And My Favorite...


picture from the visit is this one. I've seen so many versions of this shot it seems lately and had to try it for myself. My MIL and SIL thought it a bit strange I think when I requested that everyone turn and show their dupa's...but I sure like how it turned out, love how Zoey's peeking out in- between her Aunt Serena and Grannie Annie!

Things Here...

We've been visiting with Ethan's family the last few days as they have been staying at the cottage in Lake George. Here is a new favorite picture of Ethan and I that his sister Serena took. Isn't it beautiful? Thanks Serena for taking it!!! Really means alot to have this picture of us. It was actually taken at Clear Lake, a beach that we take Zoey to often to swim and play and wanted to share the place with Ethan's family as well. Been having so much fun at the cottage, more trips to Hoggie Doggie's were had and some dinners out with Grandma and Auntie and along with time spent just playing together it is all good. Lots of fun photos were taken, here are a few of my favorites... P.S. If I owe people a phone call, (Jo!) or an email, (Cherity!) I apologize and will be in touch soon, we've just been so busy with family visiting and me with work stuff that I haven't been able to keep up.

First Pub in Print!

Today was quite exciting for started with me working on the newsletter for my local scrapbook store and shortly after I had started working on it I got a call from one of the girls that I work with saying that she and the other gal working were looking at the latest issue of Memory Makers Magazine and that my layout was in the Inspiration Gallery section! I didn't even realize that it was out yet! I stopped what I was doing and of course ran right over and checked it out for myself! I was, (am) super excited and the girls at the shop are really making me feel like a superstar...they are the best! =) Also, my Mom and Dad went all over looking for the August/September issue, (that's the one it's in), and it's not out yet where they live yet, but it makes me so happy that they are that excited and proud of me too! Guess you never get too old for seeking your parents approval eh? Overall, a really exciting day!

Mini Art Journal Journey - Week Twenty-Four


So, I'm a week behind in Em's prompts but I thought I'd share last week's while I think of it and hopefully I'll get some time to get this week's done and posted as well. Last week's prompt for the Journal Journey was: remember when. Right away I recalled riding my tricycle in the movie theatre that my dad helped to run when I was younger. I would often times hang out there while my parents would be working on things in the movie house and I would more often than not bring something to occupy myself while I waited. One time I brought my tricycle and was allowed to ride it in the movie theatre, (which was closed at the time). There were two doors that led into the movie theatre itself, you entered those doors at the lobby of the theatre. I was riding my trike through one door, (from the well lit lobby), into the dark theatre, (would always speed up my trike driving when in the dark theatre!) and then through the following door, (back into the well lit lobby)...I was doing this over and over, (driving in a giant circle), really having fun when all of a sudden I rode into the dark theatre and my Mom jumped out from behind some of the theatre seats and scared me! I SCREAMED so loudly and laughed so hard and, you guessed it, wanted to do it over and over and over again! :) Loved the thrill and that feeling!

Red Tea and Cocoa Blossoms


Got this lovely perfume by Terra Nova at one of my favorite local shops, The Root Cellar. It smells so good and brings out the beautiful goddess that's tucked away deep within me! For a few minutes anyways! =) Was so fun to be out and about with Ethan while my Mom was visiting. Walking around the downtown square together and peeking in the shop windows made me feel as though we were only just dating again! [Insert SUPER happy sigh here!]. Gotta love those special moments of alone time when you are parents of little ones, precious gifts they are, precious gifts.

