Kits & Pieces Projects for March

For this month I got to work with the Spring Bouquet kit and instantly fell in love! The patterned papers were from K & Co.'s Urban Rhapsody line, included as embellishments were buttons, tulle, rubs from 7gypsies, giant brads, some Bazzill In Stitches (flowers) and more! Stop on over and check the complete kits out yourself here!

Decorative Banner, Supplies from the kit: Dreamstreet chipboard squares (part of a kit expansion), K & Co. pp, tulle. Misc. supplies: paint, chipboard letters

I got to play with both a $3 and a $7 expansion this month and ended up with the full package of Dreamstreet Chipboard squares. Instead of using them for an album, I decided to make a fun, whimsical banner for my daughter's bedroom. I used pp from the Spring Bouquet kit, as well as the tulle (which I cut it in half, length-wise to make it long enough for the banner) and created loops on each end so that I could hang it easily. I adhered the pp to the squares using Mod Podge and then used some acrylic paint around the edges for a more finished look. I painted and used chipboard letters from my own stash for my daughter's name.

You, Supplies used from the kit: K & Co. pp, embroidery floss, Doodlebug letter stickers. Supplies used from an expansion: K & Co. stickers, Basic Grey 6 x 6 paper pack

This I did for the first challenge from the book titled, We Dare You. The challenge was to create a layout with the theme of "positive self talk" and I thought that putting that crown on my head was fitting, though I did feel a bit silly doing so! =) A good self affirming page for those days when I need it!

and at such an early age, Supplies used from kit: Bazzill In Stitches, K & Co. pp, jumbo brads, Bazzill cardstock and Maya Road chipboard frame

family, Supplies used from kit: K & Co. pp, embroidery floss, Maya Road chipboard frame and button. Supplies from expansion: K & Co. sticker (butterfly)

Family Portrait

According to Zoey! =) I've just been loving her people lately and am so impressed with the noses especially. That long bridge line is all hers, maybe she's getting some of her Grandpa Keith's artistic talents!

These two pictures are of the three of us. Makes me happy that all three of us have smiles on our faces, we must be doing something right! There are tons more, all with special little variations of course. (She also has a series of spiders going on too.) I am however, having a very hard time figuring out how it is exactly that we are going to store all her special creations. I feel like I should (and want) to keep them all, but am quickly coming to the realization that it is not likely a reality! If it's not a storage issue, it's a fire hazard for sure! So if you have any snazzy storage ideas for your kid's art projects that has worked for you currently or in the past it would be greatly appreciated if you were to share them with me!

The Lunar Eclipse


I tried my best to get a good shot, most of them though are blurs of white light and red, seems I haven't quite yet mastered outdoor shots at night with my camera. This was the best one I took, I think. It probably didn't help any that I was shaking from the cold while trying to take the picture, but that's okay. It was cool nonetheless. Also checked the NASA site out this morning, this stuff just amazes me.

The Shared Music Project

Soooooooo....I've added one of those music track thing-y's to my blog (see the absolute bottom of my blog) because I love having something to listen to that will make me dance a little jig (and perhaps make Zoey and Ethan join in too). Check them out if you want, I'll be adding more songs soon. Some new finds (and loves) are Kate Nash, Yael Naim and Paramore. An absolute favorite for me is anything by the Weepies. Enjoy.

Some "Just for Me" Layouts...

Haven't really used too many old pictures from my growing up days, but for this one I pulled out this silly picture from when I was young and I really love it! I think that it will be a fun one for Zoey to look at one day, and I am totally inspired now to scrap more of my childhood.

Just a fun little one of Z and I.

This one I did after reading the book We Dare You. I've now decided that I'm going to go through the book and do all of the dares in the order that they are talked about. I think it will be theraputic, as well as a learning experience both personally as well as a way to push myself creativly and something that might be more apt to show a more genuine glimpse into who I was to Zoey down the road.

And this one is pretty much just plain cute for cuteness' sake!

Finding It Here (Random Post)

First a song.

Had an outpouring with Ethan last night. Feelings, thoughts, ideas, exchanges of open-ended yet definitive statements (is that possible?). I say it is. It made me think of all that we have come through and reminded me of what it was in the beginning that made us stick.

