Mini Art Journal Journey - Week Four


Wow. For whatever reason, I really struggled with this week's prompt of "finding a symbol that is meaningful to you"...Emily's was actually the peace sign too so I was really trying to come up with something other than that, but it's what I kept coming back to over and over again. Instead of fighting it, I just decided to go with it as my symbol too but I wanted to share the story behind the symbol and how it came to be as well. -j


A fun little page that I was able to do last night about Gypsy! The picture was taken by my MIL. So wish that Gypsy could have been around for the move up North, (for those that don't know we had to put her down due to illness)...there are so many times since the move here that I have envisioned her bounding through the snow, stopping every couple of feet to bury her nose in a random snow drift and then I can picture her doing her yank on the rope thing - moving us ahead just another couple of inches, (this part was repeated over and over again) then I see her rolling herself in the snow... completely covering herself in white fluff and snorting her happy dog snort and then the finale would come which consisted of the dance. It always seemed that the colder it was outside, the longer she wanted the walk. Probably the Husky in her! Anyways, just thought I'd share! -j

Happy Birthday Dad!


My Dad's birthday was on Saturday. He is one of my biggest sources of inspiration, feedback and support. Not a day goes by that I do not own the fact that I am who I am because of him, his love and support that he has shown me daily. Many of the life lessons that I adhere to my life as an adult were ever so delicately presented to me by this man when I was a child. He showed me that to be angry didn't mean to be loud or forceful, to love didn't always mean hugs and kisses, and that we all have a soul and that it's worth the fight to discover and protect it. That it's the understanding that everything in life cannot be understood that sometimes makes the path before us make sense. That sometimes the the things that we hold most dear will disappoint or fail us, but that it's no reason to give up but a chance for us to grow, to open our hearts to something new and other windows of opportunity. Thank you Dad... I love you. Jenny

some bakery love'n

The bakery that I work at makes breads that look like this. This happens to be their Cranberry Orange Walnut bread. Working at a bakery definitely has it's perks!

Still Here...


It's been a busy and tiring week...glad that it's over with and we're on our way to a new start of things. I heard back from the lab regarding my moles and they were both found to be benign so that was a huge relief, I was worrying way too much about it and thinking that everything that happened this past week, (like getting a flier in the mail about early detection of skin cancer), was a sign that something scary was going to be revealed to me...but, not the case! :) Other than that it seems that my week consisted of days where everything that I looked at or touched broke, fell apart or sent me into hysterics! I cracked my head on the frame of the car one morning, I pulled the string on the light in the kitchen to turn it on...and it broke, I was talking on the phone, (a much awaited for phone call) and Zoey fell off the chair (that she was SITTING on mind you!) and got stuck between the wall and the chair, I made trips to the store only to return home and find that I neglected to get the one item that I originally went out to get, and I have to mention that while I was turning (TURNING!) into a parking stall at the grocery store a lady driving ahead of me backed up, almost hitting me, (forcing me to back up) and proceeded to take my parking spot, (I usually am not one to get upset over other drivers but this really got to me on this day and on this week!)...anyways, you get the idea, just a sucky week over all. Like I stated earlier, glad that this one is over and a new day is on it's way. I think a lot of my stress had to do with all my worrying about the lab results and the energy that I put into that.
Yesterday we just spent the day here at the house and it felt really, really good. Sometimes it's just good to catch up with things at home and spend time engaged in just being. Zoey and I were busy in the morning building a little snow fort, (her first), and weren't all that successful due to the snow being too powdery but we're (I am) thinking that it'll be a good base to work from since it's only going to be getting colder here and we will be getting some more snow too...thinking that an addition will be in the works sometime later this week.
Feeling a bit sluggish as of late...thinking that I need to start into some sort of exercise program again, I was doing really good with walking and then once it got so bitter cold I let it fall to the wayside, definitely want to get something going again. I need to make it a priority, it makes me feel better physically and mentally. It's so hard to balance everything, seems that when you concentrate on one part of your life then another part is neglected in some way...gotta work on figuring this out too. [sigh]
On a somewhat interesting note, (at least for me), I'm thinking that I am going to enter into my first ever scrapbooking contest over at 2peas. The contest calls for a one page layout on why you scrapbook, kind of excited about it. It feels good to be challenging myself in a creative way. Doesn't ever hurt to put yourself out there right? I'm actually finished with the layout but I'm not sure that I can post it anywhere but the 2peas site right now since it is a contest, so I'll probably be posting it here later, after the contest is over. Regardless if I win or not, I'm happy with the layout, it was one that I felt good doing and kind of just fell together for me, Ethan likes it too, which makes me happy! :) He really is taking this seriously thus making me feel important. Makes me feel good to have his support and have him take interest in what I'm doing, no matter how big or means the world to me! :)

