Good Morning!

Woke up this morning with a sore throat and was really, really tired, (Ethan and Zoey have been sick with a cold this week - so it was inevitable that I would come down with it, but I was still bummed nonetheless), and I logged on to check my email and do my little routine search of interests and discovered this. I am seriously and completely overwhelmed. Out of 1,298 comments I get chosen for the kit/class giveaway? Wow...and from Ali Edwards? Wow times two...but beyond all that, I am so excited to just be a part of what Ali is doing for her son, having been able to watch the journey transpire and see the momentum of it and all for this awesome thing creating awareness of autism has been an incredibly empowering experience and, (just one more here), WOW is she is really bringing a lot of people together. What an awesome community of support, it so cool to be a part of that. To donate to this cause and to help Ali reach her goal please visit her blog or see post below. There are only a couple of days left!

A Chance To Do Something Good!

Ali Edwards, one of the artists within the scrapbooking industry that I most admire has a son that has autism. She is incredibly proactive in supporting the cause for research to learn more about autism and I know that within my own family and friends autism has made itself a known presence and here is a chance for us to be a part in knowing and learning more about autism so we can not only try to find a cure, but learn more about the disease itself and support those that are directly affected. Below you will see a quote from Ali and a link to her blog where you can learn more on how to donate to this cause. Out of all the people involved in the Six Degree's Contest Ali, (little hometown mama, scrapbooker, writer, editor - turned celebrity), is in first place. Kevin Bacon will donate $10,000.00 to the top 6 causes and right now, as I mentioned before Ali's in first place...let's help her stay there!

do something good
Over the last few months I have been participating in a fundraising effort through The contest is coming to an end this Saturday at 11:59pm. Currently my badge is in first place, but the competition is really heating up as we near the end. Today, I want to invite you to join me in this effort to raise funds for Autism Speaks. A minimum $10 donation is all that is needed to make a difference. The contest will be won by the top 6 badges with the most number of individual donations. To donate, simply click the donate button on the blue badge located on the right side of my blog.The response so far has been amazing. Over 1300 people have donated. As a thank you for all those who have donated (and encouraged others to do the same), I posted a workshop-project download on my blog last week. You can access that here. In addition, today, tomorrow and Saturday I will be doing a giveaway from comments left on my blog - look for another surprise this evening as well. Thank you for your time and your continued support. -Ali Edwards
Quote republished with permission from Ali Edwards.

I Am Lucky...

I created this layout for a monthly contest that is being held over at Creating Pages. The requirements for the page was that the title had to start with "I am lucky" and it had to include the colors yellow and green. I hand cut all the flowers and lately I've been finding ways to use bits of lace here and there on my layouts. Not sure if there are going to be enough entries in the contest for it to be judged so if you're a scrapper, head on over to enter! The deadline is the 31st! :)
My journalling for this layout reads: I am lucky because I can see and appreciate the beautiful gift that was given to me in my little girl, in the love that I share with my husband daily and in the time we make sure to take as a family. I see so many that forsake the gifts right in front of them - only to realize them when it is too late. You could say that I am lucky in love.

Mini Art Journal Journey - Week Twelve

This week's prompt from Emily was: something that you believe. The statement that I decided on for this one is that I believe that some messes can be good! Often times the bigger the mess, (in creating), the better the outcome of the means I'm busy, being productive or trying some new. That Zoey is learning with "hands on" experience, (they say that children that are allowed to make the most messes as a child growing up have higher intelligence as an adult). And, perhaps if the house is means that we are off doing more exciting things as a family, which is always a good thing. Also, in life situations, sometimes the big messes that we come across in our relationships can often be a learning experience for both parties and we can choose to grow stronger together by working our way through the "mess". And, a little something interesting to throw in the mix is the book or audio CD titled This I Believe. It is in relation to the NPR show titled the same and is essentially a compilation of men and women's philosophies on life. I love the show on NPR and really want to own this CD for my personal collection as the show always inspires me on a very deep level.

