whatever it was a really interesting and touching hour of programming, I'm so glad that I got to call in and actually got on. I got a good chuckle out of both Joy and Barbara when I shared that I admired that my grandmother created beautiful quilts and elaborate wedding cakes and then would hop across the road and ride a four wheeler to chase her neighbors buffalo into the appropriate fields when they got out (which was more often than you might think). She's a survivor of two husbands and she's even lived beyond some of her children, she is just an amazing individual all around. Smart as a whip and the hardest working woman I have ever known. So blessed to have her in my life and have her as someone that I can look up to.

Workshop Re-Cap

The Introduction to Scrapbooking workshop turned out just great, but I have to share a little something else here first...when I went to pick up my girlfriend who would be helping me at the workshop for the afternoon (and when I mean help, I mean help, she was totally my "go to" girl and her husband was even in on the helping as he was in charge of the kids for the afternoon. Needless to say they both did an exceptional job and I am so very thankful for their support) anyways...back to the story:

she presented me with a little box which had this in it:


Just a little something that she had been working on for me...she is so darn thoughtful and sweet, isn't it just beautiful? I teared up right then and there, thank you so much Misty! I am so lucky to have this special and talented lady in my life...she's someone that totally get's "me" and my silly endeavors and my not so silly (to me) dreams.

Anyways, the turnout for the workshop was right about what we were thinking to expect for a tuesday afternoon...I prepared enough projects for 30 people and we had about 20 which ended up being quite perfect as there were projects enough for the library staff and of course my friend Misty. I started out a bit nervous and then once people started asking questions I slowed down and got more comfortable and truly enjoyed myself. It helped that there were a couple of familiar faces in the crowd and that everyone was just so nice! You gotta love scrapbookers!

Introduction to Scrapbooking Workshop

I didn't think to have someone take my camera while I was speaking so I just have a couple of shots that I took after most of the people were done with their projects and/or up and about milling around.

Introduction to Scrapbooking Workshop

Such a great and diverse group...I am so excited to see more of these ladies at my local scrapbook store and around the community.

Introduction to Scrapbooking Workshop

I was asked to do another workshop this coming fall in Mercer, Wisconsin by a woman who has a group of ladies that meet regularily to scrapbook and also will be doing a Scapbooking for Kids workshop this summer for the Manitowish Waters Frank B. Koller Memorial Library.

Thank you to everyone that attended and thank you to Janelle Kohl (the lead librarian) and Donna Fowler (the librarian's assistant) who invited me to their adult library program's agenda of events this spring!

Scrapbooking Workshop at Frank B. Koller Library

I will be spending the day today in Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin at the Frank B. Koller Memorial Public Library leading a workshop on Scrapbooking. I'm pretty excited and am looking forward to getting to see some new faces and to share what it is that I know and love about this craft with others! If you are in the area please feel free to stop in. No registration is required. To get the details of the event please click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page. We will be starting with covering the basics of scrapbooking, the tools needed, who scrapbooks, why and where it can lead you. What other crafts this hobby can lead you to, etc. I will also be sharing some basic design principles and then some of my favorite resources both online and off. You will get to look through some of my albums and at some other projects that I've created and we will also create a fun little project (a photo wallet brag book similar to the ones pictured below) and I will also be giving away some fun little prizes.

Hope to see you there!

Wallet Brag Book

Inside of Wallet Brag Book

Wallet Brag Book

Inside of Wallet Brag Book

Recipe Card Holders

Recipe Holder

Last week was the last craft that I had to prepare for the MOP's group that I attend (I'm the Creative Coordinator)...just thought I'd quick share what it was, as it was a super quick and easy one. All we did was adhere different patterned papers to the front and back sides of some jumbo wooden clothespins that I found at our local dollar store. Once the paper was adhered (we used Modge Podge) I had everyone sand the edges for a smooth finished look. Super easy and functional too, gotta love that! Instead of using this for a recipe card holder you could always use it to display favorite photos, use it as a paper-weight or attach a magnet to the back and clip coupons to it on the fridge! The patterned papers that we used were by Graphic 45.

Cocoa Daisy's Spring Crop


I've been having lots of fun participating in the Cocoa Daisy Crop this weekend. I participated in some of the free classes that they offered online (and plan to participate in more of them as they will still be available after the crop is done). One of the classes was on creating handcut titles and was taught by Anja Wade. The above layout was one that I created a title by cutting out block style letters.