Celebrate the Everyday


Art Journal Journey - Week Three


This week's prompt for the journal journey was to make an "I am" statement. This prompt really got me thinking...all day yesterday and last night I kept getting ideas for what I would do on my card with this statement. Right now though the sentiment that I want to express is that I feel that I am home. I haven't felt this for a very long time and it feels so good.
This project is so good for is so good to take the time to think about these things and to reflect and to know that there are many other women, (and men?), out there doing the same! Pretty cool, thanks again for the idea Emily! -j



Zoesie's been wanting a flashlight of her own for quite some time now...the other day she got one in the mail from Grandpa Ross and Grandma Sue Sue. As you can see here she is putting it to very good use. It works very well to aide in cookie search discoveries! :)

A {super} great day!

Yesterday was a GREAT day! I got chosen to participate in an online class that will be taught by Wilna Furstenberg who was nominated as one of last years Hall of Fame scrapbookers for Creating Keepsakes Magazine, (my fave scrapping magazine)! Super exciting, and I can't wait to share, but for now I have to keep my lips sealed as the class isn't even being taught yet...I'm getting to do a "test" run of the class before everyone else which is why I need to keep it hush..hush. The site that Wilna is teaching the class through is called Designers Notes. Her personal site is here. And, did I mention that I get to do this for FREE! :) How cool is that?!?! And I get to rub elbows, (via email!), with a published, Hall of Fame, scrapper! :) Having fun and enjoying this opportunity! -j

Mom and Zoey

The following was written by Linda Nemec Foster for her daughter...

History of the Body

Body within my body, I shape you out of almost nothing, give you a tight envelope to surround your soul. I deem you female-eyes cobalt blue, fingers long and translucent-without even realizing it. And after the quantum leap from a single cell to complex organism, much of your body's life is beyond my conscious thought: your waking, your sleeping, the small objects of your complete desire. Complete as the perfect wings of the jay above your head or the pale stars that mark your birth with nothing but pure light. Daughter, I cannot give you anything so complete or so pure. But I can give you something better. Your body, which is your life. And the fierce love of it that no one can take away. And these words that will remind you of that love. And your father's broad hand that opened the door to it. And the blankness of the rest of this page for your own words, your own history.

This is one of my favorites from the book titled I am Becoming the Woman I've Wanted. Not very well known and hasn't won any awards or anything but is and has been one of my favorites since my early college days. One of those books that I would pick up when in need of a little comfort, reassurance or inspiration.

A Moley Thanks!

Yesterday I had to go in to get two moles removed, wasn't fun. I thought that I wasn't worrying about it that much but in the middle of the procedure the dr. leaned over me and said, "it's okay to breathe now if you like"...guess I was a bit nervous after all. I had thought that they would use a laser but they used a scalpel! Yuck! It didn't hurt because I was all numbed up but the sound was not enjoyable, (sorry...probably too much information!) I'm glad they are gone, removed but now I'm worrying about what the results will be after they come back from the lab. The dr. seemed concerned with one, more so over the other. Just have to trust that whatever happens I will be able to deal with it. Just don't like the gnawing worry that's in the back of my mind.

I'm really feeling blessed right now with all the love I'm feeling from family, friends and even complete strangers lately. It's so easy to come here and write thinking that I'm just punching keys for myself, and, really I am, (this has really been good for me), but I sometimes forget that others are reading and looking on with me and for that I thank you. Thank you for not judging me, thank you for applauding me or just nodding in understanding. Your support means so much and I guess I just wanted to thank you for getting to know me a bit better in this way while I am getting to know myself as well. Does that make sense? Hope so! When I was a little girl I used to practice thank you speeches while in the bath tub using shampoo bottles as my microphone, (didn't we all???...please say yes!) and I'm starting to feel a bit cheesy like that right now so I think I'll call this the end of my post! :) Have a great Friday!