Talk Peace by Sam Williams

This book is AWESOME! Not only are the words SO important and good and happy, (little miniature blessings for any and all little persons getting them read to them), but the illustrations are AMAZING! So fun, vibrant, childlike but so artistic in design. The illustrator, Mique Moriuchi looks to be a mixed media artist/illustrator and is definitely inspiring me to get out my paints to play a little. After having it only just a week from the library Zoey is already saying things like, "Be alive, gimme five!" and "When you party, party jive!" "Dance peace." Talk Peace". I definitely recommend this book to little people and big people alike.

She's Not Even Three Yet...


and she has all these pairs of shoes. I do not even want to think about what we are going to have to face down the road when she actually becomes aware of "things" and accumulating them for one reason or another, (remember those teen years when you just had to have what so and so had). And, I just want to add that Ethan and I are responsible for purchasing ONE of these pairs of shoes...ONE. It's not that they aren't cute and everything...we love them, she LOVES's just that, well... it's a lot of shoes for one little girl.

up & down

Journaling reads: Now that you have mastered climbing up the stairs to the slides at the park you are all about taking advantage of this amazing new plaything every chance you get! I say - go for it girl!
Pictures taken summer, 2006 on an outing with Grandma Sue Sue.

Spring Break is Over


Taxes are done and out of the way, got some spring cleaning started, did some exploring and hiking, enjoyed the beautiful weather that we've been having, had a glass of wine or two, played Scrabble, (and I lost yet again). Went to the park and played, pushed Zoey on the swing and gave her "piggie pies in the sky", chased her around the tennis courts, (many, many, many times), got our shoes muddy from the melting snow, saw the Easter Bunny and said "hi", taste-tested some bunny cookies from the bakery, watched some basketball, heard a lot of talk about basketball, heard updates on how (Ethan), was doing on aforementioned basketball brackets, (contest for school that he's participating in), watched a couple of movies, and enjoyed several evening walks as a family. I got some much needed "me" time, I spent a morning with a friend, Ethan spent some time writing, (not for work), and got to play with Zoesie LOTS! All in all it was a pretty good spring break for us this year. Now back to work again for Ethan tomorrow.

Copper Falls State Park


This afternoon we drove up to Mellen, Wisconsin, (about an hour and a half drive for us from home), and visited Copper Falls State Park for the first time. Very beautiful, though the trails were a bit slick yet for hiking so we're thinking that it will definitely be a place worth visiting again in the late spring or this summer for sure to get the full benefit of viewing everything there is to see. Zoesie was very much in awe of the falls and kept saying over and over that this was a magical place, and I would have to agree with her on this one. You can see more pictures of the falls by clicking here.



Our First Album


If Ethan and I had a band we (both) decided that our name would be Sunshine and Doomboy, our album name would be Crocodile Dancer, (this is a game that we have made up and play daily with Zoey by the way), and our record label would be Lorax know, The Lorax by Dr. Seuess. Just a bit of fun on a Tuesday evening here...please stay with me here.

A ME day!

I had a big ME day today! It was great! This morning I had MOP's from 9am until noon and then I came home, had some lunch and then went out to get my hair cut. I love the haircut, (a bob that's angled a bit in the back - photo is courtesy of Ethan!) and it was so nice to just be able to sit in the waiting room of the salon, flip through some fluff magazines, relax and be just a girl out on the town alone for once! Very, very nice of Ethan to have spent the day with Zoey so that this could happen. I cannot even remember the last time that I got a "real" haircut from someone in a salon, I think I've been cutting my own hair now since after Zoey was born...I didn't want to "waste" the money on something as frivolous as my hair I guess. But, dang, it sure feels good to have lost all that extra dead weight...feeling the moxie about now I think!