Below is one of my script titles that I wrote and then cut out using a craft knife.

Hand-cut Title

Here is an art journal type page that I did using that title. This layout also was for one of the challenges on the Cocoa Daisy messege board.


This layout was for another one of the challenges and we were to journal on our layout about what it is that spring means to us...


One of the fun things about online crops is all the fun and often times silly games that go on throughout the duration of the crop. There was one thread where everyone was to share older pictures of themselves and to share a brief memory attached to the photos...these were my photo shares:

Crop Challenge Photo

Above is me and my (back then) boyfriend before my junior prom.

Crop Challenge Photo

This picture is me and my mom in Tarpon Springs, Florida. I have so many good memories of times spent there...I look kind of grumpy, but if I remember correctly, I was just waking up.

Another one of the fun "get to know you" games on the messege board was to share a favorite film that has somehow insired you. One of the ones that I shared was the film Reality Bites. I love the choppy style of how the film was actually shot. The music is cool, the 90's style takes me back to younger days and it probably helps that I know the movie by heart from watching it so many times! I actually still have my VHS cassette of this film from my high school days.

Super fun stuff...the crop is still going on today, so if you're around stop on over! There will be a celebrity chat going on later today with none other than Ali Edwards herself!

Northwoods Wildlife Center Field Trip

Wildlife Center

It was such a fun trip to the Northwoods Wildlife Center with Zoey's pre-k class on friday, I'm so lucky that I got to be one of the chaperones for the day. It's so neat when you discover something that is so close by and that offers so much to your community, both in service and education. One of the things that I was most excited about discovering regarding the center is that they are always looking for volunteers and in several different areas. We will definitely be taking advantage of that opportunity in the future. It was really neat for Zoey to get to see that there was a special place where injured (wild) animals are taken and cared for here in the northwoods. All she wanted to talk about after our visit was what happened to what animal and why they were there and would they be released eventually or remain at the center. The kids even got to look at x-rays of injuries that different animals have had and they explained what was done to help the animals in each case.

Wildlife Center

The gentleman that led the tour was just amazing and very thorough. I was impressed with the time that he spent with the kids and how much information he shared with them all. Zoey was very interested in the display of animal skulls, especially in seeing the differences between the teeth and jaws of the different animals.

Wildlife Center

And of course there were several different turtles there for viewing...there were some snapping turtles there too which I didn't get photos of.

Wildlife Center

Wildlife Center

There was also an aquarium filled with Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. When the tourguide took one out and asked if anyone wanted to touch one, everyone backed away except for Zoey. Instead, she reached out and said, "I do!"

Wildlife Center

And she did. She does NOT get this from her age (and my current age) you would never see me touching any kind of cockroach.

So many animals and other interesting things that we were able to see, in the back they even had outbuildings that hold bear cubs which we weren't able to see as they hope to release them into the wild again...I didn't get pictures of everything, but I did get a close-up of this guy before leaving.

Wildlife Center

To view an amazing list of the animals that the animal center has treated and cared for, click here.

What's a Girl To Do?

It's the weekend and us girls are here at home alone...what's on our agenda? Well, besides finishing up my prep work for my workshop next week (which consists of cutting kits and getting all the needed materials together and ready)...I'm participating whenever I can in the Cocoa Daisy Spring Crop.

Here is a layout that I created for Sue's first challenge based on a sketch (which she created herself and can be viewed here):

So Much Fun

I obviously changed it up a bit to make it my own.

It's loads of fun and lots of people are if you are looking for something crafty to fill a bit of your time this weekend and want to meet up with some friendly and chatty ladies, this may be the place to be!

A Layout + Life Stuff

I was able to sneak in some crafty time this past weekend in-between visits to the park and trips to the gorcery store. This is a close-up image of a layout that I created using a prompt from one of my favorite scrappy sites. The prompt was collections and you were to scrap what it is that you collect. I'm not a big one on collecting anything really (not too many knick-knacks can be found here!), but I do own a lot of books and I always have (love to read, it's a must for me like breathing air I think!), so that's what my layout ended up being about.