The Mop's group on Tuesday went alright...Zoey didn't cry but she didn't exactly have a blast either. Really torn about what to do about this. She does extremely well at the library group, (which I attend as well) and interacts with the kids and plays well, has fun but for some reason the Mop's group lately has not been her thing.
The meeting for the Mom's consisted of a lady showing us how to make easy, healthy and fun snacks for our kids, it was informative and fun because we got to sample everything that she was making. I made another connection with a Mom and discovered that a woman with whom I've been communicating with for some time now here is the MIL to a girl that is cousins with one of my good friends from my home town! Talk about a small world! I was also asked if I would like to be in charge of the Arts & Crafts sessions next year for Mop's. I'm flattered that I was asked but haven't committed to anything yet. It would mean going to an additional meeting once a month and planning a project, getting supplies for every member of the group and working with the budget committee, all that stuff will add up quickly I'm afraid. I really want to make sure that I am staying true to what I want and that means making sure that I have time to commit to my family, myself and then others...starting to feel a bit of anxiety about having offered more time to the bakery in the summer months as well as starting another job, (which I'm really excited about!) at the scrapbook store teaching this summer. I have such a hard time saying no to people and then I become resentful when things start getting pushed back in my personal life, whether that be having one day a week to spend on family time or just having the energy left at the end of the day to even just think about a creative project that I am interested in pursuing. I feel that for so long I was hoping for that "spark"...the drive for a certain direction to go in and now that I've found it I feel the need to fiercely protect my resources so that I can have the time and the energy to put forth the effort...for myself, so that I am able to move forward in that direction. Obviously I know that this is not a unique struggle, that everyone struggles with commitment, sacrifice and balancing things that make up our lives. I am just extremely aware now in this moment that people make their own choices and that I shouldn't assume responsibility for them and their decisions but only for my own. Now I just have to make them! :0 -j

The silliness in our lives...


embrace it my friends! This girl is SILLY! After dinner tonight she spent about 30 minutes sitting at the table with a box of cereal and a her own Zoey world, being her own Zoey self. Makes me SO happy that this little girl can be here and do this. Feel this joy...and that I get to be here to enjoy it! :) -j

Mail Love!

A very exciting and unexpected mail day here for Zoey...went to the post office and there was a big package for Zoey from one of my very best friends in the whole entire world! Thanks Jo Jo! What an awesome thing! Goodies from one of our favorite toy stores, Oompa Toys and of course what package would be complete without something along the lines of Dora and Boots for any two year old little girl? That really took the cake for Zoey to be completely thrilled! Thanks for thinking of us Jo, love you and miss you! -j



Open water on the lake. The crazy thing is that there were ice fishermen out not 10 yards away from this fishing!
Had a nice visit with an old friend today on the phone, really miss her and am so glad that she called. It's always good to be in touch with those that really know us and have been there for the long haul...seems that I can just pick up where we last left off and be comfortable right away. Love that.
We got more snow last night, about three inches and I think that we're possibly going to be getting more. Ethan's got finals this week so he's busy preparing for those. Tomorrow morning I have MOP's and am a bit nervous due to the lack of enthusiasm Zoey showed the last time we went...hoping that things go better this time around for her, if not I'm thinking that a change will have to occur because it's just not worth going for her or I if she's going to be upset the whole time. Hoping that tomorrow afternoon we will have time to get to the library and run a few errands as well.
Time is going by way to fast it seems these days and at times I feel as though I have nothing to show for it, (besides clean laundry and dishes that is!). -j

Mini Art Journal Journey! -Week Two

This week's prompt was something that's powerful to response is freedom. The freedom to be me, to live how I see fit, to love, to give, to forgive, to learn, to believe, to create and to explore.

Feeling Good...

So, last night I requested some books through our online library system and they are in transit as I sit here typing on the computer to my library...gotta love that! Really pumped at getting my hands on some of these. This is what's on the way to my house: Collage Discovery Workshop by Claudine Hellmuth, Visual Chronicles: the no-fear guide to creating art journals, creative manifestos and altered books by Linda Woods & Karen Dinino, The Mash and Smash Cookbook: fun and yummy recipes any kid can make and Ghost Map by Steven Johnson. Some that I wanted and the library doesn't have yet are: A Photographer's Life: 1990-2005 Annie Leibovitz , Collage Unleashed by Traci Bautista and The Complete Guide to Altered Imagery by Karen Michel...(sigh), guess I'll just have to wait! God knows that I've got lots of other reading to do.

Had a very nice visit this weekend with a friend here in town. Discovered that she is into scrapping, card crafting and photography! She actually had a booth in an art fair last summer and was inquiring whether or not I might be interested in joining her! It's so fun to be around someone else that's passionate about creating as much as I am...she has a little boy who is 1 and a half so Zoesie was happy to have someone to play with as well. Very nice morning for us both and a good start to the weekend.