Altered Container


I had gotten some perfume from my little sister as a Christmas gift this past Christmas and it came in a cool little container which I kept and tucked away in my stash of things to alter one day. While my Mom was visiting this week I got a bit of time to play and wanted to do something quick and easy and this was it. Just adhered a bit of patterned paper, some rub-ons, ribbon and a flower and it is now a cute little container perfect for stashing little special somethings! :)

And for the past few days...


my Mom was in town visiting, which meant more birthday celebrating was had for Zoey, some time for Ethan and I to play was given, and some more girl time for Zoey, Grandma Sue Sue and I was shared! Yay! Wednesday night Ethan and I cashed in on the free babysitter and went out to eat at our favorite all time restaurant, The Island Cafe. I had my favorite, a Greek Salad w/pita bread and Ethan had a Greek pasta dish....mmm...mmm! The girls all did a bit of shopping downtown on Thursday and spent lots of time at the parks and beaches playing and getting a bit of sun. Made certain to get a visit in at Hoggie Doggie's drive in and also made it to the concert in the park series one night at Torpy Park which Zoey just loved! A super great visit with Grandma Sue Sue! Gotta love the summer months!

Pretty in Pink!

While visiting with my in-law's last weekend, (which included a birthday celebration for Zoey of course!), Zoey and I had a chance to have a little "girl-time" with Grannie Annie and Aunt Serena. Just had to share our pretty in pink toes with all of blogger-land! And I don't think that my MIL or SIL will be too terribly upset with me as though I did disclose names, I didn't attach the names to any given pair of feet! ;)


Zoey turned three. I've been thinking back on the day of her birth and all the days that followed...I am so thankful to the nurse that we ended up having in the hospital for her delivery, really made the experience a good one. She supported my choice for a natural childbirth and was an advocate for me in so many ways and therefore I feel that I am blessed with fond memories of the whole delivery process, the moment that she came into this world is vivid and embedded in my mind and heart forever. I remember driving home from the hospital with her, it was raining...and quiet, Ethan and I were so nervous. There was a part of me that was pretty much in awe that people, adults mind you, were actually letting us take home this little person to take care of, (forgetting, that we were actually adults as well and her parents nonetheless). I am thankful to our parents for giving us space and letting us find our own way, (for the most part!), to be the kind of parents to Zoey that we felt would work best for us and our new little family. I recall how when her umbilical cord fell off, Ethan gasped and in a panicky voice asked, "Is this supposed to do this?!?!" All those nights, (and days), of endless rocking and singing and nursing. All the worries and what if's...and now she is three. She is now making choices, learning from her successes and mistakes, gaining independence and becoming her own little person more and more each day. There is not a day that goes by that I do not realize what a gift she is to me and what a blessing she is to our family. Her little spunky persona is all hers and I love seeing what it is that she will do next and I love hearing what important something(s) she has to share with me. I love her so very much. May God bless you and keep you safe Zoey Raen. I love you forever, Mama Jenny.

Happy Birthday Mom!


Country Living Magazine Project

I've been collecting ideas for craft projects for my MOPS group next year as I will be the Arts & Crafts Coordinator and I found this one online on Country Living's site and thought it would be an easy, affordable and a definitely doable one for the time that is allotted for the meetings. Thought that maybe instead of machine stitching the pockets we could use embroidery thread and hand stitch or that I could pre-make the pockets in various fabric patterns, (this type of sewing I can handle!) and then everyone could just use fabric glue to later assemble. I know that you can buy a package of cool iron-ons for cheap at our local department store too, so that would be a plus for a group project as well. The more projects that I'm finding the more excited I'm getting about my new responsibilities!

You can find the basic instructions for this project by visiting this link.

Mini Art Journal Journey - Week Twenty-Three

Week twenty-three already! Wow, I cannot believe how time has flown! So, for this week's prompt Emily provided us with the direction of stating something regarding right now. It was kind of funny because this morning when I woke up I was wanting to be creative and wanted to work on my card but couldn't remember the prompt, (and didn't want to take the time to go downstairs, boot up the computer, log in and check to see what the prompt was - also didn't want to sacrifice the perfect "Zoey was playing by herself moment"!), so I just sat down and created this little beauty, and it totally fits the "right now" statement too! While making it I was thinking about how much I've been missing my Dad lately and how it's been close to a year now that we haven't seen one another...really not liking that and am thinking that we will be doing something in the near future to change that! :) I am thinking that I am actually going to mount this one to an actual card and send it to my Dad as part of his father's day gift, he has always appreciated my littlest of creations, one of the many reasons I miss him so much!