Book Collector

Speaking of books...I'm in need of posting some of the books that are on my "to read list" soon. I've come across several as of late and have been adding them to my list of ones to request from the library.

It's been a busy week here. I've got a workshop scheduled next week at an area public library and have just finished the handouts for that and am getting them printed as I type (my boss at my local scrapbook store is the absolute BEST by the way, she's taking care of this for me!). This morning I just received my shipment of products from Creative Imaginations which will be used for the projects that we'll be doing at the workshop. Which means, I have a weekend of cutting up kits before me! I am so blessed to have had two friends offer their assistance for this of whom's husband I think is actually going to end up watching Zoey (along with his daughter) during the actual event, talk about a lifesaver! Also getting prepared for an upcoming Stamping and Scrapbooking show that is an annual event up here which I will be teaching make-n-takes at.

Fun stuff...all this and then of course other life stuff as well. Zoey's getting ready for her Spring performance for dance (she got her costume this week!) and has blocking to go to for that, dress rehearsal and pictures need to be scheduled. Both sides of grandparents and I think my sister and brother-in-law will be visiting for the actual performance so that should be a blast. Zoey is pretty excited about not only dancing on stage but knowing that so many people are going to be there cheering her on. Speaking of Zoey, she has a field trip this friday to the Animal Wildlife Center which I get to go along on, so that should be fun. She's been really busy with school stuff, last week they learned how to make maple syrup...they collected the sap and boiled it down and everything. They then had one day that they tested what they made at pre-k and had a snack of french toast with maple syrup. She made a little quilt at school by handstitching squares of fabric with a needle and thread and she now uses this quilt for her babies and puppies. She's also been planting some plants in pots and other containers and has been bringing them home for display here. Just hoping that I can keep them alive now, I am not one that has a good track record with potted plants!

I've had more dental appointments this week and have the luxery of knowing that there are many more to come...not a fun discovery but at least I have a plan now and know what needs to be done, so I guess that's something. I'm trying to decide whether or not I'll be staying on board the Steering Committee for MOPS next year or whether I'll just attend meetings. This is a pretty hard decision for me for some reason...this has been such a supportive group and I've really gained some life skills from being active within this group of women and I'm not sure that I'm quite done with that.

Anyways, hopefully I'll have some time pretty soon to post some pictures of Zoey in her ballet recital costume. I let her wear it once after she just had gotten it and now the trick is going to be be keeping it off her until the actual performance! It's just precious as can be, she is going to be a butterfly's really a sweet outfit.

Spring Sneak Peek for MPCo.

If you signed up for the Marks Paper Company Newsletter you've already gotten a peek at the new Collection for Spring...but if not, here's a sneak peek of the brand new English Garden line of patterned papers and embellishments! Aren't they absolutely divine? I can't wait to see the whole collection and start playing with all this goodness myself!

And remember, to stay on top of what's what, new and exciting at MPCo., be sure to sign up for the newsletter (if you haven't already) here.


was a very good day...

Mama + Zoey

after all, we created our very first Springtime Fairy house in the backyard.

Springtime Fairy House

If you remember from this post, we have been waiting very patiently to create our very own Fairy House out of little found bits of nature.

Springtime Fairy House

I have to say too, that this was really a neat thing to do together. I think the gathering of all the materials was the best. We had some things that we had been setting aside in the garage all winter to be used for upcoming Fairy House building, so we got some things out from our stash in the garage and then gathered many additional twigs, leaves, pinecones, bark and pine needles.

Springtime Fairy House

Zoey was very particular in how this was to be done. You'll perhaps notice the nice rug that covers the entire floor of the Fairy House...

Springtime Fairy House

and the bed, complete with a sky-light overhead (I don't know that that part was planned).

Springtime Fairy House

There are two doorways, one for each fairy to use...

Springtime Fairy House

and even a broom and a rake were found for the fairies to use. This was such a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Springtime Fairy House

It feels so good to be able to finally go outside and feel the warm sunshine again!

Sidewalk Chalk

Photo Love


Photo credits can be found here.

I recently discovered this gal's photostream on Flickr and am in love. I've always wanted to make a head-board for a bed with an old door, absolutely love this! I'm especially enjoying her album of foodie items that can be viewed here. Don't they make you happy?