Saturday Ethan, Zoey and I traveled to Sayner and did some exploring there. Checked out their library, discovered a very cool art supply store, (okay, I knew about this before traveling to Sayner!), some other neat little shops and totally by accident we discovered a sweet little white clapboard church...the smallest church that I've ever seen, completely operational with Sunday services and everything and what really got me was that there were little candles lit in every window! It was so sweet and charming and made me feel all warm and cozy inside. Who needs fancy stained glass and temples to praise the of the things that I remember most about attending church camp was the services held in the chapel and the sound of all our voices together with just bare bones acoustics accompanied. Gives me chills just thinking about it. I imagine the sound of people's voices singing in that church is quite similar. Wish I had taken a picture...would have been a neat one.

And then last night after logging on to the old computer I discovered that Emily Falconbridge commented on my mini journal! I am pretty excited and flattered! Made me feel really good...also to have other fellow scrappers commenting as well. Pretty neat community of people out there if I do say so myself! -j

Mini Art Journal Journey!


I'm joining in on Emily Falconbridge's mini art journal journey. The idea is to take a deck of cards and alter and journal something on one card per week for a year. It's been really fun so far, I think the size appeals to's nice to have such a small space to tackle, makes things less scary and more freeing. The one on the left is my title/cover and the one pictured on the right is the first journaled card. The prompt for the first week, (Emily provides prompts for the week), was to journal something that your proud of. I'm thinking that after this is all finished I could either make a big painting, incorporating all these little images and thus represent a year in the life type thingy...or I could paste all these cards into a book and have it be a real journal, bound syle and everything. Will see what transpires:) -j

Some Music

Just discovered the Submarines, (something for me!) and Elizabeth Mitchell, (something for Zoey!)...if you listen to Elizabeth Mitchell's stuff be sure to check out the songs Ladybug Picnic and CarCar under the album titled Sunshine! Going to have to order this for Z for sure! Enjoy! -j

Inspiring Me

The Campanile Center for the Arts is directly across the street from the place that I work...pretty cool eh? We haven't actually been to a performance or an art show there yet but are pretty pumped at the prospect. We always listen to Wisconsin Public Radio while we eat dinner, (interrupted with Zoey chatter of course!), and tonight they were highlighting the Campanile Center! So it was pretty neat to listen to what's going on right here in our neck of the woods. There is so much stuff happening around here it's crazy. This place also offers classes and I was thinking that Ethan could take a creative writing course, I could take a photography course and Zoey could attend a morning art class for kids! :) Sounds good don't you think?

Lot's of things are inspiring me right now, this sounds so corny but when I sit back and really think about the things in our world and what people are doing, and what we are all capable of...I am struck with how crazy-amazing it is...what's being put out there by people and what's possible these many creative people doing really small and really big, all totally awesome things. I'm realizing more and more that everyone has a dream and that what matters is their vision, their version of success, I really want to be respectful of others and their lives. Just because something doesn't strike me as interesting doesn't mean that I should discredit it because it means something to someone else and that in itself is the really cool thing. Am I rambling? Just really want to remember to be kind I guess, we're all in this life together after all and sometimes, (at least I've found), it's the really small instances that mean so much. A compliment, someone starting a conversation with a stranger, a smile, waving someone through a stoplight. You get the idea...

Anyways, some of my inspiration as of late is coming from 1. rediscovering music by Tracy Chapman, I SO love her voice and her lyrics speak right to my heart...(I think the first time that I listened to her music was from a mixed cassette tape that one of my older sisters made that I listened to on the sly when they were visiting!) 2. loving playing with all my new scrap goodies that I got from my in-laws over Christmas, thank you! :) 3. discovering the works of Bill Sullivan...WOW what an interesting concept, not only visually but about people in general! 4. Sabrina Ward Harrison's photography is AMAZING! Check it out here. 5. and yes, this website and magazine is something that I enjoy, what can I say, she has lots of great craft projects! 6. I love checking out the gallery at 2peas to see what other scrapper's are doing 7. love spending the afternoon hanging with Zoey...that's always inspiring! Just watching and listening to her makes me stop in awe so many times throughout any given day. :) 8. Loving spending Saturdays with Ethan and Zoey and doing "family" type things together...very thankful for that. And I guess finally, life is inspiring amazing, so fragile, so crazy, and so short. May we enjoy more and complain less. -j

On Becoming My Mother...