Also wanted to share an incredible show that aired on WPR yesterday. A woman was on speaking about being alone and being a woman, investigated the difference of being lonely and the actual state of being alone. And, how we as women often times feel pressure to sacrifice our sense of self in always caring for others first, (i.e. letting others get fancy haircuts before yourself - okay, just had to throw that in there!), but really, we often cater to others needs before our own or before even recognizing our own. It's that whole nurture thing that we have going on. Anyways, it was a beautiful hour of talk radio and I got a lot from it and just thought I'd share, and I have to add that Ethan was listening too and nodding his head many times throughout the segment. :) I think there are so many women that neglect their call of self or belittle it's importance. I know that this is something that I struggled with after first being married and then being a mama for the first time. There was a part of me that thought I was supposed to be absolutely selfless with caring for my husband and for my child and I can honestly say that it was the loneliest time in my life. And it's interesting, because right now in my life I feel as though I am craving alone time with such incredible passion...I am really starting to hear my voice and am starting to realize my needs and I am addressing them! And because of it my whole family is happier. The speaker's name was Florence Falk, she is a psychotherapist and teacher and author of, “On My Own: The Art of Being A Woman Alone. Her website is here and you can listen to the hour long show here.

Women are conditioned to think about others before they think about themselves—whether their partner, husband, family, even friends—so they always stand at the back of the line when it comes to taking time for themselves. And I don't just mean time for a manicure or bubble bath—though that's great, too. I'm talking about time for a woman to focus on herself and pay attention to her deeper needs. This can be anything from time to take unwind, to mourning the departure of a loved one, to reflecting on a new career, to practicing the flute. Any one of these choices is restorative. What's more, everyone benefits. A woman in a relationship can return to it refreshed; a woman alone can discover that she is more resilient and stronger than she ever realized. - Florence Falk

And a question and answer taken from her website:

Q: Can you describe some of the benefits that await a woman who has learned how to be on her own?

A: Having learned through solitude how to listen to what her own voice is telling her, a woman can begin to connect to herself and step into the fullness of selfhood. Self-awareness allows us to change our perspective; we step out of old ways of behaving and begin to live life fully and creatively. We also discover that embracing aloneness does not preclude intimate romantic relationships; on the contrary, the gains of solitude can enhance all our relationships in a new, vital, and more intimate way—from partners to friends to the larger community of women and men of which we are a part.

I think this is powerful stuff!

Mini Art Journal Journey - Week Eleven


This week's prompt for the mini journal was: your initial. Being Jenny has meant this in my life...I was Jenny Bean from my sisters when young and from my first "real" boyfriend, (thanks to aforementioned sisters and help from my Mother!) Jenny was the casual friend greeting, as was Jen, also went by Jen in college cuz it just seemed to fit. When out in the real world for the first time and in the workplace, I went by Jennifer...thought it would get me more respect or something like that I think. Whenever I was sad and hurting my Dad would, (and still does), call me Jenny Pie...his exact words are, "Oh, Jenny Pie" followed by a big hug. One of my closest friend's calls me Jen..Jen. When we were first dating Ethan called me Little Jenny Hungry Heart and sometimes still does. And now, I'm back to Jen or Jenny...I think! That about covers it! My initial is J for JENNY! :) I used my Scrap Boss by Fiskars for embossing the vellum paper letter with flowers, otherwise a pretty simple card this week just using patterned paper, letter stickers and staples!

Wilna's Tag Project

Something fun...Wilna had all her scrapping friends make a tag about themselves to share in celebrating her start of scrapbooking and for a way for us all to get to "know" one another a bit better and this was what I came up with for mine. On the back it says a bit about me and what I find important in my life and about life in general. To see all the tags submitted to Wilna for this fun little project you can view them online in her gallery here. I love doing things like this because I find it's so fun to see what other people come up with, what they share, and to just know that there are people all around the world sitting or standing somewhere creating something to share with others that they have never met. We're all doing this little tiny thing, yet sharing it in this way makes it seem so much bigger. I think it's cool to think about.
Got lots accomplished today, taxes are done to name one big item on the list that is now crossed off! To celebrate getting our taxes done and for the fact that we will be getting a refund this year, we went to the book store and got some new reading materials. :) Big splurge, I know! Gotta love good books though...I got Astrid and Veronika by Linda Olsson and A Family Daughter by Maile Meloy, Ethan got the The Portable Jack Kerouac and Zoey got a Thomas the Tank Engine book. Looking forward to getting some reading in hopefully with Ethan home on break this week.

What's Up Here...