It seems there was this time in my life, not so very long ago, but so very long ago when I was more reactive to things than I was reflective. I was quick to offer my opinions, my beliefs, and then I would go in circles trying to debate and make points and ruffle feathers. Perhaps it is that way for many when they are in college and wanting to make a difference or stand out, or whatever. I've come to realize that I am done with it, that I have been for some time now and have found peace because of it. The last time we were in Madison we were at a coffee shop that was packed, overflowing really. There were five of us huddled around a table the size of a basketball and I was looking out at the dim lit faces that were illuminiated only by lap tops and it hit me how everyone looked so familiar. I realized that it was because they were all trying so hard to be different that they were all the same. I don't know if it stems from our move here, and being surrounded with individuals that seem to continuously reach out to one another, or if it's related to life experiences and coming to some sort of end that has created this vision or what, but I've come to realize and appreciate the difference between making it known and having it known. I am at peace with standing on faith and faith alone. It is humbling and unselfish to start to live and look beyond just me. Humans, when you watch, are quite the foolish characters. I see people, intelligent people and they use their knowledge as a weapon. As something that they see as power so that they can tower over others, to try to make them feel inferior, inadequate, not good enough. They throw it around, to perhaps raise eyebrows at the very least. It makes me sick. It makes me angry. Knowledge is nothing, if not given and shared with others. I'm not talking about teaching, or providing aide, I'm talking about getting down on your knees and looking at someone in the eye and truly helping them to understand or come to terms with something that is greater than the both of you could ever know together. Anyone can be a teacher. Many of us are. Anyone can do a good deed and tuck it under their belt so that they can show their good samaritan card when prompted. Many of us do just this. I think I was waiting for someone to see me and to tell me that I was good, interesting, valid. To somehow give me worth. No longer is this necessary. I was made to think this way, to create, to be strong, to be simple, to make Ethan smile, to be a good mama, to create a balance in this home. To help to be a reminder of what is important, if it is only to those that I see in my day to day life, that is enough. I do not know the answers to so many questions, but I finally know without a doubt that I am good. That I am good enough, rather. That to live a small life, is to live a big one.

For some reason, last night it was very important for me to know that Ethan know these things about me, these thoughts that I was thinking (which of course he already knew) and that I got to hear him verbalize some thoughts about the above subjects (which he already has) but, you gals may know what I'm talking about when I say that some things are imperative for just the sake of repetition. No? It was important, I think, because I wanted to be sure that he knew that a change had taken place in me, and I wanted to be certain that he knew that change had taken place, and for me to know that he loved this new girl, the one that didn't have to spout out all her rantings and ravings and see to it that the world followed (or at the very least, seemed interested).

And after all my rambling and random thought patterns had sorted themselves out, and Ethan and I resumed our sweet little evening of Valentine's Day celebrating, it made me think of this:

Once upon a time there was a girl and boy. They began dating. They went out every weekend and spent time with friends as well as time alone together. It was on one of those times alone together that they went off one cool fall day and ventured to some nearby wooded land to explore. The girl started building a small little hut out of fallen tree bark. The boy joined her. They continued to build and searched for more twigs, branches and bark. The boys knuckles were red from the cold. The girls nose was running and her cheeks were flushed pink. The cuffs of their jeans were damp and dirt was streaked on their shirt sleeves. Hardly a word was spoken. Finally they were finished. The girl and boy sat down together on a fallen tree and looked at their creation. Without saying anything the girl and boy then went home. Together.

And how I am pretty certain that it was that moment that I knew that it was Ethan that I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. Thank you Ethan for listening, for taking care to continue to build with me, without necessarily knowing why and despite all of the worldly elements.

A Sweet Treat for You!


So, yesterday my sweet friend Joella invited me over to play a bit in her studio and we ended up making some Valentine goodies. They really turned out cute and I thought that I would share with you here what it is that we did, because you are all my sweet friends too (and it is Valentine's Day after all!). We made little Pull Treat covers (a little envelope thingy perfect for housing a Hershey bar or something similar in size). Here is a picture of the one that I made for Ethan.
Happy Valentine's Day!


6" x 7" piece of cardstock for candy cover2 1/2" x 6 1/2" piece of cardstock for belly band (optional)Scoring tool
Sticky Strip (adhesive)
Ribbon (about 30" needed)
Big Hershey™ bar
Hole punch
Additional cardstock for decoration


1. Score 6" x 7" piece of cardstock at 2 3/4" and 5 1/2" on the 6" side
2. Score cardstock for the belly band at 2 3/4" and 5 1/2"
3. Apply adhesive to the 1/2" strip on front cover
4. Turn cardstock cover so the inside is facing up and add adhesive to the bottom of the 2 3/4" wide outer panel
5. Fold the thin tab, then the 2 3/4" panel over the middle panel to create a pouch and stick together by applying pressure
6. Punch a hole in the middle of top part of your pouch. Choose your punch according to the ribbon size being used
7. Finish decorating the pouch

She now has an Elmer Fudd Hat...


Or I guess, upon closer's an original Stormy Kromer Cap. To take directly from the tag on the hat: The great thing about winter is it ferrets out the winps. All hail the glory of winter. Every frigid breath of air cleanses your lungs...and temporarily freezes your nostrils shut. The weak sit huddled inside and out of your way. Of course, the fact that you're holding a trusted piece of bona fide winter survival gear in your hand right now - a genuine Stormy Kromer product - shows we're just preaching to the choir.

Thanks Grannie Annie and Grandpa Jeep, jeesh! You would think that they think we live in the great wisconsin northwoods or something! That being said, maybe I should have taken some pictures of Ethan trying to see if he could get this cap to fit his head! (He had no such luck!)

Seriously, thanks Grandma and Grandpa Jahnke!

Some "Zoey" Projects!


