Halloween Party!


The library preschool group had a Halloween party today at the community building downtown. Stories, songs, finger-plays
and games...treats too of course! Z had a blast despite her being tired from being sick over the weekend. She LOVES Mary, (the Director of the Children's Library), and I do too! She is so good with the kids, it's amazing. It's been so fun to watch Z gain confidence and form friendships within this group. Anyways, after the party we headed home, had lunch and Z crashed and took an hour and a half nap allowing me to catch up on some laundry and dishes...gotta love that! :) Overall a pretty exciting day for Z and for me too! - j


Today Z and I went downtown to go to the Halloween Party at the library and we passed a few decorated pumpkins along the way...had to stop and take a picture of this one! I'll (hopefully) get to post some pictures from the party later.


Here is a LO I did of our "new" home!

First Post!

My intent for this blog is to share a bit of myself, my hobby, (scrapbooking & photography) and my family...a place to share my hopes, the things that I'm excited about and my accomplishments. Musings on life and everything that comes in between.
Here is a layout that I did of Z getting upset after realizing that her hands were "dirty" after painting. I had to assure her that some messes were okay...good actually!
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