So, I made a new banner...spent entirely way too much time on it and for what? Just cuz I'm super anal when it comes to the little things at times it seems. Anyways, I was thinking about the dress that I purchased at the thrift shop when my Mom was visiting and it was funny when I was showing it to my Mom later that afternoon she kind of giggled quietly and when I asked her what she was laughing at she said, "oh, nothing" and when I asked her again she then proceeded to tell me that she finds it funny that the clothes that I'm wearing these days remind her of the clothing that she wore when she was a young mother. Gasp! Made me think about how I always told myself that I would never, ever, ever wear the types of things that my mother did and I would never do or say certain things that she did, (that I do or say almost daily now). Kind of funny how that happens, how we become our parents...not sure exactly when it happened but I'm thinking that it's not an entirely bad thing after all. -j



Little People

Shortly after christmas I put the Little People house, (you know those little fisher price people), down in the basement thinking that she's got new toys, there's no room, she's getting older, etc., etc. Well, the house and the Little People are all safe upstairs now in Zoey's room again. And not because of Zoey but because of me. I went and got the house myself. I brought it up to her, I actually said, "Zoey, do you want me to go get the Little People house?" and when she said yes I'd be lying if I said that my heart didn't soar. I missed her playing with them...I don't think she's done with those toys yet. I obviously am not. I can't even tell you how many times I've said that I can't play Little People one more minute with her to Ethan, but here I am encouraging it, even suggesting it! I'm not ready for her to grow up and move on to the next stage of "things" I guess...but I don't think she is either, nor "should" she be. It seems like we are already pushing our kids to "move on to the next thing" to "grow up already." I want her to be creative and she is when she plays with these little plastic figures. They climb ladders and splash into imaginary rivers and build forts out of blocks and books and run from the crocodiles only Zoey can see. I want to keep this moment a bit longer I think. -j

Scrapbook Layout


Finally getting around to scrapping Zoey's halloween photo's...just a FYI; I do not scrap in any order whatsoever. I like to scrap by mood and today this is what transpired. I've been in a creative rut for a while it seems and I'm thinking that I'm still not out of it. Took forever to get this page done and I'm still not completely happy with it but am glad that it's done. Hoping that the creative bug hits me again very soon but accepting that this creative stuff happens in waves! -j

AEZine Challenge

AEzine's Challenge this week was to choose one word that speaks to you for whatever reason for 2007 and journal about it, scrapbook about it or do something creative with it. After deciding to participate in this challenge, (this is my first time joining in despite being a subscriber for awhile now, love her stuff!), I've decided that the word that I am choosing for myself for 2007 is discovery. I feel as though I am discovering so much about myself, as a woman, a wife and a mother. As an artist contributing to my world. I am discovering what matters to me, what makes me happy-what doesn't. I am finding my voice and using it in a way that means something to me. This is my year to look around and take notice. To embrace life, to see where I fit in and to accept new challenges daily. To be brave, to keep learning, to keep trying, to keep believing and to most of all accept my quest of self discovery with full force. I hope to eventually scrap a page on this, but for now it's just the journaling that I have time for. Thanks for the challenge Ali! -j

A Quote

"Stories are, in one way or another mirrors. We use them to explain to ourselves how the world works or how it doesn't work. Like mirrors, stories prepare us for the day to come. They distract us from the things in the darkness." Neil Gaiman, from the book titled Smoke and Mirrors

A Seriously Awesome Day!

Went to the Northwoods Children's Museum today in Eagle River and had a blast! Not sure who enjoyed it more, Zoey, Ethan or I. So much to see and do...and everything is interactive for the kids. Such good stuff, can't believe it's right here for us to take advantage of! Zoey got to pick vegetables in a garden and then prepare them on an old wood stove and set the table for her babies to eat...she could then put the babies to sleep or take them out shopping at the market...once there she purchased dry goods and meat from the butcher, (played by Ethan!), and then she checked out her goods using her own money! Then we explored a river with two currents flowing in opposite directions...experimented cause and effect by throwing in some boats, frogs and sharks in the river. She also got to fly in a space shuttle, drive an ambulance and work in the E.R. After a long shift at the hospital she took a break to read in the tree house and then we had to visit the babies again in the log house. There was so much to see and do it was unbelievable! We didn't cover half of what was there just because there was so much. Both Ethan and I think that this place far surpasses what Madison's Museum has to offer. And, this place has things of interest that will grow with Zoey. There's an art's and craft's room, a building room, a music room, and lots of little fun hiding places to just chill and hang out in. Good stuff! You can see all the photo's from today's exploring by clicking here. :) -j