Ethan, Zoey and I have only just recently (not sure what took us so long) discovered the joys of Veggie Tales stories, songs and yes, videos. They are awesome! Last weekend Ethan and I actually were sitting on the couch together watching the "making of Veggie Tales" (you know those little extras that they have as bonus features on dvd's) and were laughing until we were crying. They are that funny and that genius, I swear! On one segmant they actually used the theme music to Vertigo and did a spin on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Hilarious stuff and Zoey loves these little veggies so much (that's putting it mildly!). You can perhaps tell that Larry is her favorite as he is the most wrinkled (loved).

After doing a little searching online I discovered some Veggie Tales projects for kids here. So here are Zoey's veggies, Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, Junior Asparagus, Laura the Carrot, and Percy the Pea...and we have more, but I thought this would give you the general idea. Anyways, we colored, cut out all the little pieces, glued them together and I, of course had to go the extra mile and suggest that we cover them with plastic so they last forever, so we then used some self laminating plastic and now today I have the idea that it would be cool to make a felt background and attach bits of velcro to the backs of these guys so she could have a little Veggie Tale storyboard to play with. We'll see...

Anyways, just had to share what's up and exciting here these days. I am also super excited to have learned (after owning for 3+ months now) how to use our scanner! What was my first project? Scanning these fun little guys and gals of course! And to leave you with just a bit more, here is the Bellybutton Song (one of our favorites).

No Matter Where You Stand...


It sure would be nice to believe that a major change could occur, and that it could start by simply believing in you and in me. Sometimes it's as simple and as complicated as that. Thanks Anna, for passing this along...

Just Thinking...


about my little sister tonight. I got to see her about a week ago (this photo is actually one that I took over our visit at Thanksgiving) and it struck me how much it is that she has grown. It seems like for so long, whenever we've had the chance to visit it's been a tad bit awkward or uncomfortable. Each of us not exactly knowing what it is to say or what's okay to share. This time though, for whatever reason, we connected. We shared confidences and were emotionally connected, like I always imagined a sister to be. Family is so cool like that. Those waves of growth, if we're patient and give one another the space that we need so that we can each grow, then maybe, if it's timed just right, there ends up being these really cool connecting points. These points then can be leapt from and returned to, if tended to with care. Getting back to her though, I am really, really proud of her and the decisions that she's making, the choices that she's leaving open for herself to make when she sees that it is right to make them and the vision that she has about life and people and the world. It's tough being a teen-age girl these days, and she's facing things head on. Love you so much Bailey!

February Kits & Pieces Goodies!

Really enjoyed working with the Tell Me A Story kit from Kits & Pieces this month. It was one of two kits offered for the month of February and it's sweet pastels, florals, bits of cotton lace and the Bazzill In Stitches cardstock were just calling for me to dig out some of Zoey's old baby pictures to work on with this kit! Also offered in this kit was the Bo Bunny Love word album, I chose to make the album for my Grandmother and included a special message to her about how thankful I am that she is in my life and just basicly letting her know how much it is that I love her.

Bo Bunny Love Album, for this I adhered patterned papers to each letter page with Mod Podge and then I painted around the borders of each page with some acrylic paint. For the front page (letter L) I cut some of the scalloped Bazzill cardstock for the white strip on the side and adhered some flowers (included in one of the kit expansions) and added some buttons for the center of the flowers.

For the letter O I just adhered pp, I also added some of the KI lace paper (again with Mod Podge) for an added bit of interest. (the KI paper lace was a part of the January kit offered at Kits & Pieces).

As for the letter V, in addition to the pp, I added some more of the Bazzill scalloped paper (in a strip) and some more florals, buttons and simply tied a bit of ribbon around the letter.

Lastly, for the letter E, I covered the entire album page with the KI lace paper, wrote my journaling on a contrasting paper and used my corner rounder punch to finish the edges. I added my letter stickers to show the date of my journaling.

Close-up of the front of the album.

Love You Much, Supplies used from the kit include: Fancy Pants pp, Bazzill In Stitches cardstock, American Crafts letter stickers and rub-ons (rubs were in an expansion), cotton lace trim Misc supplies used: embroidery floss

Beach Play, Supplies used from the kit include: Fancy Pants pp, Maya Road sheer alphas (offered as an expansion) Misc supplies include: brads

love is..., Supplies used from the kit include: Fancy Pants pp, American Crafts letter stickers, Queen & Co felt flowers (offered as an expansion)

Zoey, Supplies used from the kit include: Bazzill carfstock, Fancy Pants pp, American Crafts rub-ons and flowers (offered as an expansion), Maya Road sheer alphas (offered as an expansion) misc supplies include: brad

Really had fun creating these projects for this month's kit, be sure to stop by and check to see what challenges and other fun things are going on at the brand new Kits & Pieces Message Board! We really have a fun group of gals and would love to have you join in on the fun! Right now we have the Sweet & Simple Contest going on where you could win a copy of Rebecca Cooper's book Real.Life.Scrapbooking and the weekly challenge this week was to use that stash of Basic Grey on a layout or project! Everyone's got some BG in their stash to use up! Be sure to stop by soon to see what next week's challenge will be!
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