A very nice day today, we all got to get out and do some walking and exploring today with Zoey in the stroller. It felt so good to walk and get the fresh air in our lungs and to come home afterwards with our cheeks and ears all hot and rosy from the cold. Lifted my spirits immensely and reminded me again of how important it is for me to make a point to exercise every day! Nothing beats that feeling of being outdoors and stretching those muscles!

Ethan's Mom left this morning for home and we are slowly getting back in to the routine of things again, but not too much so, as now it is Ethan's Spring Break! (Such is the life of being married to a family of educators!) We've got lots of things planned for this week, mostly just things that need doing, and appointments that can be made now that we will be able to meet and go together with Ethan being home for the week. With so many responsibilities, it kind of sucks the "Break" out of Spring Break, but I guess we should be thankful for the time that we do have to get the necessary things accomplished and out of the way.

At the request of the grandparents we went to get Zoey a studio portrait done at a local photo studio and we were pleasantly surprised with the whole experience. Our first attempt at getting photos of her at a studio setting was a complete disaster, (will not share everything but picture 20+ kids in a waiting room with parents primping and scolding and us trying to keep our 1 year old "happy" while waiting 45 minutes past our original appointment time for a picture that we weren't even sure we wanted!). Errrrr! Anyways, this time was SO different! Couldn't hurt that there were live baby chicks and bunnies at this studio for their Easter photo package! :) Zoesie absolutely had us floored, usually she is so cautious in new situations and it takes her a while to warm up to people, noises, different surroundings, etc. We walked in and right away she wanted to know if she could hold the bunnies. The photographer brought over a bunny and I was just waiting for Zoey to freak out and instead Zoey reached out and grabbed the bunny and held it close to her chest just as though it was the most normal thing in the world. None of us could believe it, as I am typing this I am smiling and shaking my head just thinking about it. So many surprises this little one gives us, I love it! Now I just hope that the pictures turned out! :)

Also went to a Steering Meeting, (my first), for MOP's to see if I would be interested in joining the committee as the Arts and Crafts Coordinator next year and I have to say that I am seriously thinking that I may take this on. It was so nice to be out with other women, in the evening, without our kids and talking about fun stuff and taking part in something larger than just me. They really made me feel welcome and I wasn't intimidated at all with what was proposed as far as what my responsibilities would be for next year's meetings. We'll see, I haven't committed myself yet, but am definitely thinking about it seriously now.

Lots of good things to think about now and lots to do to get ready for this coming of which will begetting our taxes done! This is the first year that I haven't done them myself so I'm a bit nervous getting things all together for someone else to take a look at, but I'm figuring that it will be a good thing to pass the torch on this one as I am slowly learning that it is okay to not be in control of absolutely everything in our life. Whew! A good thing to learn, I know! :)

Grannie Annie is Visiting!


Been busy here the past few days...Grannie Annie, (Ethan's Mom) has been visiting as it is her Spring Break right now and that has meant LOTS of Zoey play, lots of fun and lots of hugs and kisses have been had. Will share more about the fun adventures we all shared later, must get some zzz's for now! Have a good night and a great start to the weekend everyone!

A Good Day!


Today I am doing something very exciting...I am packing up one of my scrapbook layouts, being very careful in the process (as it is being sent out to another state!) and filling out artist release forms and then I will be going to the post office to send it out to the offices of Memory Makers Magazine for publication in their upcoming book that is to be published this coming Fall, titled 601 Great Scrapbook Ideas! Woo..hoo! (Last year's book that they put out was this one). I only found out just yesterday that they were interested in one of my pages for their book and I couldn't be more thrilled than I am right now. Really feels good to have been recognized in this way and means even more to me to be rewarded on a personal level, as this is something that really means so much to me. I love creating with my hands and my heart. Often times when I speak I feel like my words are too harshly spoken, my voice too loud or the words that come out of my mouth are not the words that I would have ideally chosen had I taken the time to carefully choose and with scrapbooking I feel like I can communicate with incredible accuracy the things that are on my mind and that I want to say, the feelings I want to share and the memories that I want to hold dear. To me, this hobby is so much more. It is a voice of reassurance, a probe to go further, a written record of history. A form of therapy, a cleansing, if you will of my heart and soul.