It is okay...

to need something more. To not be satisfied as being "just a mother", (even though I know that I have never been just a mother). For the longest time I had the idea in my head that I was supposed to be content with all my new mommy duties and the new role that was suddenly mine after giving birth to Zoey. Nobody told me how hard this transition would be. Not the loving of this new being completely, (that was SO easy), but the complete and utter sacrifice that I had to make in the beginning. I'm sure that outside circumstances affected my feelings...we had only just been married, we were poor and only going to be poorer with my staying home, living in a new community with no support system in place. Even as I write this I worry that people will think that I am complaining which I'm not. I am only thinking that maybe new mother's need to hear that things are going to be tough for awhile, that it's okay to not have perfected your role as mother the second that your baby is born, to be told that it takes time. Heck, the role will never be perfected. I've found that at least for myself, if I am not pouring something into myself creatively I am restless. I am frustrated, not fully there for myself, for Ethan or for Zoey. My thinking becomes negative. Not good. It's just that those first months or first year after having a child you simply do not have the time let alone the energy to give to yourself, let alone your husband after giving non stop to your child. Just today I picked up Ethan's copy of A Joseph Campbell Companion and I was skimming through it and found some really good passages on being a woman and our roles vs. men's roles. "When the female within calls the sculpture who has found her instruments of power, the mallet and chisel, her art falls apart because she can't carry a serious art career unless she is at it, and nothing else, all day long. This wreckage doesn't happen with men. When the female calls the male, all he does is go and get married, because the female is out there, where she naturally is. I would say that this is one of the points in the female journey: there is a heavier load of given nature to deal with. It starts with the girl being overtaken by the menstrual moment, and then she's a woman. Your whole body tells you that you have disowned it. A man does not have that problem. A woman can follow the hero's journey, but there will be other calls and another relationship that's asked of her, namely, to the nature field of which she is the manifestation."

You really need to read it all in context to get the idea but it really spoke to me today, for whatever reason. I think that we as women need to embrace the idea that we DO NOT have to be perfect. It is okay to need more, to ask for help, to have days that we are sad for no reason. It is okay to be just who we are and nothing more and nothing less. We should be able to complain to one another and have the other say, "I'm sorry." and that is all. No remedies no recommendations...just acknowledgment of knowing that things are tough right in this moment for this woman. That should be okay. If only I can remember this and be there for Zoey in this way down the road when she becomes a woman. -j

Making Things


I've been trying to come up with some ideas for using up a ton of felt that I have left over from a Christmas project that I did last year...this is my first attempt at idea #1...a little birdie ornament. Thinking that I could do crosses and gingerbread men as well. Kinda cute and fun to make. Fast too!

Our New Year's Day

On New Year's Day we spent the afternoon hiking the Bearskin Trail. It was a beautiful day, cold with the sun shining...we saw lot's of snowmobilers and other families out trekking the North woods as well. LOVE the smell of sweat and cold mixed with the gas from the snowmobiles! Odd to some, but it reminds me so much of home and growing up in Pepin. I am so happy to know that Zoey is going to have accessibility to all that this area has to offer. I really want her to have respect for nature, (contradicting my love of snowmobiles, I know!) and it's all around her here so it will very well be a part of her every day, it already is. I'm very thankful that we've been planted here. After our hike we went home and had some peanut butter cookies and warm cocoa. A very good start to the new year. :) -j

Happy New Year!


How many two year old's get to watch a fireworks display out their bedroom window on New Year's Eve? This one did, for sure! Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year filled with love and peace. -j

My Grandma Evelyn Hollis Pulver

This is what life should be about...
getting to be with those you love, getting to see the every day that is theirs, getting to know your family's families. I am so lucky that Zoey will have known her Great Grandma...
she is such a beautiful, strong, intelligent and extremely spirited woman. She's got moxy alright! I would like to think that it's from her that I get my spunk...and my determination to see things through. She's lived such a full life, overcoming obstacles, working so hard, enjoying so much and still loves to laugh and smile and share about it. While she was here visiting I couldn't help but think that she had some huge great secret to share about life and what's really what...almost brought it up while sitting across from her drinking tea at the table but shied away. Just want her to know that I admire her so much, for so many different reasons and am so thankful that she has been a part of my growing up years...helping me to shape a bit of who I would like to one day be. -j
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