Peanut Butter Layer Cake


Zoey and I spent some time together in the kitchen yesterday and this is what resulted. Absolutely delicious!


1/2 cup butter, softened
1-1/4 cups Sugar
1/2 cup peanut butter chips, melted
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1-1/2 cups milk

1 cup peanut butter chips, melted
1 package (8 ounces) cream cheese, softened
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/8 teaspoon salt
3 cups Sugar
2 to 3 tablespoons milk


In a large bowl, cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add melted peanut butter chips; mix well. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Beat in vanilla. Combine the flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt; add to creamed mixture alternately with milk.

Pour into two greased and floured 9-in. round baking pans. Bake at 350° for 30-35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean. Cool for 10 minutes before removing from pans to wire racks to cool completely.

For frosting, in a small bowl, beat the melted chips, cream cheese, vanilla and salt until light and fluffy. Add confectioners' sugar alternately with enough milk to achieve spreading consistency. Spread frosting between layers and over top and sides of cake.

Yield: 12-14 servings.

Marks Paper Company Layout + Freebies + a Challenge!

You Are Loved

Just wanted to share a quick layout I did for MPCo. with you...for fun I used my scraps up for this layout just by cutting random squares (not perfectly cut) of my paper and stitched along the middle of each square for a fun border surrounding my photo.

Also wanted to share that starting April 15th (today) through the 21st you have access to some FREE printable patches on the Marks Paper Company site (here).

And then, while you are over there, check out the blog for an AWESOME challenge that is being hosted by Patty this month...hope you decide to participate as the prizes are pretty darn cool!

Class : Memory Book in a Box


Just thought I'd share one of the latest classes that I've been teaching at my local scrapbook store. It is a memory book in a box class using the cool albums from Cloud9. I had everyone paint them with acrylic paint and then we decorated the box and the albums with a fun mix of products from Bazzill, Creative Imaginations, Basic Grey, SEI, and Heidi Grace Designs.

For my album I chose pictures from last Thanksgiving (which we spent at my mom's)...really love how it turned out and my first class teaching it went really well.

Page 1 + 2:

Page 3 + 4:

Page 5 + 6:

Page 7 + 8:

Page 9 + 10:

Page 11 + 12:

The Bunny Came!

Easter Basket

We are happy to report that the Easter Bunny did indeed find us here in the Northwoods! We first enjoyed a nice service at church and then rushed home to start the big search...we had some special things from Ethan's parents to hide in addition to the bunny's basket of goodies so that made it all the more special.


After everything was found and we had lunch, Zoey and I headed to the park for the afternoon. It was the most beautiful day and I am so happy that it just happened to fall on Easter Sunday, (today it's cloudy and cool again).



Last year the tunnel slide was the only one that she would regularly go down and now this year it's no fear all the way baby...she's sliding on her tummy on the "big kid's slides!"



I had to include this dramatic pose...


The park is next to a lake so we also spent some time near the water drawing in the sand and getting out boots a bit wet...the photo below was taken before the playing took place in the water with her boots.


I think it's pretty safe to say that Zoey had a pretty fun time getting some fresh air and goofing around at the park for the afternoon. It was really a busy place too, there was an older guy that was flying his remote controlled airplane over the lake (which is still frozen over by the way)...a crowd of about 5 or 6 people actually gathered around to watch him. There were two snowmobiles that continuously zoomed back and forth across the lake, which I find incredibly insane with how the weather has become warmer. There was an ice fisherman fishing out in the middle of the lake...again, crazy. One thing that Ethan and I have come to understand about living here around all this water is that there has to be someone who is the absolute last person out on the ice for any given year/season (I think the same may apply to the snowmobilers' but for them it's more of having to have someone be the one person that goes through the ice at the end of the season for any given year). Seriously. Anyways, back to the park...there were people playing tennis in the tennis courts and of course other kids playing and lots of people just walking around enjoying the beautiful weather. Once of Zoey's friend's from dance class ended up arriving shortly after we were there so that added to the fun of the afternoon.

After our adventure at the park we headed home and cleaned up and spent some time on the couch watching the movie WALL-E while Ethan prepared us a nice dinner.

A really nice way to spend the day...sometimes the best times are those where there are no big plans set in stone and you have the ability to just let things happen.
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