To add to the things that are good in my life right now, Zoey is having successful potty chair visits! :) We've been taking a very laid back approach and it just may be paying off....a couple of "I PEED!" moments where we missed the actually moment of success, but we're having some hits thrown in with the misses now too. Just had to share!

And now, I'm off to clean the bathtub, such is the life of a SAHM! There is no other job that I hate doing more than this task of cleaning the bathtub, but I'm figuring that it will help to release a bit of my nervous excitement! :) Life goes on as they say and for right now I am enjoying it, even while cleaning the tub!

Happy Birthday Friend!


Happy Birthday to You...Happy Birthday to You...Happy Birthday Dear Cherity...Happy Birthday to You!

I've known this girl since the beginning of fourth grade, my Mom knocked on her front door after our first move because there were bikes in the front yard, (thus there must be kids that live there!), there were and Cherity ended up being my very best friend some eight years later and is still some twenty years later! From dinosaur jogging suits and tinted eye-glasses to Prom formals, (see picture, she's the blonde), to cool and carefree college attire, wedding dresses and the Mama days of feeling the frump...we've seen each other through not only the changing of styles but so much more. Came to terms with responsibility for the first time together as young adults, experienced the heartache that first loves can only bring, we faced and tested friendships, the pain of loyalty lost and the strength of trust gained, forgiveness, came in and out of faith with this girl, spent mucho time reflecting on life and discovering dreams together, laughed SO much and cried perhaps even more. She's the first person, (other than family) that I experienced the discovery of those little annoying quirks that we all possess and came to the realization that I loved her anyways and could live with her regardless, (despite the extremely deliberate way she eats her yogurt - she's SO quiet it's actually LOUD!!!!...drove me nutso when we were roommates). ;) All those times shared in River Falls...having fun with our new found freedom, playing, figuring out who we were and then in Platteville, starting out fresh, really coming to terms with our adulthood. To have been there through it all, I am so thankful that it was you by my side.

Just wanted to say thanks and pay tribute to you on your special day! Love you and thanks for always going the extra mile for me. Jen

p.s. And just so you know I haven't forgotten our roots and just how cool we are, or were rather, this is for you! ;) Cherity's favorite band of all time is this.

Mini Art Journal Journey - Week Ten


This week's prompt from Emily for the mini journal was to provide a note to self. Mine is to show my love more every seems as though the ones that we love the most often get the worst of us at times and I want to make more of a conscious effort to be more patient and loving to my family and extend it even further by greeting every person and every situation with an open mind and an open heart to hopefully allow the feeling of goodwill to grow. The journaling under the cardboard flap was taken from the book titled Worldwide Laws of Life and reads: Nor can that endure which has not it's foundation upon love, For love diminishes not, but shines with it's own light; Makes an end of discord, softens the fires of hate, restores peace in the world and brings together the sundered, Redresses wrong, aids all and injures none.

She Did It!


Zoesie went sledding for the first time this winter! We've had her sled now since way before Christmas and she's been too scared to actually get on and go for a ride until yesterday. :) It was a beautiful day on Saturday, sun was shining and it got up to about 45 degrees so we went to the American Legion State Forest, (a 5 minute drive from our house) and hiked the Raven Trail, bringing Zoey's sled along, "just in case". Started out the hike and had no luck getting her in the sled so we just kept hiking and pointed out deer tracks, rabbit tracks, listened to the birds and found some interesting leaves and twigs and then all of sudden Zoey stopped and said, "PLEASE!" She said this about 4 more times before Ethan and I figured out that she wanted on the sled! Couldn't believe it! She spent the rest of the hike on the sled, singing and smiling as if she'd always been the fearless little voyager that she was on this day! :) Pictures from our weekend sledding adventure can be seen here. Such a happy day!