It's been a really busy couple of days here, I've started working at my lss and am absolutley loving it but the change in routine is difficult. Not seeing Zoey all day is hard! :) So used to having her right at my heels all the time! Really good for her and Papa to be spending time together though...really good. And it's good for me to be out and about too! Loving that my job entails helping people with their papercrafting and requires me to sit and play myself! Wow, pretty neat stuff!

Off now to enjoy the beautiful day with my family, hope you are enjoying yours!



The journaling on this one reads: Zoey - the joy that you bring to my life every day cannot be measured by any system, metric or otherwise. To see you dance in my studio is one of life's greatest gifts to me. I have a heart full of joy. Paper is Urban Lily, used HS journaling spots, Cosmo Cricket sticker, DYMO label maker, HS chipboard, MM paint, Creative Imaginations rub-ons, Fancy Pants flower and other misc. items.

Balzer Designs

Just wanted to share my discovery of another amazing and inspiring craft blog. Balzer Designs is the name and this woman is uber talented, everything from quilting, beading, scrapping, altered arts, you name it, it's on there. I'm finding it very fun to peruse her site whenever I get the time, hopefully now you will too.

You Are My Garden

The morning is starting off to be a good one here...I found out this morning that my layout titled You Are My Garden, (pictured), won the layout of the month contest at Cocoa Daisy! Yay! I'll be getting a box of scrapbooking goodies sent my way soon, and knowing Cocoa Daisy's kits, they will be awesome supplies! Yippee!!!! For this layout I used Bazzill cardstock, scalloped cardstock, Pink Martini pp, embroidery floss, American Crafts letter stickers and buttons. The journaling around picture reads: where everything is always in bloom.

Kind of Cool...

My 6x6 album is pictured on the d.reeves design house site. :)

Mini Art Journal Journey - Week Twenty-Two


This week's prompt from Emily for the Art Journal Journey was to document things that you want to learn. I chose to document some fun little things that I want to accomplish and chose not to "wish or want" but to use an "I will" statement, (those seem to work best for me!). The things that I will learn are the following: make clothing for Zoey, (I've made some really simple jumpers and things, but would like to really dig down and learn how to sew the right way someday!), I'd like to learn how to throw pots on the wheel, (my sisters can do this and it's something that I've always wanted to do as well), make a bundt cake, (specifically a chocolate cherry fudge one that my Mom used to make), and finally I'd like to learn how to use and navigate Photoshop someday, (first I'll have to actually own it!).

I used Heidi Grace pp, notebook paper, lace, word stickers by Bookworks, rub-on is from Magnolia and I used some buttons that I just got from a flea-market. Hooray for flea-markets! Thanks for looking!

Look Here


Zoey Art

We've been spending a lot of time here lately talking about the Lion King as we will be taking Zoey to a performance of the Lion King in Appleton, WI with her grandparents and her Aunt and Uncle in a couple of weeks for her birthday, (gift from her grandparents). This morning Zoey was drawing and when asked about her drawing she explained that this was Ashley, Serena, Grannie Annie and Jeep and Mama and Papa all watching the Lion King!

Before & After


While I was in the shower yesterday Zoey was upstairs playing with a red permanent marker. No, I didn't know that she had the marker in her possession, in fact - when I went upstairs and saw all the red on her I was trying for the life of me to figure out where it had come from as the marker was no where to be seen. After the initial shock of seeing her in all her glory I looked at her and told her to stay right there, mama needed to go get the camera! ;) So here are some pic's from our morning...three "before's" and one "after", (though she still has a pink tinge to her here and there as it was a permanent marker. Oh, and her excuse was that she was painting herself like Elmo does. I guess they do say that Sesame Street educates....hmmmmm.
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