A Favorite


Took this picture last fall while hiking the trails here....looking forward to Spring so much so that we can start to do this again, minus the snow pants, hats and mittens! So much more enjoyable when you can do it leisurely and not worry about Zoey getting too cold or uncomfortable with all the layers. A beautiful and hopeful day here with all the sunshine peeking in the windows! Yay, Spring! Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

Random Things of Little Interest


This is Zoey's igloo made with love by her Papa. Zoey also has about three tunnels and a flight of (snow) steps leading up to where we park the car and an additional snow fort strategically placed in the middle of all the tunnels in the yard, (in case the igloo isn't the place to be I'm guessing). Sometimes snow is a good thing.
For Valentines Day I got Ethan the dvd, The Office and we've been watching it almost every other night...I could watch these episodes over and over again, (and I'm not a big fan of t.v.), they are that funny. Last night we watched the episode that this happens in. When I watch these shows I find that I'm actually holding breath when the scene includes Dwight's character, I just want to jump in the scene, take him by the shoulders and whisper "nooooooooooo"! Oh, and if I had to have a crush on a t.v. personality, it would be Jim. :)
And, to complete my random post of things not at 3pm I realized that the shirt I've been wearing all day was inside out. This, after a full day of running errands and being out and about. Have a good night everyone.

Just Thinking

So much on my mind lately...I've recently been in touch again with the woman that I'll be teaching scrapbooking classes for this summer and after talking with her I am really excited but really am getting scared too. I had been meaning to email her to inquire about the classes that I'll be teaching and what she thinks my schedule will look like, etc., but I think that part of me was scared that she maybe forgot about offering me the job over the course of these winter months (this is the "woe is me" Jenny thinking here) and/or had found someone else (more qualified) to do it instead. That, and at the same time I was scared that she hadn't forgotten and did want me to teach classes...and I would actually have to follow through and do this AWESOME something that I LOVE to do but which terrifies me in the same moment that I'm excited in because it's the closest thing that I've done (or have been asked to do) that actually means something to me. I have never been more excited and scared in my life! Isn't there a saying that has something to do with moving forward when you're the most scared to do so, as that's when you know your closest to achieving a dream? If there is, I know that it's put much more eloquently than that, but I think I got the general idea of it anyways. There is a church down the block from our house that has a marquee billboard that they display sayings on every couple of weeks, (some cheesy and some incredibly enlightening). I pass the marquee every day on the way to the Post Office and enjoy or get a kick out of the weekly message. This week's was If You Aim for Nothing, You Will Hit It. This has been so true for me and lately I am realizing that the limitations that I have claimed as my own have too often been those that I have placed on myself. I feel that I'm involving myself in things that I enjoy and find meaning in and because of this I am getting opportunities to share more of what I love and feel passionate about. I want to rise and meet these challenges and keep growing! I'm going to keep saying "yes" and really get the most out of this opportunity this summer...experience is growth after all and growth is always a good thing.

And then this morning I discovered that my Easter layout is featured on the Designer Notes website as the Designer Layout of the Month! :) Maybe I can do this.

Wisconsin Public Television

A while back my MIL brought to my attention that Wisconsin Public Television's show In Wisconsin was looking for ideas on stories for doing a segment on Wisconsin's smallest county, Pepin County, which just happens to be where I spent most of my growing up years. I sent them an email with a story suggestion and just found out today that my suggestion, (along with several others), is being pitched to the reporters and they will then choose from the submitted suggestions on what they want to pursue and report on. Pretty exciting! The segment on Pepin County will air May 24th at 7pm. They received so many suggestions and ideas that they will be doing the entire season finale with coverage on Pepin County. How about that...the smallest county is getting the most coverage!

A Cool Little Album!


So, this was fun. I decided to do Elsie's Challenge for KI Memories, (put together a mini book, no stress, just fun, using up little goodies from your stash of KI products). Can you believe I did this while on the phone talking to my Mom?!?! Pretty cool indeed! Love how it turned's just a little book about how cool and fun I've discovered it is to be a Mama to Zoey. You can check out my journaling and get a closer peek of my album if you want by clicking here. Thanks for the inspiration Elsie!

Mini Art Journal Journey - Week Nine


This week's prompt for the weekly mini journal was inspiration found. This was super easy for me...hands down, all time favorite artist and most respected woman of strength and mind is Georgia O'Keeffe. The picture that I used for my card is from a flyer put out by the Madison Art Center from March of 1984, which means that I would have been 7 years old at the time that the flyer was given to me by my father who is also an artist. (I actually have a dozen or so of the flyers, so I didn't feel bad about cutting up the one I used for this project), anyways...the story is this: Georgia O'Keeffe was born on November 15th, 1887 and I was born on November 15th, 1977. I've always had a love for her paintings - this starting even as a young child. She is most famous for her flowers and skulls but my most favorite is her painting titled Ladder to the Moon which depicts just as it states, a ladder leading up to the moon. To me, it speaks volumes and says a lot about her personal journey as a woman and artist as well as relating to me and my personal journey and aspirations. On March 6th, 1986 she died at the age of 98 and I, at the age of 9 went home from school not feeling well. (I know this because my parents wrote it down and put it on the fridge - weird parents, I know!). Then, sometime in high school I had a dream that I was in a home that had all white interior walls with raw wood floors...all I remember is white was everywhere, even the billowing curtains blowing in from the windows with only the colors of desert peeking in from the outside were white. A little blond girl of about 3 or 4 was running barefoot through the room and I woke thinking of Georgia O'Keeffe and almost feeling her presence. Not sure what that means as she never had any children but I've since had this dream about 4 or 5 times in my adult life. And, now that I'm posting this I am realizing that tomorrow is March 6th, the date of her death and I am thinking WOW! Pretty cool, in a somewhat strange way I guess you could say! And, to leave you all with a quote from Georgia herself: "Art is a wicked thing. It is what we are."
* Quote taken from the book Georgia O'Keeffe: the Poetry of Things.

The Grumpies


So, I'm getting over a lousy week. There, I've said I can move beyond it and hopefully blog again. I've attempted many posts over the past few days and have deleted all of them as they didn't really say what apparently I needed to say. It's funny, because I'll start writing what's on my mind and then immediately I'll think of how my Mom's friend "so and so" is reading or my second cousin through marriage, (is that even possible!?!?) is reading and then I immediately think to edit...because, (gasp!), I always want to be happy and seem as though things are "together". (It's really in my very nature to do this by the way). But, it seems that I need this place to remain entirely my express whatever I feel needs expressing whenever it needs expressing. Maybe that's how much I love Zoey, my family, and my friends one day...maybe it's music I want to share or maybe it's my dreams, big or little or maybe sometimes it's that I'm discouraged or disenchanted with life and the way things go at times. My week was disappointing and I'm ready to move on.

On a different note, (keeping theme with the "moving on")...we went to a Dr. Seuss celebration on Saturday which we all had lots of fun at. Lots of music, stories and games were sung, listened to and played. Afterwards we came home and discovered that Zoey got some AWESOME music in the mail from her SUPER-D-DUPER Grannie Annie! :) So, we had to put on our dancing clothes and dance, dance, dance! Got lots of fun pictures of this, but this for some reason is my favorite.

So, here's to moving on and dancing the grumpies away! :) Click HERE and then scroll down and listen to the song titled Tickle Time to get your groove on, (or back, in my case!).

Easter Eggs


Got the new Easter Doodlebug Kit in the mail the other day, (part of my gift certificate purchase from my winnings over at Two Peas) and I LOVE all the fun little goodies that were included. Love that their stuff can be cute without going over the top. Especially was impressed with their is seriously SO soft! I wanted to just keep running it through my fingers, it wasn't that cheap glossy finished stuff that's out everywhere. Anyways, before I bore you all with my take on ribbon quality... :) These pictures were taken at my sister Anna's house last year on Easter. Anna hosted an Easter egg hunt at the house for all the cousins on our side of the family. Everyone had a blast finding the eggs and eating the treats that were discovered inside the addition to the eggs there were some golf balls found...several in fact, as Rick, (Anna's husband) is an avid golfer so he and Jackson, (the eldest of their boys), hit balls in the backyard to practice their shots. Not sure how I'm going to explain the lack of golf balls this year to Zoey. Maybe the Easter Bunny will leave some in her Easter basket for good measure.
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